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Rough character list for the serial. Look at all the Apsiu!!
Updated for Part 65+

I have a journal item set to private which I intend to SOMEDAY use for at least moderately detailed mini profiles of all characters in the Ameni Chronicles (TAC) series. However, I was stupid enough not to keep track of important personal details about all my characters as I went along, so I am forced to GO BACK through earlier chapters and jot down notes about EVERYBODY. And so far I am only on like Lost Chapter 1 (Part 16.5), out of over fifty public chapters so far. -_- At this rate, I'll never get done! But I want to include a sort of character listing anyway. So...here you go. This list will provide VERY SHORT descriptive summaries of all named characters (unnamed ones, such as Mahakhi's old physician, are not included, unless they should later on be named!). Just so you can take a peep and maybe figure out who is who in case you forgot. (Of which I wouldn't blame you.)

This list is MOSTLY spoiler free, though there are some mild spoilers, and plenty of teasers, seeing as some of these characters are to be introduced in chapters far in the future. This list has NOT been proofread or checked for errors; seeing as it's a work in progress, there may very well be some. Not all the characters are properly cross-referenced, either, and some details had to be omitted; perhaps you'll spot them and see where I might be hiding some secrets. ^_^ This list is subject to change at any time, seeing as more characters might appear before the rewrite is through, and other characters' roles may change. I just thought you might like to see a rough version of who all is in this thing, and what parts they're playing.

PRONUNCIATIONS for each name will come about in the future as time allows so stay tuned.


* * * * *

AHAI'IKH: Second lieutenant to T'uris and then Mahakhi, close friend and comrade of Lieutenant Nehef. He is the more serious, reserved, and prudish of the two, keeping a level head when Nehef fails to do so, and the two balance each other out pretty nicely. He is often the voice of reason among them; he can be timid and too much of a goody-two-shoes at times, but occasionally he surprises people with his temper, which is always in response to perceived wrongs. Further on in the story he begins to seek a greater meaning to his life, which draws him to the god Set.

AHEN: A captain of the East and then the Great Red Tribe and a member of the grand tribunal. Of all the captains introduced so far, he is the most levelheaded and even tempered, possessing great patience and wisdom which make him much sought after for advice. He is loyal to the Kana code above all else, and so while most Apsiu deem him trustworthy, he is hardly likely to take the side of anyone who attempts to subvert this code, no matter what their rank may be.

A'HIYET: A Moru female of Mahakhi's, who grows close to Ameni when Thi'usa grows distant.

AIMA: Uncle/guardian of Patet, and a Free Apsiu. He detests the tribal Kana and is fiercely protective of his people, and so of course Patet's interest in Meteri infuriates him.

AKHAHIT: A Moru female of Mahakhi's, his secondary mate following Simit. Although rivals, she and Simit are close friends, and their position of honor and prestige as Mahakhi's favorites is well known.

AKU'TESET: General of the Rock Wall Tribe. Aku'teset, or "Aku" for short, killed Hi'hen, the former general, to take his place after catching Hi'hen brutally beating his son, Thipi. (This is the subject of a novella in the works, "Aku the Atrocious.") Aku is known to be a skilled warrior, and rather ruthless; yet despite this, this character's claim to the position of general is a very unusual one, as the other characters learn.

AMENI: The title character, a human and Kemeti who was "captured" by Captain Nehekhi and taken to live among the Apsiu. Although resigned to his life as a Moru (slave) of the Kana, he often thinks about his past life, and wonders where he truly fits in anymore. Oddly enough, it was his introduction into the Red Tribe which seems to have set all other events in the series in motion. He has largely dropped out of the series at this point, though I aim to reintroduce him later.

ANTAKH: Legendary founder of the Free Apsiu, and enemy of the Kana hierarchy. By the time TAC takes place his exact role as a helper of God Horus and leader of the Moru rebellion has been much warped and obscured, and he is treated as almost a fictional or mythical character of almost supernatural proportions. The Free Apsiu revere him as their former leader and the one who freed them; the tribal Kana loathe him with a passion, and view him as nothing more than a traitor to his kind. The real Antakh was a softspoken idealist, yet much unsure of himself, and accepted the position of leader of the Free Apsiu only reluctantly; it's likely he would not be happy with the way he is viewed, either by the Free Apsiu or by the Kana, in the series.

BAKAKH: A general of the Blue Oasis Tribe and father of Iahanu; as the Blue Oasis saga hasn't started yet, this character has yet to be developed sufficiently.

BAKH'ASU: A brutish Moru with a mysterious past which includes Lieutenant Djuta. After escaping the Great Red Tribe, he enlists the aid of the enemy River Tribe to attempt to wipe them out, and seek his revenge. It is Bakh'asu's actions which lead to the great battle between the two tribes.

BE'SHEN: The adopted son of Captain Djetef, and adopted older brother of Lieutenant Resikh. He fled his home when still young to escape his drunken abusive father, and sought refuge in the house of Djetef, who took him in and raised him as his own along with Resikh and Lieutenant Djuta. He often serves as Resikh's mentor and confidant, though the two have grown a little bit distant over the years. Cheery and goodnatured, he still lives under Djetef's roof and performs errands for him, including seeking out Resikh whenever he is needed.

