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First Love - The Kissing Lesson
         Jason couldn’t help but glance at the girl walking beside him on that dark, summer night. The streetlights in this part of town were far apart and every time they passed under one he again got a view of the beauty of her, before a shadow would obscure his vision of this incredible individual. He couldn’t believe that it was only four short hours ago that this whole journey had begun.

         Kelly had shown up at the party earlier that evening and Jason had happened to be the one who had arrived last and was closest to the door. When he opened it, he saw this goddess standing there alone. She had white blond hair that framed a face that was blemish free and perfectly made up, with just enough makeup to enhance her almost perfectly sculptured face. She shuffled her feet slightly, wringing her hands nervously in front of her, the whole time staring at her shoes.

         When Jason didn't say anything, she looked up and said "Is this Kevin’s place?"

         "Huh?" Jason stuttered.

         "Is this Kevin Harvey's place?" She asked again.

         Jason pulled himself out of his stupor and nodded his head. "Yeah, ahhh... come on in."

         She stepped into the house and took a quick worried look around.

         "I'm Jason" he said introducing himself.

         "Yeah I know, I've seen you at school, I'm Kelly" she said, the nervousness still evident in her voice.

         "Yeah, I know who you are too. Are you okay?" Jason asked concerned.

         She looked over her shoulder at the door and Jason thought for a second she might just run back out it but instead turned back to him. "Well ... I've never come to a party alone before ... and ... I don't really know anyone here ... and ... I think ... I ... might .... just ... go."

         Jason gently laid a hand in her arm afraid that even that gesture would scare this beautiful fawn away. "No ... don't go. You know me." he defended, relieved that she hadn’t bolted at his touch. "I'll introduce you around if you want, and you can always leave anytime."

         She looked uncertain and Jason held his breath hoping she'd stay.

         "Okay" she finally said and Jason let out a huge sigh.

         "Can I take your coat?" Jason asked, and again he saw the uncertainty in her expression and quickly said. "Why don't you keep it on, that way if you have to make a quick exit, you don't have to look for it?"

         Kelly smiled and Jason felt his heart pounding in his chest.

         "Can I get you something to drink?" he asked hopefully.

         Kelly nodded her head. "Yeah, okay."

         "Alcohol or no alcohol?" he asked without thinking.

         Kelly looked up at him in surprise "You guys have alcohol?"

         Jason looked embarrassed, realized his mistake. He tried to cover up as best he could. "Well ... I mean ... there is ... alcohol in the house ... I'm not sure if anyone ... is actually drinking any of it ... or not ... it's not my house ... so ...."

         Kelly gave him with a disapproving look and said "Just a soda, or juice ... please."

         Jason literally ran into the kitchen, grabbed a can of cola, and dumped it into a glass. He rushed back hoping she hadn't met anyone else before he got back there and was relieved to see she was still standing in the hallway and really hadn't moved an inch.

         "That was fast." she said as she took the offered drink.

         "Well ... wouldn't want you to miss any of the party." Jason said quickly. "Look ... if for some reason you ... ah ... do decide to .... ah ...you know … ah leave, if I'm not around … ah … try and find me okay?"

         Kelly looked at him suspiciously. "Why?"

         "Well ... I'll ...ah ... walk you home, you really shouldn't walk home alone. I mean that's assuming that you are walking ... ah ... okay?"

         Kelly seemed to love the fact that she wasn't the one who was nervous any more. Jason could just see her confidence building as his was crumbling around him.

         "We'll see ... " she said teasingly, but she had a big smile on her face.

         The party itself was your typical gathering of teenage guys and girls. Someone designated themselves DJ and played popular dance songs on Kevin’s parents expensive stereo system. Groups of people were dancing and others were gathered in small groups talking. The total party crowd came to about forty to fifty people.

