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A sci-fi action adventure about the PDA recordings of a cyborg/human named Aden.
Cryptic Data:
The first encounter

By Adam O'Donoghue

Before you start reading, this novella is a written account of elite ReZ bot Aden; Blue Thunder. His records/logs are of his views and thoughts. The video recordings will be portrayed as present 3rd person accounts that will act as a sort of an aid to help the reader better understanding of what he is talking about.

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Beginning auto-logo of Aden A.K.A blue thunder

Chapter 1:
The Beginning

To those it may concern, or to those that have survived.
My name is Aden; my link-up system with D.O.C (direct operations & communications) won't let me say my surname. Anyway I better get on with it for my PDA’s plasma battery may not last long.
I am now probably dead you might be looking at my body right now or, they are probably feasting on my flesh, or worse still,
I'm one of them.
But my words may not be the best way to show you the horror of what they can do, or what they plan to do, so I have taken the liberty to record some video logs direct from my blue electronic eye.
But lets start at the beginning as you may probably know my A.K.A is Blue Thunder, I am one of the few ReZ bots that occupy this facility, If you have already heard of me yes I am the lone survivor of the battle of the gods on planet EX259 but alas that was nothing compared to the horrors that have happened to this little Bio weapons facility.
For I think we redefined hell.
After the war I established myself at D.O.C & M.O.B (Memory and Observation Bureau) and was inserted into a special program specifically made up of state of the art war veterans. I was elected as an Elite, the highest infantry rank at D.O.C sepcialOps, my teams name is Delta.
Then they sent me to that giant titan planet Jupiter because theirs a new base there. My platoon and I, as well as two other teams Omega maintenance and Beta security were assigned there after a distress signal was trace to its location, and this was where our exodus began.

End of log...
Opening memory link-up file#241189....
ReZ bot .Blue Thunder. Membership No.6748552212U
Beginning in 5...4...3...2...1...
The beginning

The Delta wing ship suddenly appeared from out of hyperspace, its huge hulking body a sudden entity of mass in the emptiness and vastness of space. Light surge out from its rear thrusters, like two tiny stars spiting fire from their many tongues, scaring the cold chilled vacuum of space.
"Colonel, jump procedure complete," commented a navigator from the main operations deck. "Link-up to base facility, in 10 minutes."
"Thank you, Major." shouted the colonel his voice powerful and magnetic, people would follow him to hell and back again. His name was Colonel Malcolm Grieves, one of the military’s fines tacticians, every one respected him, except.
"Major now please get Aden on the line."
You guessed it.
"What have I done now colonel?" Aden wined into his head set his voice a loud static boom, "I've checked all the frigideagles (infantry dropship carriers) rapiers (fighter jets) and the dragons (armored battle engines) every things A.O.K and I’m now, reporting to HQ because my PDA unit still isn't working properly, it's strange, it as if you lead us to a Titan Planet!" he shouted angrily, his cold young attitude was a unwelcome invitation to a unorthodox argument.
Two males raging over power.

Radio & lag transitions where now nearly impossible. Everyone knew that Jupiter’s planetary core sent of a negative electromagnetic pulse (recently discovered) that disrupted E-mail, telecommunication and other electrical gadgets. Essentially Its turn their some what appreciated qualities and necessary productions into the basic scrap metal components they really are,
"Ha, very funny Aden." the colonel served trying to down size Aden in front of the people at operations deck.
"There's nothing funny about it,” Aden argued, his logic heard. “If you only requested to D.O.C. that we convert to a plasma based energy source we wouldn't encounter these problems."
"Aden, I've told you once and I'll tell you again, NO PLASMA, you no that plasma cells, batteries and power plants are a potential weapon source, That WOULD attract potential terrorists and other renegades to our ship to cull and loot its contents, so, no! I wouldn’t endanger lives for a silly little black book problem."
"I'm talking about basic batteries Colonel, not a whole energy conversion, they will fuel our electronics and other data holdings and would be insignificant enough for pirates and other renegades to come and loot the place and if they did, I'd rip their tongues out and the kick their asses out of this solar system, you here me."
"Oh, I'm sure you would." whispered the colonel silently, his malice evident in every word. "When we enter orbit your unit will be the first one to land and scout the perimeter, you can ask for a plasma battery their, it is the home of science and you will obey my order or prepare to be court marshaled. You got that elite."
"Loud and clear sir, over and out," Aden terminated his channel before allowing recoil, "Ass".

