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A poem of a little girl, living in a home where she is not cared for or loved.
Little Girl

One little girl in a mixed up world.
Five years old and all alone,
Living without love in a broken home.
Naps on a dirty mattress,
And needles on the floor,
Her daddy is a drunk,
Her mommy is a whore.
She picks her food out of a dumpster,
That sits behind the store,
She eats what she can find,
Still her tummy screams for more.
She never gets a bath,
And her teeth are rotting out,
She hides behind the broken couch,
While mommy and daddy shout.
She never gets read stories,
Or hugs and kisses before bed,
She doesn’t have warm blankets,
Or a pillow for her head.
She doesn’t go to school,
Or to the doctors when she’s sick,
This isn’t a life she chose,
She didn’t get to pick.
By the time someone decided to care,
It was already way to late,
The little girl who wasn’t loved,
Had already past away.
She died alone, hungry and sick,
On the mattress on the floor,
Days before her saving grace,
Would come to her front door.
Now she is with God,
She gets hugs and kisses every day,
There’s plenty of love and lots of room,
For her to run and play.
There are plenty of children just like her,
Who are living the same way,
They need someone to love and care,
They might not have another day.

By: Josie Marquand
03 – 04 - 05
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