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A quick, semi-scary kids ghost story
Josh and Tony lay under the benches of the dressing room. “You sure this is gonna work?” Josh whispered to Tony.
“I’m positive!” Tony whispered back. “Now be quiet or they’ll see us!”
Josh and Tony were best friends, and had been that way for many years. Aside from being in the same class, they also played hockey together. But their hockey game had ended hours ago, and they were now hiding from the night security guard of the hockey rink. They knew he would check the dressing rooms and then sleep in the snack area.
“Tony, I don’t like this idea!” Josh said. “I think this is a waste of time.”
“Are you kidding? We could be rich and famous if we pull this off. Did you bring your camera?” Tony asked.
Josh pulled his digital camera out of his pocket. “Yeah,” he replied.
Tony and Josh had heard rumours of a ghost haunting the hockey arena they were in. They had lied to their parents about being at a friend’s house, and now wanted to get a picture of the ghost on camera.
Tony giggled. “I’m so excited!”
Just then the door opened. Josh and Tony pulled hockey bags over themselves. A few seconds later the door closed. They waited silently for a few minutes. “Okay,” Tony said finally, “let’s go!”
They got up and opened the door. Tony checked the hall and saw no one. They crept out into the blackness of the hallway. Tony went ahead of Josh, and Josh crept right behind him, not wanting to lose his friend in the dark.
After walking for what seemed like hours, Josh bumped into a wall. He bit his tongue to keep from shouting. He felt around for Tony’s body, but could feel or hear anything. “Tony?” he called out softly. There was no response.
Suddenly he heard a great roaring noise. Making out a hall in front of him, Josh ran down it and arrived at one of the ice rinks. A zamboni was on the ice, driving around in circles. Josh ran down the spectator benches to get a better look at it. Once he was close enough, he shrieked. Nobody was driving the zamboni. It was running by itself.
Josh ran into the ice and slid to the zamboni. The zamboni suddenly stopped moving and turned to Josh. Then it started moving at him. Josh turned around and ran back to the door. The zamboni was going at full speed and was about to crush him. Josh dove through the door off the ice, and the zamboni crashed into the boards. Josh got up and turned around. The zamboni was on its side, but the wheels were spinning very quickly.
Josh ran down the hall screaming “Tony, where are you?”
He suddenly heard a door shut behind him. He ran to the door and saw it was the men’s washroom. He entered it and called, “Tony, are you in here? We have to get out!”
Josh tried to turn the lights on, but they didn’t work. There was some moonlight from the full moon coming in through the window, and Josh turned to look in a mirror. He saw his elbow was bleeding, so he went to the sink to wash it. After washing it, he filled his hands with cold water and splashed it against his face. Was he going crazy?
Looking up from the sink, he looked into the mirror and saw two huge glowing eyes behind him. He turned around and saw a gigantic creature that was at least 7 feet tall, covered in hair, and had its jaws open, as huge sparkling teeth were visible in its large mouth. Josh screamed and ran out of the washroom.
He ran down the hall, with millions of thoughts racing through his head. What was that creature? Had it gotten Tony? Why was the zamboni moving without a driver?
Josh decided to get to the security guard and then get out of the building. Josh made his way up the stairs and into the snack area. He tried the light switches, but none of them worked. He could see well in the dark now, and saw something lying on a table. He ran up to it and saw the security guard’s flashlight and magazine. They were covered in hair and what felt like saliva. Josh suddenly had the urge to get out of the arena as fast as humanly possible. He turned and ran to the doors. He had nearly made it when suddenly something came in front of him. Josh crashed into it and screamed.
“What is it?” the thing asked. Josh couldn’t see anything, but he recognized the voice. It was Tony!
“We gotta get out of here!” Josh screamed. “There’s some sort of werewolf or something, and a haunted zamboni and- let’s get out of here!”
Tony laughed. “Josh, you and your crazy imagination! I don’t suppose you got any photos of this werewolf, did you?”
Josh shook his head. “No, but it doesn’t really matter now. The thing ate the security guard! We have to get out!”
“Josh, take out your camera,” Tony said.
Josh pulled it out. “Why are you so concerned about my camera?” he asked.
“Now take a picture of me!” Tony told him.
Josh, still unable to see Tony, aimed the camera in the direction of his voice, pressed the button and the camera took a picture. “Give me a sec, and it’ll show what the picture looked like. But what do you want with my camera?”
Tony answered, “Simple, I need to kill two birds with one stone. Not only am I about to become super rich, but I’m going to be full for quite a while.”
“What are you talking about?” Josh demanded. Then he saw the display of the picture he had just taken. The huge eyes, the hair, the huge teeth- it wasn’t Tony. It was the creature. And it looked hungry.
The next day two huge stories filled the news. A boy was able to get a picture of a real werewolf. He became rich and famous.
And then there was a much more disturbing story. Another boy’s bones were found in the snack area of hockey arena. Police couldn’t find anything else, except for an empty digital camera that was covered in hair and saliva.
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