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In the wake of a event that wipes out a generation Marty & Annette discover their blessing
Space experts dubbed the arrival of the comet as the unrivaled event in human history.

Comet enthusiasts far and wide, wielding everything from telescopes to binoculars, came out to witness the phenomena.

Shortly after it appeared in the night sky, the first spontaneous abortions began.

The comet stayed in earths orbit for a mere twenty-four hours, and for its duration ravaged every pregnant woman, on every continent, until there were none.

Hospitals all over the globe filled to capacity in major cities, small towns, and villages in every nation.

Chaos ruled as desperate husbands, boyfriends, fathers, mothers, friends, neighbors, or passersby tried in frantic desperation to get medical attention for the ailing women and unborn children.

Medical professionals were left helpless to save a single soul, mother or child.

There could be no question; every woman that had conceived in the days, weeks or months prior to the comet, mysteriously and simultaneously perished dooming the fetus they carried.

It was as if the end had come, a generation decimated. Everyone (leader and losers alike) had been affected, if not by personal loss, then by acquaintance.

The aftermath left the human race reeling. For the first time ever, the world united to mourn.
Many believe the power generated by the anguish of the mourners could be detected in space.

Press releases, and scientific speculation abound in the weeks after, but no one theory prevailed. The most prominent conclusion was the comet emitted some unknown form of radiation highly toxic to pregnant women.


During the first few days of Annette's nausea, Marty and Annette dismissed her suffering as a passing stomach flu. But when days started to become more than a few days, they both knew it was time to see a doctor. They did not want to take any chances.

Marty was stuck on mandatory overtime, so he could not be there when she went to see the doctor. He was confident that this visit would get her tended to, and back to speed.

His cell rang just as he was leaving the pet shop. Although he figured she might call, the timing could not have been worse. Fumbling with the stinking door, and the box containing the cutest cross-eyed Siamese Kitten he had ever seen, he managed to retrieve the cell, recognize her number and answer.

"Hello my lil' sweetheart." The cat shifts awkwardly in the box.

"Marty, I'm still at the doctor."

"Is everything ok?" A steady silence causes him to check if the cell has lost signal. Sweetie, have I lost you?"

"I'm here Martin."

Her tone made him uneasy, "Everything is ok, right?"

He stood dead in front of the doorway, noticing late that hurried customers wanted in, and stepped aside.

Her tone didn't sound right to him, "We were wrong, its not a stomach flu, I'm pregnant."

Marty could have been leveled with a feather, "Honey, there has to be a mistake!" Years of trying, and team of specialists had already confirmed. "Remember my low sperm count, and your hostile immune system?"

"Trust me Marty, I am just as surprised. It's not a mistake, Dr. Sohon proved it with a sonogram. There's a baby in here with a heart beat and all the essential parts. But hold on, she will confirm it."

Before he could object Annette had the doc on the other end, "Yes Martin, it's true." "I too am stunned by this, especially in light of the fact that nothing has changed with Annette's condition."

The kitten scurrying in the box snapped him back to reality, "I don't understand." "If nothing has changed; then how is this possible?"

"I can't offer an explanation, Mr. Sooner." "It is a miracle." Let us not worry about that right now. Count your blessings, there have been few reported pregnancies since the disaster last month. I have to go, there are other patients waiting to see me. Congratulations, dad."

"Thank you Doctor." Marty tried to sound appreciative, but still found it hard to believe.

Marty and Annette expressed their love for each other, and raced home. Her love of the kitten was immediate the moment she opened the box.

Just as he anticipated, and bought it simply to see the joy in her expression, and take her mind off feeling ill for a little while. It seemed apparent that the cute little bugger was stressed out from being transported in the box. While extremely playful and affectionate in the pet store, its demeanor had changed drastically once Annette scooped it from the box. Ears back it hissed and clawed her cheek causing her to drop it as a reflex. The kitten quickly shot out of the room.

"Ooh, she's a little edgy," Annette proclaimed rubbing her cheek. "Let's just give her a little time to adjust and unwind."

For the duration of a few weeks, Marty and Annette embraced each other with love and happily prepared for the addition to their family. Thankful their luck had changed.
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