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I'm not sure what this is yet.
Some people know what they want to be from the moment their parents tell them. A policeman, a teacher, an accountant. Normal jobs.

I knew what my job was around the age of twelve. No one told me what it was. I had to find that out on my own. And did I have a price to pay for my job training. I paid in time. I paid in life.

You know, it's funny how things work out. A few years ago, I would have wanted nothing less than revenge, and now that I have the power to snuff out everything, it's not something I want.

Power doesn't corrupt as people say. I've been back a couple of times, and it never suprises me how many times people get the truth twisted. The people that come along with power corrupt. The ones who speak for you when you're too tired; whisper their advice at the right moment, knowing you'll grunt in agreement without thinking things through. Then they have you, and your power's as good as gone.

I haven't allowed myself to get that close to anyone for that reason. To many people see a fire, and they want to get close to it, take a little bit of it for themselves to keep warm. After a while, there isn't anything left, just ashes and dying embers.

I've got a little bit of time left in me, and my fire's gonna burn a little bit larger before I go and come back again. I might set something on fire on my way out.
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