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Romantic, I suppose, if you're a dark sorcerer.
         Ha, yes, I see your ways and
Mange, you dog of streets, you cad
         You bone-caster; Throw down
For coins and to your liquor poison add
         Tie down that toss into your bane
And thrill it like a murder in the dawn
         Gather the whites, bone man, for when
My spell be struck, I'll take your spirit on

         Pull that mask from underneath my finger-
Nails and wear you
         Tear it through your ears and tie
In knots that hair
         Force those eyes to roll between
The pews of that cathedral of ribs
         When I strip you, undress your
Flesh for God
         I place two burns for every single sin
Silver scars on wicked, sticky skin

         You tempt God to strike you down
But She has peace and war to make
         And I'm a sinner who regrets
So She set me on the path to take
         I've got my lot today, and felt that
Fire, but left it here for you
         As a welcome to your smile
So your teeth become the pyre

         Those bones you throw are stolen ones
And take them back will I
         I will, back-stake that holy claim
To drain your flesh in gashes, flay
         You with my fingers, and my tongue
And lick and suck your crimes away, dry
         Your body in the sun and
Bleach out every lie

         You dog, I'll make you pay
Bone man, I'll make you die
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