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by Nogeek
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Something strange happens to little Max one day at the store.
Little Xavier

Max was a very bored little five year old boy. He followed his mother as she selected little items at the store. He had been told that it was a very important thing to do and that it was essential to behave while Mommy picks out things for Daddy to eat. Deciding to completely disregard any request for him to stay with his mother, Max wandered off in search of something fun and exciting. He craved something to satisfy this hunger for fun.

As he walked among the magazines and lamps, he wasn’t finding anything interesting at all. A strange peculiar feeling he hadn’t felt before; he had always been occupied by something shiny or colorful. He found a big green ball and began to roll it around himself. A young woman peered around the aisle, her blue hair vibrantly shining from a distance. She slowly turned the corner with a bag in her grasp and knelt down next to Max. She tried to avoid getting her long skirt messy, but in these conditions that would be impossible. She looked at him and he glanced up. She had the most peculiar look with her blue eyes and hair. Max continued to play with the green ball, ignoring the awkward young woman. She simply sat and gazed upon him.

“You want to play a game?” she offered with an optimistic bounce to her voice. Max glanced up at the woman, not even considering consequences.
“Okay,” he said. The young woman took the green ball and moved backwards on the cold tile. She gently rolled the ball to Max and he instantly recognized this familiar game. He had played it with his mother a long time ago. As they played, Max became more and more interested in the quirky young woman.

“Come on, let’s play a new game. Follow me Xavier,” she said, beckoning him to follow. Max was becoming unsure of the young woman, but he didn’t want to miss out on any potential fun. He followed her to the female restroom where she went inside and dropped her bag on the floor. Max walked towards her to see the contents of the bag. His shoes stuck to the floor and it was clear that the restroom was not sanitary. She pulled out young girls’ clothing.

“Today, Xavier, we will be playing dress-up. I bet you can’t wait to see how it feels to be a girl!” she said enthusiastically. She immediately undressed Max and found a dress that suited him nicely. Clearly in a hurry, she put a wig of black hair over Max’s blond head of hair and quickly changed his blue shoes to pink ones.

Now that she was completely finished, she hastily dragged Max out of there. “Now, Xavier, we’re going to play your favorite game,” she said, “I’m sure you remember how it goes.” She grabbed Max and lifted him into her arms. She walked quickly, but not too quickly, she didn’t want to get caught. She saw the front door and she rushed towards it. The doors slid open automatically and she had finished what she had set out to do. She slowed down and smiled at Max. “No one is ever going to take my baby away from me again,” she said and squeezed Max close to her. “My sweet little Xavier,” she said to him softly.

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