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Can you define the word Unity?? What will it take until you can?
Unity Defined (third cycle)
By: D. Clark

"When the sands of the east are plagued with fear and fright, on this day the dragons shall unleash their fiery might."

Date: within next few years...

Most of the western United States has been wiped out. A unification process that everyone ignored has finally entered it's final stage. A massive union joined together both the former Russian and Chinese regions. It appears that the United States became the horrific example as every last American fought to the very end. It was a very swift nuclear exchange, US nuclear forces were hit so fast that the remaining forces were greatly outnumbered. A very dramatic plan that rid most of the earth of what was left of man's greatest weapon. Most of the remaining population had no idea at all what they will be facing next.

It was a grand success from highly secret communications being relayed from miles below the ground in city sized hidden locations. A selected amount of both population and areas of both interest and danger have been totally incinerated. It was a cataclysmic series of tasks being carefully monitored in the background. Those who resisted perished in great numbers. Only one unified Government will stay intact, as they ready for the massive deployments to Cydonia, Mars. Everything taking place has diverted all attention away from both Mars colonization and space based weapons.

When it really comes down to it, if you question what could be worse then the break away and destruction of most of the United States? Some could say that the coming years of extreem pain and suffering will all be worth it. If you are strong enough in all aspects of faith and humanity to last long enough to be part of the final event. Peace on earth will come as promised to those who pass each test. There will be peace on earth... when we all rest in peace.

"With this begins the great chaotic calamity when the sky shall be as red as blood, and then began the great panic that furiously flowed like the deluge flood."

To be continued...
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