Aden approached the administrator of HQ. He was a strange man, small and round, smoker and unshaved, he wore a olive green singlet that took on a darker tone under the arm pits.
A true arms dealer.
An ex-veteran of the corp.

"Hey bot, what's now." he grumbled, many a first impression underestimated.
"The colonel, that's what." Aden replied his cold attitude invoked by his military bastardization and also from the horrors of the war, this was also emphasized by the cool mechanical glow of his blue plasma fuelled eye that illuminated his dark mask his hood was generating.
a combination of Icy attitude and steel mechanics.
Blue Thunder.

The administrator behind his riot proof capsule turned around and with a butter knife scratched a line on a steal wall.
A tally of how many fights he and the colonel had so far.
Tally now stood at 13,
How unlucky.

"Hmm," Aden grinned "You still at it."
"Yes sir, still am," gleamed the administrator.
"You seriously need to get out more." combated Aden
"Like wise," Jousted the Administrator he too upturned a grinning.
"So what brings you to my fortress." Joked the administrator presenting his hands out at his office.
A cluttered landscape of holographs, modems, storage lockers rising up from the metal desk and cabinets that where supposed to keep the ‘fortress’ organized.
"It’s my PDA unit, its been generating static and is a pain to use. I need a new power source, and I'm not hooking it up to my neural interface."
"What M.O.B?" asked the administrator, knowing that the intranet within its transmitting PDA would inform M.O.B about his personal records, a the wars conspiracy that he kept.
"Yeah, come on Morris, who else."
"I've recently been dispatched a new issue of a new development of technology this is specifically for ReZ bot interface. They call it, M.U.S.E. Multidata Utilization for Sufficient efficiency."
"And that is?" mocked Aden. Names nowadays where abbreviations, some of which sound like gibberish.
"Aden, say hello to your new partner, met your Muse."
Morris reached down below his counter and retrieved a small holographic projector and pressed a button.
A strange transparent blue glow emitted from the clear lens of the holoprojector and a body, a feminine body of perfect proportion for its scale emerged in shades of tonal colour and in a flooding backlight that invoked a cybernetic reality
She looked human.
A true muse, she was.

"Aden say hello to Pandora."
Pandora leaped into a fast expression of greetings "Hello, Aden, as you know my is Pandora, I am your assigned muse. I can help you with your tasks and other of my specific attributes," it said in a monotone voice that boom from the speaker of the holoprojector.
"Does it ramble on like this all the time? I though if technology was advanced as they say it is, wouldn’t they have included a personality chip or database." Aden butted in ignoring the babbling of the A.I. muse.
"I had a feeling that you would say that."
Said Morris and handed him a case of 5 chips each one with a specific name, I acquired some personality chips, sorry but these are extremely old prototypes.
Aden could obviously see that, as he spied a Brittany spear’s chip and reeled in disgust.
"Crap, crap, crap, crap, hey this one okay."
He lifted a chip from its case its name a maiden of history the first actress to star in a 3D holographic movie.
It was,
Michele Fifer.
Immediately after inserting the chip into the holographic projection started to talk like a real person.
"Hey!" Pandora yelled "What just happened?"
"I inserted a personality chip into your USB drive, Makes you sound more human."
"Your good garrison is kindly noted."
"Hmm," Aden replied, this character fitted this Muse to a tee.
Aden and Pandora.
"Okay, time for you to enter my world." Aden said as he removed the ReZ chip from the holographic projector and inserted it into his data system behind his left ear where his headset hung, fix firmly to his ear.
"OK can you here me,” shouted the muse into Aden’s headset,"
"Loud and Clear."
"God, gee's! You’re Blue thunder, the lone bot survivor of the war, my god, and your memory files…." Started Pandora shocked to be in a hero’s head.
Though it was haunted, as the marines from out side his platoon would say.
"I'd preferred that you don't go there, it’s confidential and if you are discharged….." Aden suggested hoping that this muse was of an intelligent and consciences data build up.
"Very well Aden, you secrets will stay untouched."
"Now about My PDA unit?" Aden turned to face Morris.
"Oh!" Pandora exclaimed in an out burst of glee. " I am your PDA ,well sort off. I have been issue with and accomplishment, the new PDA/communicator M.O.B was working on."
"Oh really, I've heard of those they seem to be more stylish than efficient."
"Not really I can link-up to M.O.B and D.O.C on this unit and write ciphers, etc, etc."
"Morris, can I have my new PDA, please."
"But the Colonel said no plasma" Morris joked
"Oh, give it here." Aden quickly reach under the low opening and snatched the new system and attached it to his wrist link. The bulk of the PDA was strangely lighter in weight than Aden had been expecting. Its watch like shape snapped into his linkup and a projection of Pandora again sprung forward. Again is blue light shining a fore shadow on Aden’s face.
"Morris thanks for the talk but now I have to report to duty, I have a team to ready."

