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by Cappy
Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #981698
(My sophomore year of high school) Short story about a boy's nightmare.
One day, Carlos was walking home from school. Suddenly, he had a strange feeling creeping up on him. This feeling happened earlier at school. He felt like someone was staring at him. Everywhere he went recently, people were acting, well, strange. He was unable to get sleep at nights. When he walked down the hall at school or walked his dog on the sidewalk, he was being watched strangely by passer byes.
At nights, he had strange dreams. He started to get the same dreams every night since he and his parents were in a car accident. Unfortunately, his parents did not survive. In the dreams, he saw his parents coming towards him saying, “Come, my son. You are late. Come with us. Don’t you know that you are dead? You didn’t survive the crash. You must come with us. Carlos woke up terrified every time he had that dream.
When he was in class, he started to fell colder than usual. He asked the instructor to go to the bathroom, thinking it was the A/C. In the bathroom, he started to sweat, but he was still feeling cold. He looked in the mirror and saw himself in a frightful condition. He was extremely pale, almost transparent, and was freezing.
His attention was drawn to two white figures coming towards him. “Now do you see that you are dead? It all fits together for you, Carlos. The sweating, dreams, turning pale and sudden chills. It is time for you to come with us. Please, listen. It’s time to go.”
“How am I dead?!? I survived the crash! And if I didn’t survive, why am I still here?!?” Carlos screamed.
“We don’t know, son. All we know is that it’s time for you to come with us.”
“No! HELL NO! I’m not going anywhere!” Carlos cried.
Then, everything went blank. He heard a lady’s voice calling his name. He opened his eyes and saw his mother’s face looking down at him with a concerned expression. His father walked in, “¿Qué pasa, mi hijo?” It was then he realized it was just a dream, or so he thought.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/981698