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When 12th year new age is here, so comes the second challenge of man's greatest fear
Vigilance (third cycle)
By: D. Clark

"When the 12th year new age is here, so comes the second challenge of man's greatest fear."

Date: Calendar's End

As the blood soaked the ravaged lands during earth's most hostile time, a fury and rage beyond any ignorance of man began. Mans mistake once again interfering with the laws of the cosmic order will never go unnoticed. Mankind's mistake years ago changed the very path of a comet, this alone will curse all living in the coming years. Now mankind has failed once more during the final hours of the unification holocaust. Our center of life our sun for the past several years has been sending us a very strong message. Such a sobering message that failed to be understood. Weather changes that increased to drastic levels caused the map of the globe to change. Even those intune with nature could not see what was coming next.

It was time for a change and a new enemy. All the eyes as dark as night that sit franticly miles below the surface knew this war is now out of control. More important then the war was a power far beyond nuclear weapons. A wrath of vengeance upon the earth was slowly starting to mount. A horrific solar event erupted during the time classified as calendar's end. What ever damage humans have inflected on the earth, was soon to be return many times fold. Just as the end came swift to most of the United States, the cosmic forces unleash the same to all electronics on earth.

A titanic solar blast hit the earth and caused a global EMP effect. Just as many texts of prophecy proclaimed, the entire sky all over the earth turned red as blood. Earthquakes began a rapid increase in an instant, spreading to all land masses. A massive chain reaction suddenly began with the eruptions of hundreds of volcanos. Each force of nature defended it's self against her worse enemy, mankind. Lands were wiped out by incredible floods and tsunami's. Human casualties now exceeded those of the final hours of the nuclear war. There was now a new threat to this earth besides the image that reflected from the mirror. Unity has been defined before vigilance just like the cosmic order warned.

One last human conflict with an enemy that has consumed billions of lives has finally been defeated. Our new enemy has now been revealed and a time of great tribulations some might say surely began. At this time during the second half of the year 2012 A.D. even the strongest man on earth, has fallen down begging for mercy. He has fallen down on one knee crying for help. Millions more are taken with heaven still being packed with fresh new souls.

From each calamity brought forth a greater humanity, like during the ancient times of during the last cycle. Many survivors who survived the horrible wrath of mother earth were very much more aware now. Vigilance was defined, what was left of human life was very gifted with spiritual insights. During the coming years as natures forces began it's withdrawal from the shattered lands, a calm started. It was finally learned two great lessons of unity and vigilance. Humans will never forget these at all. Every drastic event and change from this point on is now greatly understood.

Years have passed after the earth cataclysms, and it was felt still this chilling unbalance. As you would feel right now, the many changes that are soon to come, there was one great change left. Not every man has learned by the great examples before him, deep underground there lays his greatest mistake. A ignorance of man who will defy the cosmic order with self-preservation. A last standing and battered global Government remain intact miles below the surface, waiting and planning a desperate escape.

Man down below the surface remained with the pre-dawn primitive aspects of life. They will learn very soon in a different way. Mars, Cydonia was close to completion now. With what little resources left on earth, those who were underground started on the journey of leaving earth to full fill the mission. It was called Operation Replenishment, a very secret and hidden agenda that has been planned for many years. As the year began to near 2030, the aware who survived earths rage began to notice a new situation.

There was one last lesson to be learned. Somehow this last challenge of humanity is felt as a welcomed one. Many who were left suffering during the chilling aftermath, understood what was next. From the cosmos shall bring a peace on earth that only seemed like a very distant dream. From the cosmos by the power of the sun will bring forth a new lesson. Survival will be defined; glory will bring a flash of light as bright as a thousand suns. Millions left on earth rushed by any means to the sacred location they have dreamed and vision about for many years.

It was said the heart of Babylon is where it will take place. Close to the sight when the final hours of the battle started and stopped. A country that was once called Iraq, with years of tyranny and blood shed was the site of this event. It is now understood how this country became so important in the past. All the lives that were wasted back then now show its purpose now. A stripped country of all its resources by the self preserved unified Governments that are rushing towards Mars now.

An object larger then Mount Everest is inbound on a direct path with earth. Old Babylon is where this massive asteroid will hit. Every attempt to stop and divert its current path has failed. By February 27th 2030 more then 90 percent of all life will be lost. The earth has seen this tyrant twice before, and will once more...

"As man walked his last steps on his final stand, many suffered and perished on earth’s conquered land."

To Be Continued...
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