The delta team rustled in the hanger bay, their sudden call of duty was expected.
The had heard the argument,
Every one had.

"Ok listen up, team" Aden posted, sending them to attention.
"I ask you not to do that guys, and gal" he complained but not wined, he was a elite, not of the military, and bedside’s, he knew his team was more of a family at the most.
"Sorry sir, but, we’re used to it." answered lightning, third in command; he was the arms expert as his height and strong bust addressed him so.
“Well can someone give me the load down on why we here, Helen?" Aden inquired he had many a title at D.O.C & M.O.B which sometimes combated each others duties, meaning that he need constant information from Helen, navigator and scientist of the team, she also attained some basic military training for field endeavors and thus had drastically boosted her statues at D.O.C. & M.O.B
"Well its gona be a long briefing," she stated gesturing that they move out nodding her head and hand at a frigid eagle. Her long hair whipped around as she walked into the cargo hold. She was pretty yes, but vicious at the most of times, she was more of a sister to Aden than, well, you know.
"David (lightning’s true name) come on, I'm trusting you have brought some of your 'toys' with you?" Aden asked, grinning.
"You bet your ass, Aden, or my name ain’t green lightning." he laughed, his code name referred to nitro-hydroxide (highly explosive chemical compound) that he had made back in a lab by fusion methods,
No-one was hurt, badly, but he got the full blast and that was how he became a ReZ too: the operation was performed in 1 hour, Hence the word lightning.
"Good, now all aboard." Aden ordered, as he closed the cargo door after lightning climbed in. A sudden hissing of hydraulics was heard as it swallowed them inside.
Aden approached the cock pit and hit the ignition, bringing the eagle to life. He then clutched the yawed of the craft and hovered over to two cargo capsules containing two rapiers, he then landed the craft in between the capsules and activate their corresponding magnetic clasps located at the middle of the eagles wings. They grasped the rapiers in their compressed state, then he opened a hidden clasp at the back of the eagle, near where thrusters and dorsal wings where positioned. A sudden roar was heard as form out of another hanger bay a dragon on is 12 wheels rolled around a corner and then stopped under the opening and contracted into a rolled up form which resemble that of a armadillo. It was grasped by clasp. When its cargo was loaded Aden then logged in a flight plan and then landing co-ordinates, then piloted the eagle out into a air lock animation bay. The hanger doors closed at their scalene triangle segments and then decompression commenced, the bubble they where hovering in was slowly filling with emptiness.
Then the bubble split and Aden lead the eagle out and engaged the auto pilot systems.
As Aden thought about the strange occurrence of problem with the science facility on Jupiter, he felt an awful feeling in his gut, something was going to happen.
But he didn’t know what.

Ending video disk recording.

Chapter 2:
S.I.D's Abyss.