BIKHTHET: A female Moru of Mahakhi's, and occasional love interest of Khetai.

BINENA: A sergeant of Captain Pekhten, also serving Lieutenant Tas'eta. He is very calm, softspoken, and patient in temperament, and seems to possess an uncanny ability to read the emotions of others, which often helps defuse potentially hostile situations. He suffered a terrible loss as a pup, and so dedicates himself to serving Pekhten and Tas'eta as faithfully as he can.

DEDEN: A Kana boy of a slaughtered tribe, whom Djuta, Yekh'iet, and the others meet during their travels in the desert. He tries very hard to hide his terror and grief over the massacre of his people, and puts on a belligerent front, taking pride in the fact that he is a Kana. Despite his efforts, though, he's still just a pup, suddenly alone in the world. Lieutenant She'hekha forms a close connection to him when they meet under unusual circumstances.

DJA'MUI: General of the Hawk Tribe, a tribe massacred by the Blue Oasis Tribe; he and part of his army were away at the time of the attack, and returned, to walk straight into an ambush. Only about a hundred of his Kana survived, and his entire family but for one son was killed. He arrives at the Great Red Tribe to warn Mahakhi to take flight before the same fate can befall them. Formerly known to be arrogant and prideful, this devastating loss has made him skittish and haunted, and he is filled with guilt over his own failure to listen to warnings. He burns with a lust for revenge on the Blue Oasis Tribe, even while being sick of fighting and bloodshed; he fills an important place in a vision of Yekh'iet's, and ends up accepting an odd offer from Meteri.

DJEFET: A female Moru of Nahus's. The old general showed no interest in her, though Captain Sut'khut and Lieutenant Meteri both receive her attentions. Although young, she is very spirited, and while she doesn't mind her own station in life as a slave, she detests seeing others exploited and does everything she can to protect them--including taking on Kana herself. She has a reputation for putting unwitting Kana in uncomfortable situations by use of her teeth, and isn't afraid of being hurt. She especially looks after the Moru Kha'kaat.

DJETEF: A captain of the Great Red Tribe, and father of Lieutenant Resikh, adopted father of Lieutenant Be'shen, and guardian/sponsor of Lieutenant Djuta. He is a wealthy Kana of an esteemed house claiming descent from the army of God Set, and this wealth and esteem are evident in his raising of three "sons," two of whom are not even of his house. (In addition he has other sons who have not yet entered the story.) He is often the object of jealousy from other Kana, though he himself mostly keeps out of their politics, and has refused a position on the grand tribunal. He mainly keeps to his own affairs and is not often seen. Although doting and considerate toward his sons, he can at times be a bit pushy, in a subtle way.

DJI'IT: A young female Moru of Mahakhi's, and one of his favorites. Her mother, Thibu'het, is also one of Mahakhi's mates. Dji'it and Thibu'het once belonged to K'tasai, and Dji'it herself was conceived when Thibu'het was raped by another Kana not of his house. She is at first shy and timid, until she learns of how well Mahakhi treats his mates, at which she becomes rather giggly and freespirited.

DJIU: General of the Red Tribe; his growing obsession with human women reaches an all-time high after Nehekhi brings back Ameni from the desert, and he abandons all regular raids for food and Moru, instead ordering attacks upon Kemeti villages and taking possession of all the females that he can. His sexual appetites are voracious and brutal, and he goes through mates like other people go through sets of clothing. He feels a sort of sick camaraderie with Nehekhi, seeing in him a kindred spirit, but Nehekhi wants nothing to do with his growing madness, and Djiu starts to develop an extreme sense of paranoia in return.

DJUTA (elder): Slain father of Lieutenant Djuta, dead long before the story takes place. He was killed by a rival within his tribe, but not before sending off his son and daughter in different directions, Djuta the younger eventually ending up with the Shore Tribe. Lieutenant Djuta learns of his strange heritage when he falls in with his father's old tribe later in the story.

DJUTA (younger): A lieutenant formerly serving Captain Tas'hukh of the Shore Tribe, then Mahakhi. His exact origins and house are unknown even to him; was informally adopted into the house of Captain Djetef, and he and Resikh trained together for much of their lives, becoming close friends. Following an injury to his wing he was incorrectly deemed Moru, and became Tas'hukh's slave for a year, until he proved he could still fly; he then left the Shore Tribe, and eventually joined the East (Great Red) Tribe. He is highly idealistic and compassionate, assisting others when he feels they have been wronged, no matter how unpopular his interest may make him; yet at the same time he is also very moody and quick tempered, and often rails against the injustices of the Kana system. He acts almost like two different Kana, calm and levelheaded one moment, raging and violent the next, and often acts without thinking, endangering himself to reach his own ends. He can be somewhat selfish, especially toward Resikh, in the way he strives to reach his goals of helping others, no matter what the cost, without a thought of what his actions might cause. He and Resikh fight frequently, but they are the only two that understand each other so perfectly, and despite all the difficulties they have been put through they have yet to turn upon each other. As of the rewrite and Part 65, he has largely taken over the story in Ameni's place.

