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The story of my life.. sad, but empowering.

Memories engraved into time,
Yet it’s the bad ones engraved in my mind,
All the hurt and the pain,
And the games that you played,
All of the things that led up to today,
I thought you really loved me,
Now I wish you were dead,
For all of the times that you beat me,
All of the things you said,
The nights in my room,
All alone with no food,
The bruises
The bleeding
The begging,
The pleading,
The tears that I cried,
While I was hoping to die,
Isolated from a world that shut its eyes,
With no one to see,
How you enjoy my pain,
Like it’s some kind of game,
Taken away were the things that kept me sane,
My mother couldn’t,
Wouldn’t talk to me,
She refused to see,
The lies that you told,
And you put her on the floor,
Beneath your feet,
Almost dead,
And then she was gone,
Like she was from then on,
You took my sister too,
Because you lied to make them love you,
Yet even after the bleeding,
The pleading,
The pain,
And all of the games,
I still remained,
I still seen,
How you are, how you will always be,
And then I found my power,
The power was me,
And I used my power,
Until she made you leave,
Although they still can’t see,
I have eyes for us three,
And as long as I have my power,
You can’t control me.

By: Josie Marquand
04 – 19 - 05
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