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An almost dramatic yet exciting interview about the newly discovered life, from Mars.
The exciting yet compelling 2 min. Interview I exchanged with Mr. John Andrews in charge of "Project Blue Book" at NASA goes as follows.

Interviewer (Me): Mr. Andrews good evening and I am very happy to have you here to break the news to all my avid readers.

Andrews: Thank you, The issue I need to address is far more important then any other issue in the news.

Interviewer: Why is this?

Andrews: Because there recently was discovered, under Mars surrface, a Martian city far more advanced then any of ours.

Interviewer: Can you please explain to the readers how important this situation is that they prepare them selves.

Andrews: Yes, Everyone, and I mean everyone must prepare themselves from the event that is going to take place. For you see, the Martians planet Mar's has ran out of sufficient supplies and minerals to keep them alive, thus they are, in 4-5 years going to pilage our planet for supplies, this poses a problem do to their extreme technology. The people of our planet can prepare themselves by organizing materials to reinforce their houses, and if possible build fallout shelters.

Interviewer: Thank you for our brief but exciting interview and get back to me when you have more results.

Andrews: Thank you, the people need to know these things, although most of it is top secret I'll say what I can.

*End of interview*

Well there you have it folks, it is now on for us man to find means to save ourselves. Like Mr. Andrews said as we get more updates we shall post them, but until then keep an eye out.

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