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Kinda like standin at a punkrock concert in americaneagle clothing sayin "raprulz"
Kitchwa was standing next to one of the walls on board The ZZ tinfoil; the ship that he and Tatsuki had stowed away on. He clasped the second studded belt across the first one like an X, then he grabbed one of the rolls of white wrap off of the floor and went to start wrapping it around his midsection.

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK! KOMP! Kitchwa dropped the roll and grabbed his sword when he heard Tatsuki knock on the door.
“You can unlock the door now.” said Tatsuki as she started pounding on the door.
“Maybe when I’m finished getting dressed.” Kitchwa said as he re sheathed his sword and picked the wrap back up.

Maybe I should come back at a more convenient time.” Kitchwa heard an old man’s voice say. “Who’s out there with ya?” asked Kitchwa as he put the wrap on. “The ships doctor.” answered Tatsuki.
“A doctor! What the hell do we need a doctor for?!”
“C’mon you need medical attention!” snapped Tatsuki as she started pounding on the door again. Kitchwa examined himself in the mirror on the wall and said “what for?”

“What for!” gasped Tatsuki. “Thanks to Zanfor you bear close resemblance to bloody Swiss cheese!” she finished as she went to kick the door. FWOO! Tatsuki then felt herself pass through the door and next thing she knew she was on her knees on the floor looking right at Kitchwa. Then she stood up unlocked the door and let the doctor in. Kitchwa looked over at Tatsuki as she unlocked the door and said “Damn; I keep forgetting that you can do that.” as he tore off the roll and tied the wrap.

“He’s right there Doc.” said Tatsuki pointing at Kitchwa. “He doesn’t look to be hurt.” said the doctor. “Whatta ya mean?!” Tatsuki looked over at Kitchwa who was putting his iron chef shirty thing on over his back. “Yo-Your wo-wound are…Gone” stammered Tatsuki. “No holes, no gashes not even a bruise, or a scratch; How can that be?” Kitchwa buttoned his shirty thing then said, “I’m not human, so my body’s not like yours.”

(Later That day)

Tatsuki was on the deck of the ZZ tinfoil watching some dolphins chase after the ship as it hovered over the ocean on route to the continent. “What the hell are you Gawking at?” said Kitchwa. “The ocean.” Tatsuki answered. Kitchwa jumped up and stood on the railing next to Tatsuki then looked down at the cool blue water and said, “So what, it’s just water.” then looked back at Tatsuki.

Tatsuki decided not to dignify that with an answer as she looked at the dolphins. PLOP! “KITCHWA!” shouted Tatsuki just after Kitchwa threw a marble at one of the dolphins. “What, their just fish.” said Kitchwa. “Dolphins aren’t fish!” retorted Tatsuki. “If it swims and has fins it’s a fish!” Said Kitchwa.

Just then Tatsuki stood upright and placed her hands on Kitchwa’s lower back, and went to shove him in to the sea. FWOO! next thing Tatsuki knew she had passed right through Kitchwa and was heading into the ocean. In one motion Kitchwa crouched down on the railing and caught Tatsuki by her left ankle, then he said, “Such a kick ass power, yet you haven’t the faintest inkling of how to use or control it; I can’t believe you’re the Phantom Medjai!”

“Who the hell is this Phantom Medjai any way?” asked Tatsuki rather awkwardly as the blood rushed trough her body. “So you know every story in the Westland’s except for that one eh.” said Kitchwa as he pulled Tatsuki up and over the railing. Tatsuki let out a grunt as Kitchwa drop0ed her on her ass but other wise said nothing and made no sound while Kitchwa went on his rant.

