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I found some more I'd written and this was one of them.

The Beauty Of

A summer sunrise with wisps of clouds
Oak trees against the wind driven snow
The vivid hues of scenic ocean views
A stream flowing through a quiet meadow

A Great Blue Heron on a serene pond
High mountain peaks above the tree line
An artist giving character to a face
Smiling children when it's ice cream time

The calm of the lake, just before dark
A star filled night with a gentle breeze
Crystalline waters from the thawing ice
An amber sunset with swaying Palm Trees

The shiny soft coat of my neighbor's cat
A cascading waterfall and thundering sound
The look and smell of fresh-mowed grass
A soft snow flake as it drifts to the ground

Golden wheat fields in the summer sun
A Dandelion's soft and fluffy white down
The love in your eyes whenever I'm around
A radiant new bride in her wedding gown

Some drift wood washed up on the beach
Monarch butterflies resting on a log
Cherry blossoms ablaze in the spring
Patterns on the back of an old Bull frog

A dew drop dangling from the tip of a leaf
The leaves of autumn so red, orange and gold
The head dress worn by an old Indian Chief
The love of two people that never grows old

Another ribbon from my good friend Tracy Lordes

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