... ... ...
Loading file, 435906*S.I.D's Abyss
Current percentile 90% 95% 100%
S.I.D's auto-logo of Aden A.K.A blue thunder


I assume that you have either meet or heard of these people on memory link-up file#241189. These where some of my fellow comrades, and where my only friends, and my enemies. Yes it is true that I openly argue with the cornel and for a good reason, his so called tactics in the field are some what, Overzealous. He makes fights seem more dangerous then they are, and their for takes more risks. He doesn't look at my analyses and research in enemy craft and behaviour.
A key ideal of battle is to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.
Anyway enough of my military jargon and more to the point of why I wrote this auto-logo; To give you a brief history of S.I.D (science and industrial development), this organization is new to D.O.C & M.O.B though they are funding its research they have kept its progress mysterious and 'free floating'. I was right to have had my strange stomach intuition when I flew to Jupiter, something was not right and misplaced, just like my medical patrol on EX259, and then we where hit with a space to air missile.
Strange things where going on down there they said, that they where researching a archaeological site but I know better, their are really making weapons for the military, guns, tools, you name it. They where also experimenting with science bio-material, mainly pathogens. they where culturing strains of ancient DNA and RNA of a strange creature the first species to be found on a solar system planet apart from earth, so much for a home field advantage. But that may be gone soon. I’m scared, death seems to be contagious, and sadly, I fear it, I fear its smell, its tendrils piercing into my flesh and my eye's, its strange, no-one would have thought about it, Death is really alive, and is recruiting everyone, its preparing for the ultimate day, the day of reckoning,

End of log......
Opening memory link-up file#96529....
ReZ bot .Blue Thunder. Membership No.6748552212U
Beginning in 5...4...3...2...1...
S.I.D's abyss

The frigedeagle zoom into the atmosphere of Jupiter’s newly discovered thunder storms in a cyclonic structure swirled on the planet being the only things to live in abundance here, except for the renegade’s fleeing the justice of the law, but they weren’t as plentiful.
"So, Helen, What exactly is going on here?" asked Aden, to his co-pilot.
Helen looked away from her red, crimson lit navigations console, she like Aden's brief nature, though it was evoked from tragedy and the scaring effects of war, but she accepted it because, at least he wasn't like all the other lonely space men looking for a bit of pretty ....
Moving on.
"Basically, where here to recon the area and guarantee safety, before allowing the all clear for Beta and Omega teams, then we stay with S.I.D until home clears use to come home,"
"That's it! then why do we need all this artillery? I mean, do we really need a dragon for god's sake." Aden stated his focus remained straight on the planet surface.
"I'm not sure why, Aden, but maybe their expecting something."
"What?" Aden snapped, this had happened to him before, he was on a infiltration mission for the colonel, he had asked him to take a chain gun to the enemy, and guess what, he really needed it.
"Sorry but he really doesn't like predictions" said Pandora spawning from the crafts holographic screen. “Oh, how’s your new girl friend Aden" Helen taunted
"For your information," Pandora started prepare to give Helen a face full of lip, but was cut off by Green lightning, standing in the cargo hold modifying their guns and other gadgets.
"Oh, Wow Aden, you've got a M.U.S.E"
"Why must everyone treat me like I an alien" she stated sarcastically.
"Calm, now Pandora, their just dumb marines, I was originally a medic and a pilot so I understand your intelligence and character traits better than others trigger happy delinquents" Aden reassured, his statement causing a stir within his ranks. "So, how are we going to traverse over Jupiter, this really makes my head, hurt, I thought that Jupiter was a gas giant with a clear centre of weak gravity?" David asked "so how could they have built a space station on it.”
"That a look outside" said Aden steering the jittering vehicle through a turbulence patch in its stratosphere, David looked out through the cockpit visor and saw giant pieces of drifting rock like debris floating in a bright cosmos.
A beautiful site indeed.
"Yeah, all I see is giant sand storms and free floating debris, no land.
"Just wait a second" said Aden "Pandora, could you please load up the telescopic visor, show David the surface of Jupiter."
"And through the heavens skirt, hells true skin is revealed" Quoted Pandora from a ancient poet, and up loaded the scope and then a colour exclusion program that filter the blocking debris seen by the camera.
David gasped
True to the poetic words, Jupiter had indeed a demonic skin, long ago in the 25th century, Humanity, in all its basking glory was severely over populated the had built the their cities so far up that the entire planet had become a giant metropolis entangled with old historical themed buildings. So they, in their desperation, sent one of their more trademark manufactured tools (Warheads, A-bombs anything that goes up in an explosion of epic proportions) to mars to fill its crater filled surface with water and a bio- sphere, sadly the calculations in the flight path and speed require where 99.99998% off and the warhead was ricocheted off course by a asteroid belt near Saturn (if you fire a bomb at advance interstellar speed off course you can skip a few planets) and then drifted in Saturn’s ice ring before, spinning back and exploding near the centre of Jupiter, Saturn ice ring was then melted and it then became know as 'Troy’s break," name in honor of the mathematician that made the error. But the whole incident was name 'D.O.C. Pinball machine' as the whole event was only took a total of 10 seconds.
"What happened here?"
"David you remember the D.O.C pinball incident"
"How could I forget, I was the friend of that idiot" he responded
Aden frowned
"Oh right I see."
The land in the scopes eye was black as ash which sweated across its toxic winds and storms with green and yellow auroras formed by the gasses emerging from the craters below the land,
"Welcome, ladies and gents to the 'hell lands'" Pandora announced disengaging the scope and suddenly the clouds in the top atmosphere showed the surface to true eyes.
"the colours where stranger and more prominent now that the colours exclusion program was disengaged, a rocky belt of debris floated on the horizon faintly tinged with bright washout yellows and peachy oranges that at the ends birthed a fine line of white and grey before being engulfed in the redness of the atmosphere. There it is the most hidden object in the solar system, the three tundra rings of Jupiter.” What the," Helen exclaimed surprised by the colours and the rings, "Heavens skirt is an understatement"
"Now look down" David dared.
"I'm trying not to."
"Woos" Aden jokes
Helen then playfully cuffed him over head. "Hey, keep that up and I'll do a barrel roll and we all know just how much you love barrel rolls."
She tamed with a timed murmur.
"Ok, enough sites seeing, lets move out"
Aden said and drove the frigedeagle straight to where the radar blipped and binged. Aden looked at the craters cautiously and then left, he still felt uneasy about the whole mission he just hope that his instincts where wrong.

