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An erotic escape
The wind moves across her pretty face and represents the freedom her heart so much desires.

The strength of the horse beneath her offers her power to swiftly find that freedom. Each powerful hoof beat
carries her away from the bondage and repression that has bound her heart. In her dreams
the man she now so tightly clings to, holds the many keys to unlock her heart. He sets
her heart free to beat with the swiftness of the wind that now touches her face.

Her knight whisked her away to a wonder land, where the water is a turquoise blue,so clear they can see their reflection. The palms sway in the refreshing breeze, sand is white and warm, and glitters as if the sparkles were thrown from the stars above.

In this land so beautiful her daily cares slip away. When laying beside him, or lost in the sweet realms of passion, he
frees her mind and body to respond to his every touch. He takes her with a slow hand allowing her time to touch the true emotions nature so wonderfully placed with in her.

With all cares erased from her heart and mind. Her spirit warms to his embrace, allowing her to welcome each tender caress.

Each time she slips away to be with him, he allows her to touch and feel different emotions hidden deep inside her. He reads her desire of the day and encourages her expression.

Now with the satin sheet smooth beneath her, and the strength of him above her, she trembles with pleasure and desire as he enters her...expanding her waiting warmth, deeper with each slow tender stroke.

With soft words he encourages the now beautiful rose wrapped up so tightly in his arms, to fully share with him this
wondrous journey. With soft whispers breathed upon her skin, he will escort her along the passionate journey.

He describes to her the softness and true beauty of the rose he now holds. He shares with her the pleasure he feels as she surrounds the strength of him within her flowing warmth.

With each movement and quiet whisper, he builds her passion higher causing her body to tremble beneath him. Her breathing is shallow and rapid. He knows she will soon be clinging to the very edge.

She feels his body tighten and his strokes gain force, and she knows he will soon draw her closer up to him, allowing her to explode with the pent up passion while held tightly against him. Just when she thinks she cannot take another second he takes her one-step higher. With his fingers that are entwined in her hair he lifts her head for her to see the strength of him taking her.

She likens the power of him above her to the strong steady stallion that delivered them to this special
place. She sees the glisten of her wet covering the swollen veins of the rigid shaft that now expands and fills her. She sees the powerful thighs tense as he drives his cock deep inside her. She feels each stroke going deeper, wanting to get more of her. In their rage of passion, she is also consumed by uncontrolled animal driven lust. She forces her smaller but willing body up to meet each hard driving thrust,as his weight pounds down hard against hers.

Just before her thoughts leave her and her screams echo the release of a million emotions, she imagines herself on all four as a mare holds steady for a strong wild stallion, swaying her back to take all of him as he drives the long shaft to her very depths. With his nostrils flared and every muscle rigid, he takes her with their one desire to fill her to overflow with his flood of heated wet.

She now lies quietly beside him with her head resting on his shoulder. Her eyes are closed as her body still reacts with tingles of pleasure left behind from the passion that had consumed her. Now bathing in the sweet after glow that flows over her body like a.........

The cooling of the bath brings her back, the candles have burned low, her drink is empty. She smiles and reaches for the bath towel.

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