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Benny the Kid was trouble out looking for more trouble.
Benny The Kid Rides Again

by Terry Burres

Pullin' the battered hat low over one eye Benny The Kid chewed on the straw while he surveyed the goin’s on up and down the street. Anyone who saw him walked quickly past. They didn't even look him in the eye. Benny liked it like that. He knew he made people nervous and it put a sneer on his face.

Benny knew he was notorious. He knew he was just plain bad. If you wanted trouble Benny The Kid would give it to you. NO ONE was as mean as Benny. NO ONE was as tough or could handle themselves as good as Benny. Benny knew he could do it all.

He swaggered down the street towards ‘the hangout’ lookin' for his boys: Sam, Red and Jake. He felt like findin' trouble so he went lookin' for some. There had to be somethin' goin' on that needed his special brand of trouble.

What would it be today? Stealin' cattle from the feed lot - hittin' the bank for a little spendin' money - takin' some candy from a baby. Benny chuckled in a mean, evil way.

As Benny reached ‘the hangout’ he looked all around. Sam, Red and Jake were already gone. Benny hitched up his jeans and adjusted his hat. If the boys weren’t there then where were they? Benny growled deep in his throat. How was he to find trouble with out his boys. He could do it but it wouldn't be as much fun.

Then Benny The Kid had an idea. An idea of trouble that he could cause. Just the thought put an evil smirk on his face. He could see it all in his minds eye. He’d find Sam, Red and Jake and they would ride on out to McNeir’s place. He knows the old man keeps a stash of golden goodies in the back room. He’d have the boys distract old man McNeir, he’d sneak in the back door, and grab the stash. He, Sam, Red and Jake could meet up at ‘the hangout’ to divide up the golden goodies. Yah, that sounds like a good plan. Now all he has to do is find his boys.

Benny looked everywhere for the boys. The longer he looked the madder he got. He knew Sam, Red and Jake were around some place. It sure seemed that where ever he went they had either just been there or no one had seen them.

Benny The Kid tried to think of another plan. It was gettin' late and Benny hadn’t done anythin' bad all day. What could he d......

“Benny! Benny! Where are you? Benny! Come on home right this minute!”

“But, Mom, I’m not ready to come home,” Benny The Kid whined. “ I want to play a little longer. Please, Can’t I have ten minutes more?”

“Benjamin! NOW!!”

Benny The Kid gave up his plans for being notorious until tomorrow and went into dinner.
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