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How my life was when I was a child. My family, friends and everything in between...
Well I was start with...
I was born Aug.11, 1983 in Marshall,Texas. When I was born I almost died. I had lung problems, and caused me to stop breathing and had to put on a machine to help. My sister Thyri was at the hospital and my grandma was sitting there with her. They brought me out and she looked at my grandma and said "she cute hun? Reckon mom will let you kept her". We left Texas on a grayhound bus and never looked back. My mom was doing what she felt was best and left my real dad. I use that term lighty, I would call him my sperm donor. No my mom didn't go to the sperm bank, I mean That's all he ever did for me.

The first place I remember living in was an apartment behind the airport. Not the best in the world to live in. I was the type on kid who took dares and did stuff no one else would do. I remember one day my sister was outback playing with her friends, and they were jumping out off the first window onto a mattress and I asked if I could jump too. They told me I was to little. Knowing how I was that was the wrong thing to say to me. I marched my butt up to the second floor and procedded to jump. What I didn't know was that they moved the mattress, and I jump. Luckly I didn't hurt myself that bad. I had to ware a neck brace but no broken bones. We lived ther for a while and then my aunt's husband had a brother and set my mom and him up a man named Bob Moore. Bob was in my opinion the best thing to happen to us. He was ther when we nedded he, he help with money and eventually him and my mom got married. They married in 1989, me and my sister was so happy to have a dad like him. He already had a son from his first marriage. He's name is Chris. He was a cool brother. He would stay at our house with his friends and they would use me for target partice. They had a be-be gun ans shot at my ankles. I didn't mind that much we got along real good.

We eventually moved to the north end to Greenwich apartment. It was a good apartment. We were almost the only whites kids in they neighborhood, which was cool. I had a lot of friends and so did my sister. Her best friend was Quninita. They sometimes more like sisters then me and my sister was. I did okay in school I guess, but I was more worried about being a tom-boy and playing football. I was the only girl that wanted to play football with the boys. My mom was worried that they would hurt me. I remember one day we were plahying football and I tackled some kid and one of my friends ran to get my mom. She thought it was me that got hurt and then she came out and seen that I had hurt someone. She got so mad that she told me that I couldn't play anymore if I was going to be that ruff.

I remember the first time a boy liked me. He name was michael. We walked to school because we only lived 5 blocks away. We were crossing the cross walk, which was bad at the school. They wanted you to be crossed by the patrol people, which the bad ass that I was thought it was stupid. Anyhow Michael lived on the couner of the street and the school, so we past his house and he walked out of his house and walked over to me and said" Toney like you alot and have liked you for a lond time" I looked at my sister and looked at Michael and the next thing I know he was on the ground because I bodyslamed him.

We lived there untill I was in the 5th grade, Which was about 5 years. Then we moved to the west side. I finished the 5th grade at west franklin. My mom worked at sutherlands, a hardware. She met a lady named Tyra. She had nefew who went to west franklin too. Her and my mom thought it would be cute to set us up. Lucky for them I liked boys now! We started dating and all of his friends were jelious, because they thought I was a HOTTIE. I'm not concedied but I looked pretty good. My sister was in middle school and had two really good friends Pearl and Keli. Thyri had found more frinds the did stuff that would make my mom die like smoke weed, but to tell you the truth I think that's why she did it to make my mom mad. I had some cool frinds to, but none of them did anyhting like that. That comes later. My best-friend at the time was Priscilla Teagardener. She was in the same grade as I was in and the same class too. I think she is now married and has kids. I don't talk to her anymore.

When I got in the 6th grade I met one of the best people I had eve met. Her name is Angie. Her and I were so much alike. That led to the best friendship I ever had. We still talk to day after 10 years. I think of her parents as my own parents. My kids call her grandma. Something my mom don't know is that in middle school I did of smoking cigs and weed, but if she is reading this than she knows now. I was a kid and I thought it was cool and now I know different. Me and Angie went to our first homecoming in high school. I had always had crush on her cousin Billy, so Angie's sister Roxann set me and Billy up for homecoming. The funny thing was that I was dating someone else at the time. I had dated a lot in between middle and high school. The guy I was dating was Eric. I told him I was tried and didn't want to date him anymore. I was not very nice, but he was cheating on me anyhow. After a few months later I was dating a guy named Jeff Foster. I met in NJROTC. A navy program in high school. In fact I met the rest of my friends in ROTC. Me and Jeff dated awhile. Our group of friends aways did stuff on the weekends together, like movies, bowling, shopping. In ROTC there is a dance call the military ball . We all went together. It was there I met the man of my dreams. He was one of my really good friends. He was one of the people who always hung out with us. After the ball my and Jeff broke up. My and Robert the guy who I knew one day I would marry, were dating and we all still did stuff together as a group. Me and Robert were hitting it off really good. I knew that this was the guy I was going marry. I once told my mom that I was never going to get married or have kids. I soon learned that goes as we want them. It's been 8 years and me and Robert are still together. We had been married only 1 year.

Here comes the reason I am the way I am. In the whole story you are reading I left out one huge part. My mom and my dad (BOB) I thought was going okay in the marriage, but I was wrong. My dad drank a whole lot,and did every drug out there. My mom was a church going women and needless to say they did not get along anymore. They constantly fought and argued. My and my sister was in the middle of it. Sometimes they would turn the arugment on us. My dad never hit us, but his insults and name calling and yelling was enough. My mom was no angel either. She would chock us and through us up against the refrigerator or anyother appliance that was in the room. When my mom up and one day goes and tells my dad who had loved her from the begining that she does not love him anymore and she wants a devorice. After that me and my mom moved out because I was the youngest and not married yet. My sister Thryi had gotten married and had her own place, she was smart. My mom stoped going to church and begun to party like she was 21 again. I was 16 and always home by myself. My mom would rather party then be a mom. I was very hurt. Robert was the only person I could talk to. He was there for me when no one else was.I could never understand how you could marry someone that you never loved. I do remember my mom did drink a lot when they were togther, I just forgot to mention it. Anyhow My mom got us evicked from the apartment, because she had no more money. We went to live with Thyri and her husband.

I got pregant and moved in with Robert and my life was a lot easier, so I thought. Me and Robert had been therr for each other and I don't know what I would do without him. I have been on my own for 3 years and I made a promise to myself to be better than I had and give better than I had.

I hope you have enjoyed my life story od my childhod. I hope I didn't affened anyone. If I did I am truely sorry, it was not my intension. I was tought to always tell the truth so I am!!!
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