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The tragic ending to a police officer trying to respond to someone's aid.
The following is a work of fiction but the sentiment behind it is all too real. So many times emergency vehicles have to fight the other cars on the road to respond to someone who is in grave danger and needs immediate assistance.

Remember if an emergency vehicle (police, fire or ambulance) appraoches you are required BY LAW to yield to the RIGHT side of the road and allow the vehicles to pass.If everyone would pay just a little more attention on the roadways tragic stories like the one that follows can be prevented. This has been my own version of a Public Service Anouncement.

Code 3: Permanently Out of Service

The blackness starts to fade from the corner of his vision but James is still unable to see anything. He tries to move but instead a wave of pain and agony washes over him from head to toe. He can't feel anything below his waist and when he attempts to move his right hand it falls back to his side like a limp noodle. With a bewildered sense of insecurity he tries to move the left arm. Thankfully that one works but when he raises it to his face he notices 3 fingers are missing. James tries to scream but he is in such shocked that the sound dies before it can escape his throat.

Disbelief is next through James' mind. This must be some horible nightmare. I will wake up in my own bed in a few moments, he thinks but deep in his mind does not believe.

As his eyes dart around he begins to get a sense of where he is. He is in his patrol car. He can tell by the reflection of blue and red lights coming off the glass. But there is a problem - he comes to the conclusion that the car is upside down! How did this happen? Was I in a reck?

Suddenly the events come flooding back like rain waters cresting over the banks during a terential rain. James was working that day and was on his way to a call. He remembers something being said about a woman being held at gun point by her deranged ex-husband. He activates his light bar and flicks on the siren. Punching the gas the car reaches optimal speed and James is quickly heading to the person in need of aid.

He sees the intersection ahead and begins to slow down. His car gets engulfed in the traffic yet no one seems to be doing anything about it. Some cars stop in the middle of the road while others continue to drive on with no regard. The drivers are either talking on the phone, listening to their music to loud to hear the siren or simply don't care enough to watch the rear view mirror.

James is used to this of course so he zig zags his way through the sea of cars like a mouse searching for the cheese in a maze. When he gets to the intersection he breaks and checks for oncoming cars. Even though he is en route to the emergency he must stop for the retarded drivers not paying attention.

The road is clear and he punches the gas once again! As the car begins to speed up he hears a boom that would rival the detonation of a nuclear warhead. A blue Toyota slams into his driver's side door at full speed. The Toyota's light had just changed to green and the driver accelerated without hesitation.

James' patrol car went airborn and did several flips and turns. If it had been a gymnast the car would have scored a perfect 10. But instead the metal frame buckles and torques itself in ungodly positions. James blacks out for a few minutes and when full conscienceness returns he realizes his time is short.

Now he can hear the sirens from his brothers in arms racing to his aid but it is to late. His mind fills with his wife and kids. Who will tell them? Who will take care of them? Why didn't I spend enough time with them? Do they truely know how much they mean to me?

The tears begin to roll down his cheeks and the sobbing commences. He feels the hand of a comrade grab his through what's left of the window. "Don't worry we'll get you out of there! You're gonna be just fine".

James can hear his partner fighting to hold back tears of his own and knows that the final buzzer is about to sound. "Tell my family I love them", he shouts to his friend. "Tell them I tried to do the best job I could but daddy can't come home tonight. He has to go to heaven and help protect the angels". A cold shiver climbs James' broken spine and he gasps for his last breath. A last thought enters James' mind, " I'm sure I checked the intersection. Where did the other car come from?"

With that an angel descends and pulls Jame's soul from the wreckage. He looks back at the mangled wreck as he floats hand in hand towards the Kingdom of God! "Will my family be okay?", he asks the angel. " Yes" she responds. "They will mourn for a while but they go on until they one day will join you at God's side". This brings a peace to his heart as James' soul drifts into the evening sky.
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