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by Boo
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Dedicated to a woman who has my heart, my soul and my love, in this world and the next.
There are times when my mind's eye is focused beyond the realities of this world, to the philosophies of the next. This is where love is so entangled and intertwined that its weave is through the very fabric of life. To feel passion in these moments of ecstasy, that delicious pleasure of human emotion, is to be alive. Here is our chance at life and at loving.

The plush blush of a blue rose lights upon your lips and fire burns in your eyes like stars of distant galaxies bursting to a newborn sun. The suppleness of your neck beckons for my mouth's kiss as your breast quivers patiently, trembling pleasurably, anticipating the exact moment of my arrival. Your breast rises from the valley of your bosom like a testament to the beauty of all that is a woman. God has blessed you in your physique and in doing so, smiled upon me.

I am engulfed by the insanity of the moment, attracted to the pureness of your essence, led astray by that which allows us to perpetuate. Here is where I will have you. Now is when I will take you, roll with you, kiss with you, touch with you, love with you, be with you until we becomes us and we are one with all things of this world and of those worlds yet to come.
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