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inside joke. satire of mind-numbing anime dialogue. pointless.
(A man in a hooded robe with a walking stick is met by a strong youth with blue hair, carrying a bundle of vegetables into a town. The youth removes the load from his back and stands in front of the robed traveler, extending his hand, palm facing outwards.)

“Halt there stranger! I see that your face is unfamiliar in this fine land of my ancestors! Our hospitality bids us to welcome your foreign kind into our fair valleys and our sturdy homes, yet your mysterious nature obliges me to ask you to explain yourself!”

“Foolish one! Ha-ha! Once they witness the true extent of my limitless power, my face and name shall be all too familiar not only in your pathetic waste of a home-world, but from the sands of Morikito to the shores of Kthiliku as well!”

“You have shattered the thin patience I harbor towards your kind! You are nothing more than a low highway-bandit! Your arrogance is only as great as the shame you shall feel at your bitter defeat, for I challenge you to a Duel Between Masters! What say you!?”

“I am prepared to accept this challenge of a sacred Duel Between Ultimate Masters, but unless my physic aura deceives me, where is the other master besides myself!? Ha-ha!”

“Enough! Ha-ha! In the name of the Great Ones whom you dare to insult with your foolish pride, I shall punish you on the hallowed plane of ethereal battle! Let the sacred Duel Between Ultimate Masters begin! ARRRGGHH!”

(Robe disappears with flash of blinding light, as the traveler is revealed to be a tall, muscular man with glowing fists. Both hover and eye each other, before yelling and charging up the colored energy ball thingies. A battle with flashing colors, exciting music, much charging up big balls of blue and red energy, etc. ensues. The two loudly announce in deepscreeches the various titles of their various ultimate moves. Eventually, the blue haired youth falls to the ground with a fatigued cry. He rises slowly as the cloak, with the hood pulled back, reappears on the traveler’s body.)

“Stranger, accept my apology, for I can see you are a true master, and not the low highway bandit you appeared to be!”

“Enough! The Great Ones would despise my gloating, and you have already been humbled in defeat! Allow us to discuss this matter over Modmu Tea while we recharge our magical ether auras! For I am the great master Yomihisukitshito and you have proven yourself worthy to be the first to join my fine band of disciples! With the wisdom of true masters, we shall journey to the Evil Mount of the Unspeakables and defeat the foul alien djinns who have enslaved the race of men! We shall reclaim all of the homeworlds in the name of not only our lofty ancestors, but also in the name of the sacred Great Ones! The task shall be great, yet the glory our names shall enjoy throughout the ages shall be greater yet! What say you?! Ha-ha!”
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/979379