FA'RUKHA: The second lieutenant of General Nehara and close companion/comrade of Lieutenant She'hekha. Fa'rukha was once She'hekha's trainer in the Kana barracks, and the only one he ever told about his father's treatment of him. He has a strong sense of justice, yet can be vacuous and ignorant at times, especially of others' motives. He is slow to anger, except when it is She'hekha who is the object of someone else's unwanted attention; then he strikes like an enraged lion. Aside from his overprotectiveness of his comrade, he is usually laid back and easy to approach, though he does feel somewhat threatened by those who are sen'akha (gay).

FE'KHERU: An important captain of the River Tribe; when he finds almost the entire tribe slaughtered following their battle with the Great Red Tribe, he gathers his men and sets out to avenge their fallen, even though he does not really wish to fight. He is unusually calm and quiet mannered for a Kana, and seeks to avoid violence whenever he can, even at the expense of his own pride. It is not cowardice that drives his actions but a weariness of seeing his friends and comrades killed, and his heart is heavy--literally--from all the fighting he has seen. Surprisingly, he is nothing like his half-brother, Sut'khut, and even attempted to curtail Sut'khut's violent activities as a youth, unsuccessfully as it turned out. He is also intensely loyal to his solitary mate, Ikhi'et, and to Lieutenant Meteri, whom he adopts after finding Meteri's father and brother dead.

HA'FEKH: A random Kana training in the barracks of the Great Red Tribe; he is caught in an unpleasant situation with Private Ri'hus.

HAKH'TAS: A lesser lieutenant of the Yellow Sands Tribe, and father of She'hekha. Incredibly peevish, jealous, and bitter in temperament, he is always demanding to know where his son is and why, at all times, and detests She'hekha's friendship with Fa'rukha. He victimized She'hekha brutally when She'hekha was a pup, but She'hekha has broken free of that treatment now, and takes every chance he can to rub this fact in Hakh'tas's face.

HARUA: Father of Captain Tas'hukh. Upon learning that his son was sen'akha (gay), he promptly disowned him, after which Tas'hukh removed his father's name from his lappets and has ever afterwards called himself the Hata'tai (orphaned one, or the Fatherless).

HEKH'TU: A random Kana training in the barracks of the Great Red Tribe; lover of Shai'hekh.

HEP: The halfbreed pup of the human female Mekhet, and the Kana Hn'hrakhu. He resembles a Kana so far; although doted on by his father in the short time that he knew him (Hn'hrakhu was killed not long after his birth), everyone else, including his own mother, is either disgusted by what he represents, or uncertain of what to think of him.

HESI: Older brother of Lieutenant Meteri, killed in battle with the Great Red Tribe. Whereas Meteri is studious, reserved, hardworking, and serious to a fault, Hesi was cheery, joking, casual, and somewhat of a prankster and troublemaker. Nonetheless, he was just as skilled and honorable a Kana as his father and little brother, though he could be absentminded at times.

HETH'ANET: A female Moru Captain Djetef purchases for his son, Resikh, to take as a mate. At first Resikh is reluctant to accept her, at least until she reveals a startling secret to him. She and Rithukh'het become friends.

HIAKH: A male Moru of Nehekhi's, twin brother of Kiakh. He is the more outgoing and adventurous of the two. Following a traumatic incident, the twins become lovers.

HIATH'IKH: A lieutenant of T'uris, then of Mahakhi. Rather timid and nervous in temperament, he manages to surprise his comrades now and then with a show of defiance, though he usually prefers not to rock the boat. Still, he is a strong believer in justice and fairness, and won't hesitate to speak up if he feels a wrong has been committed. He's still coming to terms with being recognized as sen'akha (gay), and has been known to be sympathetic toward humans.

HI'HEN: Slain general of the Rock Wall Tribe; he is dead long before the Chronicles take place. Aku'teset killed him and took his place as general. He was known for being cruel, coldhearted, and treacherous even toward his own men, and was hated with a passion by many, including his first lieutenant, Tenh, whom he set up to unwittingly murder the second lieutenant. It is not Hi'hen's death but Aku's ascendancy which has flustered the entire Rock Wall Tribe.

HN'HRAKHU: A lieutenant and son of General T'uris. By the time the Chronicles take place he is dead, though he appears in a couple of related scenes. He became enamored of a female human he captured on a raid, and agreed to spare her family to serve as his slaves as long as she would accompany him to his bed. This female, Mekhet, then bore him a halfbreed pup, Hep, whom Hn'hrakhu doted on as if he were a normal Kana son. He sent Mekhet and Hep away shortly before his death, to seek out T'uris, so that they might be safe.

HUP'KHIT: A female Moru of Captain Tas'hukh's, and past lover and mate of Djuta. She is long dead by the time the Chronicles take place, having died in childbirth as she bore Djuta's son. To this day Djuta blames himself for her death, as she was young and not physically strong enough to bear children; he claims to sometimes still hear her screams, even though he was not present when she died.

HY'UNTI: Toddler Kana son of Lieutenant Tas'eta and his mate, Nith'khet. He is cheery and adventurous, and prone to mischief, yet is doted on by his parents.

IAHANU: The young Kana son of Blue Oasis Tribe general Bakakh; as the Blue Oasis saga hasn't started yet, this character has yet to be developed sufficiently.