The hanger bay was foreboding, it was dark and the smoggy ventilation system needed serious maintenance for it smells as if something had died in there and had been rotting away for weeks on end.
"What’s that smell" said Helen her face taut due to its thick repulsive odor.
"I don't now Helen, but what ever it is it, must have did twice over to make that smell." David coughed bombarded by its sudden attack on his senses.
"It's not that bad guys, I'll get Charles to fix it when he arrives," Aden said "probably, just a burst pipe of Jupiter’s natural gas, better be captious and activate our air tanks and space gear.”
With that Aden lifted his gloved hand and ripped a tag like pin (hidden behind a protective Kevlar plate) from his collar and suddenly his hoods arch generated a invisible barrier that embezzled a bubble like structure, he then tested the integrity of the bubble by wiggling the crystals that edged his hood, then after that he hit the surface of the bubble a sheet of electricity and light reflected of the barrier and traveled up his arm, it didn't hurt Aden for his internal metal structure absorbed the electric charge.
Just then Helen and David emerged from the cargo holding they each wore plastic metal space suits that looked like grey diving suits and brought out the feature of Helens curve body Aden turned away, ignoring the rare occasion.
"Hey, why do I all ways get the old bulky suits, they are so restricting," David wined slowly moving of the ramp in a series of strained powerful steps,
"Maybe because, we don't love you." Helen joked.
"Hey, I know you guys do, how could resist the Green Lightning"
Helen and Aden walked to the internal air lock, "Hey!" David yelled, "Wait up, don't make me whoop your asses, when I get out of this suit." He charged in a strange mechanical skips as he tried to catch up with his team."
"David, the weapons and the door." Said Aden as he enters the air lock pointing to the frigedeagle. The door then closed,
"Oh sorry, to be a hindrance, yah rabbits, don't think that I don't know what going on with you to," he shouted playfully before tending to his expected duties,

