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Rated: 13+ · Novella · Sci-fi · #988090
sci-fi, A desert world inhabited by dragons and human's
Draken Glyph:
Crows and Ravens.

Acknowledgements: This is about a desert world of dragons, sand people, and war,It's kind of like Arabian nights but with a symitar's and a assualt rifle's.

Chapter 1: Assualt of the spire people.

The Zari dragons flew, swift and straight, like a sword of the night. Its cargo holding carried its troops; the Crows, to their battle destination. War had plagued this world with radiation and desert, leaving its inhabitants acrance and mutated.
The nights shadow provided the perfect camoflage for the Zari dragons, giant creature of epic proportion with scales black as ink; a wing span covered in bone plating and spines. It swooped silently throught the sand storm its eyes un-blinded and it saw the world throught infa-red imaging, thought smell was what proppeled it foward.
"Dawn, sould be upon us soon." stated a warriour from the first in fleet "We, will be attacking at first light if we keep this pace any slower"
"And that that is what I want, if we are to attack Yarira then we will do it flalesly." said the commander of the fleet, his features covered in tattered black robes and his eyes hidden behind telecopic googles.
"I don't understand captain, Zari dragons are stealthy at night, it makes more sense to attack at night while the enemy is sleeping."
"Yes that is true, but, If you think about it, it's silly. I only used Zari dragons because of their sight, smell and girth. Yarira population and guards are smart as they are a primal ally, meaning that it will be easier to attack them at this time in the transaction between the new day. They expect us to attack at night, and thus, their patrols and artiliary are ready for us. Dawn is the perfect time, the new guards are commisioned and daily duty warrent ignorance and blissful dillusion.so we are not as stupid as they think, are we Firal?" said the captain, previously he had ordered the whole blatton of the crows to not use his name for security reasons, this name now was only known as captain, or an A.K.A of Hawk.
"Yes, sir, we are not." said Firal,turning away to ready the troops.
"Could have fooled me" muttered Hawk, as he scaned the desert floor, its blue, cold mask was silent and foreboding. Hawk leaned against a open door in the cargo holding; the gnashing winds demons tring to clam him as their prey. With his target aquired, he leapt out of the holding and into a freefall. As he fell the dragons wings fell behind him in a up beat of muscle and strength.
the Sandstorms girth brought the pureist of agony as millions of tiny rabbied grains; as sharp as the sword he wore in his belt. Bore into his flesh.
Though Hawk did not let them let them have the satisfaction of a pain stricken cry.
With his eyes, un-blinking beckons of red light which dilated as he focused into the deserts maw.
he waited, waited ,waited
like a sniper's bullet Hawk was up lifted in a gust of swirling wind, he had lanched himself into an tornado. he spun around vigouriously as he dived into its silent invisible eye. It was as if it hated him, a god of choas and despair, that endlessly tried to be sick and rided of this cursed bogus intruder. though it was a sanctuary under its eye. gravity seemed vacant in this space as he enganged his mechanic wind surfer. Stablilty was welcome haven for his head, the windsurfer was like a surfboard with several arcane sail like wings on it's under belly and a metal bound sail in the middle of the board.
It shook vigourisly as it ripped throgh the eye of the tornado but slowly subsided as it generated speed from the constent rotation of the wind.
Hawk finally engaged the thruster on the back of the borad of the windsurfer and yawed into the center core, the surrounding spining prison generated dizziness, but that didn't matter, he would arive soon.
Shadows, like cloth in a silent breaze, cut up through the tornados interns, then it spaned its large wings around the spinning windsurfer.
A dark sand dragon had made this storm for shelter,
A Dune wyern.
"Artimes," Hawn annouced the wyern head turned to face the surfer. It's body was covered in spines and boney tusks that didn't nessecarily pertude from its mouth, this was evident as its wings where cover completly in tusks. Slashers was what they were called as they were used to rip and carve into other dragons in mating and territorial pursiuts, they were also used in hunting.
The wyern howl in shrieks and whispers.
"Yes, I know Artimes, but I need your back."
The Wyern dived and then drive Hawk and his windsurfer out of the tornado, immediately it disappeared after its source, its heart had left its body. Hawk again began to freefall only now he was above the fleet and Artimes dived directly underneathe him, a position for speed.
Hawk suddenly disengaged the windsufere and it withdrawed into its compacted shell shaped like a flat scarab bettle, he then sheathed it into its belonging strap on his back.
Artimes then flew closer to Hawk allowing him to prep a saddle on him, Hawk then leaned forward into the horizontal saddle's mould and then grab the reins of the dragon.
It was now under his control.
He then; shelter from the battering winds of sand, barrel rolled down into the fleet and underneath a zari dragon with a red flag across its back. Massive mechanical arms spawned from the girth of the cargo holding and loaded a slig shooter suit. A giant orb like gattling gun with interconected targeting visor for the dragon. this visor was conneted to the orb via a seris of cables straped to its neck. The orb itself was levitated by a strange dragon fited stock the curled up to the legs of the wyren where it gave it control of the direction of the spray of fire and the RPG's that fired from the central barrel.
Artimes was now ready for the assult and then together the sprinted into the uprising sun that paved their way to destiny and fate.

Chapter 2. Sheilds of Destiny and Fate.

The palace girth of Yarira was plastered with clay and brick which wher considered materials of royalty in this world.
The main court; a masive egg like dome divided into four sections the rose from the floor and up to hug the wall in a deep tall curves like a desert flower as it was the insiering feature that dictated the disign. four marble pillons writhed from outer ring of the up curling seats and surported the over hanging gallery that was heavan to the courts inner podium a seris of discs that twisted around a central stone that froze them in an anit gravity state. this was called the great cartographer as it allowed different political parties each from the four emipires, to mingle in a harmony of peace, its other purpose was to show battle plans and other goegraphic issues that where programed into the sand shifters inside the flating bouldars of rock.

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