I'ANEN: Young sergeant and trainee of Captain Tas'hukh of the Shore Tribe. Although handsome and well spoken, he is preening, spoiled, temperamental, and highly manipulative, using any means necessary to achieve the rank of lieutenant elite. He isn't even above using sex to get what he wants, and plays the part of Tas'hukh's lover, though whenever Tas'hukh denies him anything, he quickly turns into a hissing spitting viper. He is cowardly, prideful, prissy, whiny, and remarkably jealous, as well as a hypocrite--while he rages at Tas'hukh consorting with other Apsiu, he himself sees nothing wrong with doing the same. At least some of his flirtations are real, as he tends to be quickly overwhelmed by lust whenever in the company of a Kana he finds attractive. Despite his slight build and often girlish behavior, he thinks of himself as a Kana warrior through and through, and detests being seen as weak; he tosses out the insult sen'akha ("homosexual") at Tas'hukh and at others, while refusing to see the same behavior in himself. Out of all the characters so far in the story, I'anen most exemplifies the stereotype of the "drama queen."

IAST'ET: Secondary mate of Lieutenant Tas'eta; she was purchased by his sergeant, Binena, on their way to the Great Red Tribe, to serve as a distraction from the lieutenant's loneliness and boredom. She has a fetish for wings, and can become easily excited by just looking at them, whether they are upon a male or a female. She also seems rather brazen and forward toward any Apsiu she is attracted to, and doesn't seem very inclined to remain faithful to her master. As soon as she and Nith'khet, Tas'eta's first mate, meet, the fur flies.

I'ENUA: A lieutenant of the Sand Wind Tribe; when he and Djuta meet, he quickly befriends the other Kana, and vows that he owes him a "blood debt." The reasons for his devotion to a near-total stranger become clearer as the story goes on.

IKHI'ET: The mate of Captain Fe'kheru. She is rapidly approaching the age of being unable to bear him any more children, and already lost her last two by him, and has not conceived again yet; despite this, he keeps her as his mate and refuses to take another. She treats her master with a great deal of affection, and lapses into despondency whenever he is gone.

IKUA: An old male Moru of Nehekhi's, and occasional mate of Tai'ihet.

INTAKA: First lieutenant and son of General Dja'mui of the Hawk Tribe, and his only surviving relative after the Blue Oasis Tribe massacre. Following the ambush and their escape he is in even worse psychological shape than his father, and suffers a near-breakdown at being the only relative of his left, especially considering that he never even wanted to enter the army. When he meets Kha'kaat of the River Tribe, however, he finds a strange reason to live.

KAHEF: An old friend of Ameni's, from the northern village. He sets out to find Ameni after everyone else has given up, and is inadvertently captured by General Djiu's men and reunited with Ameni on accident. He detests the Apsiu and their ways, and has difficulty understanding how Ameni can feel so closely toward them.

KARNA: Older brother of Lieutenant Djuta. He is barely anything like Djuta in temperament, being big, loud, and outgoing, and rather obnoxious. He also has a preference for mates which Djuta takes extreme exception to, resulting in a falling out between them. As he appears much later in the story, his character has yet to be sufficiently developed.

KHA'KAAT: Primary mate of General Nahus. Already approaching the end of her childbearing days, she meets with further misfortune when the unwanted attentions of Captain Sut'khut cause her to miscarry, and leave her barren. Due to his actions toward her she is meek, timid, and skittish, and often in pain; she is usually tended to by Djefet.

KHANEF: A young captain of the River Tribe. An injury to his sword arm left him less capable of wielding a weapon properly, and so he often remains at home to look after the tribe while the other Kana set out. Although he often regrets the fact that he cannot participate in military actions, he seems to have no real problems staying behind, and gets along rather well with lesser Kana and Moru. He is chatty and friendly and always trying to cheer others up, but he is also hiding his pain over a sorrowful incident in his past.

KHESA: One of the more popular tavernkeepers in the Great Red Tribe.

KHETAI: Twin brother of the physician Khetai. He is long dead by the time the Chronicles take place.

KHETAI(T): The twin of the deceased Kana Khetai, and junior physician to Mahakhi. This character hides a very unusual secret, and goes to incredible lengths to try to keep it. When these efforts ultimately fail, Khetai ends up facing a whole world of troubles at the hands of various Kana.

KHETEN: A sergeant of the Yellow Sands Tribe and companion of Sergeant Tes'khi. He and his friend share an intense jealousy of Lieutenant Djuta, but so far this is about all that's known of them.

KIAKH: A male Moru of Nehekhi's, twin brother of Hiakh. He is the more quiet and reserved of the two. Following a traumatic incident, the twins become lovers.

KI'AMIT: Young female Moru of Nehekhi's, and mate of Thi'usa. She is Tai'ihet's constant companion, and is not only pretty but cheery and enthusiastic, able to bring a smile to almost anyone's face.

KI'UKHA: A lieutenant of the former Palm Tribe and subordinate of Captain K'tasai; he is rather short and plump and out of shape, and renowned for his cowardice. He has rather unusual sexual habits which make him the subject of much discussion.

KNUF'KHA: Kana defender of Lieutenant Tefkha, when Tefkha goes before the grand tribunal. Short, plump, and rather longwinded and melodramatic, that's about all that's known of him so far.

