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This story is about childbirth and the monumental change it has on a woman's life.
It’s about the only thing on my mind right now. My belly is full to brimming with baby. I wake up each morning, thinking “Yes” today looks like the day I am going to drop my load. I’ll go into labour and then I won’t have to walk around with a stomach the size of a beach ball.

Pregnancy can be an adventure, full of fun and delight until the last trimester. After 37 weeks of carrying life a woman is term. The waiting time until baby comes out is anxiety filled. The pregnancy, the once every half hour peeing; the heaviness constantly pushing down on your pelvis; the back pain; the Braxton hicks contractions they all add up to one thing: “Baby hurry up and come out so all this can be over already.”

Of course that is only the beginning. Labour is a painful exercise in surrender and losing control. The building contractions as the cervix dilates are tiring. The pain can range from annoying all the way up to excruciating.

Nothing can beat the moment when the baby’s head comes out and the final push that ends with a beautiful little body being placed in one’s arms. How could I possible feel any more love in my heart than I do right now. Oh pregnancy and labour. Pregnancy, Labour and Delivering is one of life’s sweet and ongoing mysteries.

More than a mystery, childbirth is a Right of passage that changes one life forever. Not just changes but actually gives the new mother a new life. Nothing is comparable to the transformation of life given by ending a perfect pregnancy.

With my first pregnancy and child I became a mother. A small little being was totally dependant on me. My hormones worked like rollercoasters and my feelings were all over the place like a tornado. When I first saw my daughter she looked blue but what I said was "She's beautiful". I think I had been watching too many t.v. shows. Fortunately with some oxygen her colour became a beautiful beige, that over time darkened to a beautiful mahogany colour.

I can't tell you just how overwhelming it is to have a being completely dependant on me. I felt at once exhillerated and overwhelmed. I was happy, sad, shocked, grateful and ohhhh so tired. All the hardship leading up to this point was worth it. This being changed my life forever. My princess Ameerah.

I don’t know that anything but childbirth is able to provide a way to contribute so greatly to the world. Of course I am biased. To all who have taken this Right of passage write your story of perfect pregnancy back to me.
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