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This is a tale of woe that happened on the dance floor.
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The Quintilla

This form uses two rhymes in it…and every line counts eight syllables. What can vary, though, is the place of the rhyme…

rhyme scheme 1:

rhyme scheme 2:

rhyme scheme 3:

rhyme scheme 4:

Prompt: A Writer's Cramp

Your topic for this form is music. Maximum 5 stanzas.

The Music of the Dance

The music of his courtly dance
Drew my eyes and other senses.
From his first bow and advance,
Racing violins stole my defenses
For in his eyes I saw romance.

That debonair smile upon his face,
Released an early Cupid’s dart
While the polish of his manly pace
Started castanets inside my heart.
Ecstasy was in his waltze’s embrace.

He danced me round with his agile stride
Until my soul sang in love duets.
His steamy look made me blurry-eyed.
His hands were ardor’s conduits.
I had fallen fast, I must confide.

Then he whispered words inside my ear.
“What?” I asked, leaning slightly closer.
My heart plunged. “Your lover's here?”
Heedless of the music’s composer,
I bolted to a stop until it was clear;

The man who’d suavely romanced me
With the elegance of his skillful style
Had a lover. Alas, he was not heart-free.
I relinquished him to his lover, Kyle.
The dance flowed on, but I didn’t see.


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