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The prolouge for the story I am writing about two teenage werewolves. Very Very short.
…Then Selena heard it.
The sound of lightly padded feet moving slowly through the underbrush. She turned toward the sound, then took a step back. Her brain was screaming commands such as “RUN!” and “DON’T MAKE A SOUND!” It was all very confusing; surely if she ran, the thing, whatever it was, would hear her and follow, chasing her until she could run no more. But if she didn’t run…Selena gave an involuntary shudder. Then a new feeling came into play: curiosity. After a few quick seconds of silent struggling, curiosity won, determined to hold Selena there until she knew just what was out there. It was possible that she was making a big deal over something as little as a rabbit.
Then a new sound came to her ears, this one considerably more malicious than the first. It was a low, deep-throated growl. Curiosity suddenly lost its grip and fear instantly took over. Selena spun around and ran, loosing the forest trail in the darkness, even though the pale moon was full. Behind her, she heard something shoot out from between the trees in hot pursuit. She pushed herself to the limit, desperately trying to evade the hostile force, but it wasn’t good enough. In mere seconds, she felt icy, sharp teeth close over her left leg.
Selena screamed.
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