K'TASAI: A skilled captain of the former Palm Tribe, then of the Great Red Tribe. He has a preference for young mates, as well as for mates with wings, but treats them all very well. He is coolheaded and not easily ruffled, but for the most part prefers to keep out of political affairs.

MAHAKHI: A captain of the East Tribe and later leader of the Great Red Tribe. Although big and gruff and menacing in appearance, as well as infamously hot tempered, he actually has a strong sense of honor, and often bends the rules for his men. Despite this, if he senses he has been crossed or betrayed, his wrath knows no bounds--yet he can forgive, if he senses the other party is sincere. He seems to be a very contradictory Kana at times, though his actions usually make perfect sense, once one gets to know him; he is old fashioned in his thoughts on what makes a decent Kana society, but when he senses an injustice has been committed, he is often the first to seek a solution. The only problem is, he tends to solve things with his sword. His appetite for pretty mates is legendary, and he never tires of showering his multitude of females with attention; he also sometimes engages in relationships with other Kana.

MEKHET: A human female whose town was attacked by Kana; she and her family were allowed to live, as long as she became the mate of the leader of the raid, Lieutenant Hn'hrakhu. Despite her reluctance, he proved to be a kind enough master, and she even bore him a halfbreed pup, Hep; however, he was fatally injured in an attack by enemy Kana, and sent her to his father, General T'uris. By the time she arrived T'uris was dead and so she fell under the protection of Mahakhi, who later released her. She is wary and distrusting of the Kana but knows their ways, and so knows best how to placate them; she is also the only one left to care for Hep. In the original version of the story her brother, Tia, appeared, but he was written out in the rewrite; he may appear at a later time.

MERIT: A young Kemeti girl who, along with her older sister, is taken on a raid by General Djiu and his men. She is saved from the horrific fate of her sister when Captain Nehekhi pretends to be interested in her himself.

METERI: A young lieutenant of the River Tribe. His father and brother are killed in the attack against the Great Red Tribe, and so Captain Fe'kheru, whose expedition he was on at the time of the attack, adopts him as his own son. He looks up to the older Kana greatly, but is frustrated at times by his rather pacifist attitude; the loss of his family has left him seething with anger. Despite this, he himself usually prefers peace to war, and is often a voice of reason. Despite THIS...he is still quite young for his rank, and tends to rage against what he sees as injustices, sometimes acting without thinking things through. He sees all sides of an issue more clearly than many Kana twice his age, but is often frustrated by the lack of respect his elders grant him, due to his youth and inexperience. In later chapters he plays a very important part in the governing of the River Tribe and in relations with the Free Apsiu.

NAHUS: The old and ailing general of the River Tribe. Practically blind, crippled, and quickly losing his memory, he still clings to life, at least for a time; Sut'khut futilely waits for him to die, and Fe'kheru futilely hopes for him to live.

NEHARA: The young general of the Yellow Sands Tribe. Handsome, cool tempered, and ruthless, he seized control of the tribe in a surprise coup, and now rules with an iron fist. He hardly looks the part of a powerful general, but looks can be deceiving. He has some odd habits concerning the Kana he chooses as his most trusted men, and also has an odd relationship with his primary mate, Yekh'iet. He never loses his temper, and almost always carries a slightly amused air; yet when crossed, his anger is as deep as the river, and as unending as the desert.

NEHEF: First lieutenant to T'uris and then Mahakhi, close friend and comrade of Lieutenant Ahai'ikh. Of the two, he is the more outgoing, cheery, and casual, often cracking jokes at Ahai'ikh's expense, and refusing to take much of life too seriously. He comes across as rather obsessed with pretty Moru, when in truth he has yet to take a mate of his own, and never has much time for sex. Later in the story he begins to ponder his casual choices in life and takes on a more serious character.

NEHEKHI: A captain of the Red and then the Great Red Tribe, and the Kana who brought Ameni in from the desert. Although big and imposing in appearance, he is actually rather even tempered for a Kana, and dislikes his own people's treatment of the Kemeti; his own past actions against them color his relationship with Ameni. Devoted to his Moru, he can be absentminded at times, and alternates between hesitating to act, and raging against the wrongs he sees committed by the other Kana. He seems rather ill at ease with his rank of captain, and gets along well with the lieutenants; he is not nearly as politically ambitious as other captains. In the story he ends up making an extreme sacrifice for the wellbeing of Ameni and the Great Red Tribe.

NERRE'MUA: The junior physician of General Nahus, who took over when the senior physician of the River Tribe died. Although old fashioned and distrusting of change, when he sees what Khetai knows of medicine, he is eager to learn more.

NITH'KHET: Primary mate of Lieutenant Tas'eta, and mother of Hy'unti. Although greatly devoted to Tas'eta, and used to being his only mate, she reluctantly decides to accept his second mate, Iast'et...but Iast'et has other plans. Nith'khet is rather shy and demure in temperament.

PAI'AKHEN: The braggy, swaggering son of Captain Sut'khut of the River Tribe. All his life he has spent trying to impress his father, but Sut'khut's attack upon the Great Red Tribe, which did not include Pai'akhen, left him confused and shaken. Nonetheless, he insists on following his father's brutish ways, despite Fe'kheru's admonitions to shape up or ship out. Oddly enough an encounter with a female starts to make him ponder the wisdom of what he's doing.