Kitchwa hopped off of the railing and stood directly in front of Tatsuki then said, “Back during the before time, just before Ci-oni the first Whistler was born, there were the 5 Medjai and their king. Baltizar the Stone Medjai, Zephyr the Blade Medjai, Koran the Phantom Medjai, Clayton the Beast Medjai, and Terk the Fast Medjai. They thought they owned every thing, they even tried to force the Nanque out of existence and for the most part succeeded. They lived only to do the Medjai kings bidding it seemed. And when ever one of them was killed By Ci-oni, the Medjai king would seal their power in a bracelet, then the power within the bracelets; say… the bracelet of the Phantom Medjai for example could only be used by Koran’s reincarnation, which would apparently be you.” Explained Kitchwa as though he had heard this many times.

Capitan Yagerobi was at the ZZ Tinfoil’s helm watching the increasingly darkening sky distractedly and some what horrified.
“Is something wrong Capitan?” asked the mate as he came in and set a pot of rice on a knee high table near the wheel house’s door.
“looks like we gots’ a storm comin in.” replied the Capitan.
“Bad?” asked the mate as he to looked up at the sky. “I’ve never seen such dark clouds over the water before.”

Tatsuki could hear the rumble of thunder as she sat atop some crates in the shabby dining hall, eating her rice and fish. “I still don’t get who one can eat with these things.” complained Kitchwa as he stabbed at his rice with his fork.
“It’s a fork, what’s not to get?” asked Tatsuki after she swallowed some rice.
“Man I can’t wait until we get to the continent, sure I’m wanted for grave robbery, several counts of disturbing the peace, and a few mercy killings but at lest they have real eating utensils there.” added Kitchwa who was completely ignoring Tatsuki.

“what else is there to eat with besides forks, knives, and spoons?” asked Tatsuki who was still being ignored as Kitchwa muttered “then again it was the Southern provinces where I did all that so they probably wont be looking for me in the Westlands.”

Just then the ship lurched to the right forcing Kitchwa to land on top of Tatsuki who had already been knocked on to the floor. “Get the hell off of me!” demanded Tatsuki as the ship made another violent lurch.
KREEEK! Ignoring the knot of confusion that had swelled up inside of her Tatsuki looked up and noticed an I beam come loose. Before she could really decide what to do instinct took over and she stood straight up through Kitchwa and dived out of the way right as the I beam hit Kitchwa in the middle of his back.

Capitan Yagerobi was fighting with the helm trying desperately to keep the bottom of the hover ship from hitting the water line, but it was of no use the wind and the waves were too strong and the instruments had suddenly failed along with all the electricity meaning that they were already miles off course and were now in the 50 mile dead zone heading strait for the Forest Of No Return.

Kitchwa had somehow managed to get out from under the beam just after the power went out, then Tatsuki came running back into the dining hall with the bow and her quiver of arrows.
“You alright?” asked Tatsuki
“An I beam just hit me in the spine,” he started as he popped his back “and you have the gall to ask if I’m alright.” “well are you?” repeated Tatsuki. Kitchwa just rolled his eyes.

KERRRIIIRII! PLOWWWM! Next thing anyone knew the ship made a sudden drop jostling everyone of the terrified Passengers every which way and forcing Tatsuki and Kitchwa out in to the hall way. “What’s going on.” mumbled Tatsuki in a freaked out tone. Kitchwa somehow managed to hear her over the terrified screams of the passengers in the dining hall and said “We just hit the water.” in a surprisingly calm tone.

“AAAIIIIEEE” screamed the passengers as the sip suddenly started to turn over on it’s side. Kitchwa and Tatsuki hit the wall as the windows started to break from the pressure of the water. It seemed that as quickly as the ship had turned and the windows had broke they we being thrown against the ceiling as the ship turned upside down.

“Get us outta here Tatsuki.” said Kitchwa who had a slight tinge of panic in his voice.
“hello, there’s sharks and Sea serpents and Giant squids out there and I doubt we’re any where near land.” Responded Tatsuki. “oh well!” snapped Kitchwa as he grabbed Tatsuki’s Arm and shoved her through the wall of the ship.

The last thing Tatsuki could remember was that its wet and cold. All she could see was blue as far as the eye could see , and Kitchwa was there pulling her up towards the surface of the water, then she blacked out.

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