The elevator was colder than the far reaches of Pluto (not that it was far in this day and age) Helen stood beside Aden; he did not acknowledge her, he just waited. She turned away, clutching her arms. Aden saw the riot and security door above and readied him self to become engulfed into a sea of intellectuals, scientist, mathematicians and Smythe professionals in other highly regarded sciences.
But Aden had a degree in medicine and biology, so if anyone gave him strife, he could defend himself, though he worried about his team as they didn't understand the psyche of scientists, except for Helen, but see wasn’t so involved.
The security finally faced him and opened its blocking jaws allowing for him to pass.
But something was strange, the doors where open and normal people where walking around doing their duties and daily tasks.
No problem was evident.
People looked at him, saw his gun and ignored him. They knew he was a M.O.B operative, so no alarm was conducted.
He and Helen walked out of the lift surprised. A scientist saw them dumbstruck and wonder of their unexpected arrival, so he engaged them.
"Hello, My name is Adrian Molkizie, I'm the administrator of the department of plasmatic sciences, Is everything alright and coherent." Adrian was a medium sized man with a darken jaw from his minuscule beard and he wore large think specs and a white lab coat with a blue collar for department identification and a embodied insignia over his left breast, the coat pockets rim showing his rank.
Sciences and military facilities where not so different in this time and age.
"Everything's seems to be ok. We were requested via a distresses signal from your communications office. We arrived as soon as we could so could you please shed some light on this situation."
Aden replied, remembering the foul smell from the lower levels ventilation shafts.
"Up here yes, we're fine. But down in the below regions of this station, something strange is going on.
"Could you please explain?" Aden asked.
"If you would follow me." Adrian insisted turning around and double this paces.
He began to speak to Aden and Helen whilst they followed. "The department of archaeology, the ones that filters through the debris contained in the atmosphere of Jupiter where the ones who sent that signal after the board shund them from sending a transmission to earth. So they fired a cryptic transmission of their own through out the North Radial hemisphere (in orientation with the station) so I seem that you are the unlucky sods that where sent to investigate their little cry wolf for fame, uh."
"Seems like it doesn't it, and theirs more on the way." Aden replied joking on the matter.
"Well at least you can laugh, what about your authorities?"
"I'll deal with them, but while I'm here can we help you with the maintenance"
"Not if you can go without oxygen." Adrian punted
"Oh not to worry" Aden cockily gestured taping the barrier covering his face; it sparked and weaved brilliant locks of light in the shadowy depths of his faces contrast.
"Impressive" sarcastically quoted Adrian, Helen took it literally and said.
"latest addition in the electron overcharge range, could stop a speeding bullet if need be" She tried to be smart, adding the articulate ending. Adrian started laughing; a sort burst reflecting his founded humor in the remark.
"I was being sarcastic, seriously, why take something like that to a station that produces its own air, lets hope that you didn't bring anything else that is irrelevant." Adrian conveyed hoping that the military didn't inflate its precautions.
"Well, sadly you know already that more marines are coming, two more teams of three to be exact. Each with a Dragon battle engine and two Rapiers for aerial defense." Aden grimly admitted, embarrassed.
"And I suppose you also brought the same gear, let me guess, you work for colonel Grieves don’t yah?"
"So his reputation has reached the far reaches of our solar system." Aden laughed.
Oh, dear, I too yous't to work for him, plasma engineer for twelve years under his command. Until we were raided by pirates and they stole all the plasma and rained war with a rival drug gang using us as collateral, I was discharged after we survived a S.W.A.T like rescue mission, lots of casualties, on both sides. You poor buggar."
"Thanks, Its good to know that not all look upon him a hero, but as a ration gambler." Aden, reluctantly sighed.
They where now out side an transport tube, a crystal electric blue buzzed through its fuel ports that tunneled up through the length of the cylinder.
"This is my stop I have to rendezvous with a few of the minor colleagues it the testing of a new weapon that resists the effects of gravity and can cut through even the toughest of alloys and crystals, maybe you can test it out while your here, we'll be down in sector 7-A room 27 I'll see you there."
"Alright, thanks for the escort."
Adrian departed and left them standing in the tubular lift.
It generated its neo-gravity propellers two oscillating orbs; the size of gym balls, that where connected by a linking ring hugging the inner cylinder.
after a quick charge and the ring and orbs where a mere blur of speed, they where shot at through the tube in their neo-gravity bubble.
before they breached the interior of the space stations grav-lifts a robotic tour guide activated and asked the question "Would you like the guided tour?" before Aden could decline the offer Helen quickly answer "Yes please." She then turned to Aden expecting a legit answer for her strange actions, she quickly stated "While we're here lets make the most of it."
"Very well." Aden replied knowing that she had instinctive curiosity, she needed to be informed even if that meant stalking or spying to achieve the information.
The facility suddenly disappeared beneath their feet, a diminishing leviathan on the surface.
And then the guide started its programmed lecture.

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