PAKA'AT: Female Moru and daughter of Shekhem'a, a blacksmith of the Great Red Tribe. Lieutenant Taka starts a relationship with her which is rather odd, considering the third party involved.

PASU'JE: A Kana companion of Karna; as he doesn't appear until much later in the story, his character is not yet sufficiently developed.

PATET: A Free Apsiu, niece of Aima, whom Meteri accidentally meets when away from the River Tribe. She grows fond of him, and insists on being his Moru, even though the thought of enslaving a Free Apsiu just to take her as his mate appalls Meteri. She is young, pretty, freespirited, and very curious about the world.

PEDANA: Father of Captain Yekh'ef and grandfather of Lieutenants Hesi and Meteri; mentioned only in passing.

PEKHTEN: Captain and leader of the West Oasis Tribe, and the caretaker of Tas'eta. He did not know Nehekhi long, but the young Kana made an impression on him, and now he looks after Tas'eta as if he is his own son. His tribe is so peaceful that it does not even have a wall.

RESIKH: A lieutenant formerly serving Captain Tas'hukh of the Shore Tribe, then Mahakhi. He is Djuta's constant companion, and although the two of them are quite different in temperament, they are closer than most Kana can claim to be. He is quiet and respectful toward authority, usually biting back his anger rather than expressing it, and has a reputation for being an unat'e (goody-two-shoes). Given this, some of his actions in the story surprise many of the Kana, but seeing as these actions have to do with Djuta, it's pretty much understandable. He went without Djuta for a year, during Djuta's Moruhood, and at the time slipped into a deep, nearly catatonic depression; and so now he does almost everything he can to keep Djuta out of trouble. He is a bit of a romantic and an idealist, and is sometimes naive of the harsher realities of the world, due to being raised in a wealthy household. Whereas Djuta is more practical regarding the real world, Resikh is more levelheaded regarding authority and how to properly act toward it. His father's desire for an heir puts him out of sorts later in the story, seeing as he has little interest in females, yet even then he attempts to keep everyone happy. He treats Lieutenant Be'shen as an older brother and often confides in him, as they, plus Djuta, were raised together.

RI'HUS: A young private of the Great Red Tribe army. He is rather clumsy and unskilled when it comes to fighting, and his inability to defend himself leaves him often the victim of other Kana's actions. He often despairs over his lot in life ever improving, yet somehow keeps trying, despite all of the things working against him; this is more from a sense of not knowing what else to do, rather than of having confidence in himself. Still, some serious setbacks befall him, and he nearly gives up before an opportunity to improve himself arises--but whether this will actually work or not is uncertain.

RIK'HIA: A captain of T'uris, then of Mahakhi, and a member of the grand tribunal. He chafes over having only reached the rank of captain first class, whereas all other tribunal members are elites; this fact, and personal issues he has with some of the other Kana, fill him with rage, and he ends up taking drastic steps to get his revenge.

RITHUKH'HET: A female Moru and primary mate of Lieutenant Djuta. Short, plump, and shy, she is not what most typical Kana would select for a mate, but Djuta has his reasons. She has had abusive masters in the past and so is surprised by Djuta's kindness, and hopes very much to give him pups and make him happy. Despite her size and shyness, she can have quite a temper when provoked, and most of her rage is aimed at those who would do her master harm.

RURA: A young sergeant of the River Tribe, he is sent out to scout and spy upon the Great Red Tribe, only to end up captured, tortured, and executed. He was a close friend of Lieutenant Meteri.

SAKH'TA: Male Moru of Sergeant Binena. He is Binena's lover, and appears to have some sort of past concerning either Captain K'tasai or someone within the old Palm Tribe, yet this relationship has not yet been explained.

SENNA: First lieutenant of General Bakakh of the Blue Oasis Tribe; as the Blue Oasis saga hasn't started yet, this character has yet to be developed sufficiently.

SETAIJA: A former Kana, now Moru, of a tribe massacred by the Blue Oasis Tribe; like Dja'mui, he burns with the desire for revenge on those who killed everyone but himself and the few Moru who managed to hide. As the Blue Oasis saga hasn't started yet, this character has yet to be developed sufficiently.

SHAI'HEKH: A random Kana training in the barracks of the Great Red Tribe; lover of Hekh'tu.

SHE'HEKHA: First lieutenant to General Nehara of the Yellow Sands Tribe. He suffered a horrific childhood at the hands of his father, Hakh'tas, yet with the help of his barracks lieutenant, Fa'rukha, learned how to fight and defend himself, and became one of the most skilled warriors in his tribe. Despite his success, his experiences have left him jaded and distrustful, and he faces life with cold eyes and a cynical smirk. He also has rather strange sexual proclivities, and seems to thrive on pain--the more excruciating, the better. When he forms a friendship it is stronger than almost anything, but when he is betrayed his hatred knows no bounds. He usually presents a rather amused yet disinterested temperament, and is slow to anger yet deadly when this should happen.

SHEKHEM'A: A blacksmith of the Great Red Tribe, and father of Paka'at. He shares an unusual secret with her.

SHENKH'A: A sergeant of the Great Red Tribe, attempting desperately to reach the rank of lieutenant; his drive for promotion inspires one of the more hideous acts in the story so far.

SIKTU: A captain of the former Red Tribe, serving General Djiu. He hates Captain Nehekhi with a passion, especially after Nehekhi's acquisition of Ameni, and plots against him...until Djiu steps in.

SIMIT: Female Moru and primary mate of Mahakhi. She bears wings and is highly coveted by many, and is the prize of Mahakhi's collection. Simit knows this, and carries herself as befits her station as the Kana's favorite; despite this, she and her primary rival, Akhahit, are also good friends, and aside from occasional coy verbal exchanges they do not fight for their master's attentions. Simit comes across as quite dignified and proud, yet she considers snobbery, jealousy, and pettiness to be beneath her, and as such is well liked by most of the other Moru. She is also unusually gutsy for a Moru, and acts as a sort of "den mother" in the Moru quarters, keeping an eye on all affairs.

SUT'KHUT: A powerful captain of the River Tribe, potential successor to General Nahus. Although on the surface he is loyal and devoted to his general, seeing to his needs when he is weak with age and illness, behind his back he is conniving, spiteful, and impatient to take his place once he dies. Although he is known as a skilled fighter and military tactician, he has little concept of honor, and is often downright ruthless when it suits him. He loves to pass time with pretty females, yet has a reputation for being brutish, and is even rumored to have killed one in the past. He does not see his mistreatment of others as the cruelty that it is, however, and his pride is such that he believes he can do no wrong--including when he directly disobeys Nahus's orders and raises an army to take on the Great Red Tribe. His actions have long-lasting repercussions for the River Tribe, even long after he has departed from the story.

TAI'IHET: A female Moru of Nehekhi's, and one of Thi'usa's primary mates. She's the older of the two (Ki'amit is the younger), and the they often keep each other's company, being close friends. Tai'ihet is much like Simit in temperament, being calm, dignified, and self-assured. She has taken Ki'amit under her wing (although Tai'ihet is wingless! ^_^ ).

TAKA: First lieutenant of Nehekhi; when he finds himself without a job, he feels lost and listless, and decides to quit the military altogether. His past as first an orphaned street urchin, and then as the humiliated scapegoat of a brutish general, has left him quick to think on his feet and yet jaded of society in general, and when he has no one to take orders from anymore he no longer knows what to do. He takes a job as a blacksmith's apprentice and plays a role later on in the story.

TA'PEPET: A female Moru of Captain Ahen's, and his primary mate. She is less than half his age, but they already have at least three pups together. He purchased her when she was quite young (twelve), but waited until she was of the proper age to take her as his mate; as such, she is very affectionate and devoted to him.

TAS'ETA: A young lieutenant of the West Oasis Tribe, and the ward of Captain Pekhten. He shares a connection to Captain Nehekhi and comes to stay with the Great Red Tribe with his faithful sergeant Binena. He is often naive and ignorant about the ways of the world, and has yet to be exposed to anything dreadful, having grown up in such a safe environment; as such, he is often out of sorts among the more sophisticated Kana, and is often surprised by simple things. He is devoted to his primary mate Nith'khet, and toddler son Hy'unti, but follows Binena's advice and takes a secondary mate, Iast'et.

TAS'HUKH: A captain of the Shore Tribe, former commander of Lieutenants Djuta and Resikh, and one-time owner of Djuta when he was Moru. Once respected, with age he has largely fallen out of favor in his tribe and is often the butt of jokes (all told behind his back, of course). He pretends to not notice the ridicule when in truth it pains him, and he takes the excuse to travel to the Great Red Tribe, just to try to get away. He has long loved Djuta, even after Djuta's return to Kana status and move away from the Shore Tribe. He was disowned by his father for being sen'akha (gay), and so had to seek a sponsor and prove his skills on his own. He often broods over his status in life, and wishes he could be of more use to the Kana.

TASIA: A Kana companion of Karna; as he doesn't appear until much later in the story, his character is not yet sufficiently developed.

TEFKHA: A barracks lieutenant of the Great Red Tribe; he is immensely popular with his men, due to his habit of regularly joining them in the taverns. Although flippant, often rudely casual, a hard drinker, and rather promiscuous, he also has a very sharp mind (he knows all of his trainees' names, ranks, families, etc.) and is a skilled trainer...so much so that, when he commits an unspeakable act, his abilities are still deemed necessary for the survival of the Great Red Tribe army.

TENH: First lieutenant first of General Hi'hen, then of General Aku'teset. The treacherous Hi'hen set him up to kill the second lieutenant in an act of self-defense, then imprisons him for his murder; following Hi'hen's own murder at Aku's hands, Tenh is set free to become Aku's lieutenant. He is very close to Aku, but often resentful of his station in life (he still bears the tattoo of a murderer and a traitor), and especially jealous of others' attention toward his general. He comes across as very spiteful and bitter, and particularly dislikes She'hekha for the favor Aku shows toward him. Despite his short temper and many flaws, he has a soft spot for Lieutenant Thipi.

TENNA: Father of Captains Sut'khut and Fe'kheru; mentioned only in passing.

TENNE'HA: A priest of the god Set, serving during the Set Festival in the Great Red Tribe; he and Lieutenant Ahai'ikh grow close, though Tenne'ha's very position endangers their relationship.

TES'KHI: A sergeant of the Yellow Sands Tribe and companion of Sergeant Kheten. He and his friend share an intense jealousy of Lieutenant Djuta, but so far this is about all that's known of them.

THEKHENI: A Moru trader of the Great Red Tribe. Aside from being more restrained and dignified in temperament than Ukuti, and trading higher-quality Moru, not much is known of him.

THEKH'HAS: Father of Private Ri'hus. When he learns the details of a crime his son is involved in, he banishes him from the family.

THIBU'HET: A female Moru of Mahakhi's, and one of his favorites. Her daughter, Dji'it, is also one of Mahakhi's mates. Dji'it and Thibu'het once belonged to K'tasai, and Dji'it herself was conceived when Thibu'het was raped by another Kana not of his house. Thibu'het is protective of Dji'it, yet knows well enough to let Mahakhi take her when it's appropriate; the Kana's good treatment of the two results in them both growing very affectionate toward him.

THIPI: Young second lieutenant of General Aku, and son of the slain general Hi'hen. Witnessing his father's murder at Aku's hands has left him somewhat jittery in life, and he's often uncertain of how well he can fill the position of second lieutenant; First Lieutenant Tenh has taken him under his wing, as the older lieutenant took more care of him than his father ever did, growing up.

THI'USA: A former Kana, now Moru, of Nehekhi and then of Mahakhi. Once a skilled fighter alongside Nehekhi, he was galled to become his former rival's slave, but Nehekhi's kind treatment of him alleviated his humiliation and by now he has pretty much resigned himself to his fate. He is very close to his mates Tai'ihet and Ki'amit, and takes Ameni under his wing, teaching him the ways of Moru life; despite their friendship, however, the two often engage in heated arguments, and Thi'usa has a tendency to sulk and lash out when upset. Tas'eta's arrival at the Great Red Tribe fills him with anxiety, but Binena manages to remind him that there is still a Kana deep within him.

TITHS'HIT: Female Moru and mate of Captain K'tasai. She is quite young when he takes her as his mate, and this decision has lasting repercussions for both of them.

T'URIS: General of the East Tribe. Like General Djiu, he has started neglecting his men, focusing all his attentions on Kemeti scrolls taken in raids. Following a horrific discovery, his men decide to turn on him, yet they fail to heed his warning that the scrolls he's been reading contain some very important information...an oversight which turns out to be a horrible mistake.

TUWA: A lieutenant/guard of General Bakakh of the Blue Oasis Tribe; as the Blue Oasis saga hasn't started yet, this character has yet to be developed sufficiently.

U'HETA: A lesser sergeant of the Great Red Tribe, who sets his sights on Physician Khetai. Ill tempered, boastful, and conniving, even after facing the grand tribunal, he still manages to spell trouble for the other Kana.

UKUTI: A simpering, genial Moru trader of the Great Red Tribe. He is best known for exclaiming excitedly whenever he talks, and his attempts at pitching the values of his Moru make him come across as rather like a used-car salesman. He is prone to being somewhat annoying, though not overly obnoxious, and not too much of a cheat.

WA'RENET: A female Moru and mate of She'hekha. Although grateful to the Kana for purchasing her entire family rather than separate them, she detests the fact that he's set his eyes on her daughter, and decides to teach him a lesson when she takes the younger Moru's place.

YEKH'EF: A captain of the River Tribe and father of Lieutenants Hesi and Meteri, killed in battle with the Great Red Tribe. In his youth he was irreverent and cheeky toward authority, and often got in trouble; in his older age he became more responsible, and raised his sons with the same values he himself cherished, including the belief that bloodshed is never a desirable thing. He sets off with Captain Sut'khut in the hopes of helping to avoid disaster, yet Sut'khut refuses to listen to reason, and the inevitable happens.

YEKH'IET: Primary mate of General Nehara, she is unusual in that she also holds the position of "Seer," a position that always goes to males. She shows a proclivity for demonstrating psychic powers while in the grip of powerful emotions, and this talent serves her master greatly, especially in determining which Kana he can trust and why. When she and Djuta meet they form a close friendship, and she proves invaluable in his own plans.

YUNET: A female Kemeti and mate of Captain Karna; as she doesn't appear until much later in the story, her character is not yet sufficiently developed.

ZASA: Captain and informal leader of the Sand Wind Tribe. When he meets Lieutenant Djuta, he threatens to kill the other Kana, and challenges him to a race if he wishes to escape Sand Wind territory alive. It turns out his and Djuta's families have history, and Zasa has his reasons for being spiteful. He has only one eye, having lost one in a fight, and earns Ze'thet's not-entirely-unwanted attentions.

ZE'THET: A female Free Apsiu, taken captive when her tribe was raided and sold into slavery; she is purchased by She'hekha, who is seeking an "aggressive female," which he gets in Ze'thet (in spades). She has been trained in the use of weapons and in fighting techniques, and can be remarkably brutal when it suits her; when angry she turns into a raging lioness, and she shows little fear of anything. It turns out that she has a past connection to one of the main characters in the story, though neither of them knows it.

More To Come

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