         Jason escorted Kelly around the living room, introducing her to people he knew and most showed surprise at seeing her there. The nervousness returned as Kelly started to see the reaction she was getting from the guys and the cold stares she was getting from the girls. As they were walking to meet another group of people, Kelly grabbed his arm and pulled him on the dance floor. Before Jason knew what was happening they were dancing to some Elton John song. He quickly regained his composure and started to dance with her. At the end of the song, Jason was ready for the next one to start, when he caught the opening bars of a slow song starting, so he turned to Kelly to escort her off the floor, to see her looking at him and holding her arms open in typical ballroom dancing fashion. Jason gently took her hand in his and placed his other one on her hip, she placed her hand gently on his shoulder. They began to sway gently to the music. While she seemed more interested in looking around at the other couples, Jason never took his eyes off her face and the couple of times she looked at him she found him staring at her. Kelly realized that they were the only couple who were dancing with a foot of space between them, because she suddenly released his hand, closed the distance, and put her arm around his neck. Jason quickly shifted his hands around her waist and into the small of her perfectly curved back. Her head was now against his right shoulder and she whispered in his ear.

         "Why is everyone looking at us?" she questioned.

         Jason glanced around the room and sure enough most of the couples were watching them as they turned in small circles. "I don't know" Jason whispered back. "Maybe because you still have your coat on?"

         Kelly looked down and then quickly stepped away from Jason and took off her coat in record time, threw it against the wall as she walked back towards him. Jason saw she was wearing a black blouse that showed that she was starting to develop what one day would probably be a nice set of breasts. Her Levi jeans seemed to hug her narrow hips and Jason realized that she seemed to have a very small waist. She quickly resumed her former position and Jason again placed his hands in the small of her back where her jeans and blouse met.

         "Why do all the girls here hate me?" she asked innocently into his ear again as they started to dance.

         Jason leaned back slightly so he could look at her. "They don't hate you."

         "Yeah, right" she whispered sarcastically as she pulled him forward again.

         Jason sighed. "They're just surprised, that you’re here, I ... mean .... you’re sort of out of your own group ... and ... people usually don't .. leave that group."

         "What group?" she asked.

         "You’re a ‘popular’, right?"

         This time Kelly leaned back, looked at him, and said "Huh?"

         Jason sighed. "Look, you hang out with Shannon, Tara and Suzi, right?"

         "Yeah, so what?"

         "Well … they're populars, and since you hang out with them you’re one too."

         Kelly moved forward again and they danced quietly for a minute. She finally whispered softly. "Maybe I don't wanna be one."

         Jason tried to pull back to look at her but she increased the pressure of her arm around his neck and held him close, moving her body closer to his so their entire fronts were touching. Jason was just starting to enjoy this feeling when the song ended and he screamed inside. He prayed for another slow number to come on but he immediately heard the opening bars of CCR starting and Jason could see the couples around them breaking up. Some of the guys took the opportunity to kiss their dance partners. Kelly moved away slightly but didn't look at him so Jason never got the chance to even try.

         They walked off the dance floor and picked up their empty cups and Jason suggested getting a couple of refills.

         "I'll come with you, okay?"

         "Sure” Jason said as they made their way to the kitchen. Jason poured two glasses of Coke and then suggested going back and meeting some more people.

         "I don't think so, " Kelly said slowly. "I think I might go ..."

         "No" Jason said quickly. "Please don't we could dance some more..."

         Kelly looked at the floor for a second before she said. "Jason … have … you …. ever … ah … kissed a girl?" she asked suddenly.

         The question took him by surprise and he hesitated before answering. "Yeah, a ... a ... couple of times." he finally said embarrassingly.

         Kelly looked at him "I've never kissed a guy, other than my father" she admitted slowly.

         "Well ... I mean you’re only in grade eight ... I mean ... a lot of girls haven't kissed a guy yet" he defended.

         Kelly nodded her head back to the living room. "A lot of the girls dancing that last slow dance seemed to know how to do it."

         "Yeah, well ... “ Jason trailed off not quite sure what he was suppose to say.

         Kelly quickly downed the rest of her drink and grabbed his hand. “Come on then … let’s dance.”

         The next four songs were all fast ones and Kelly smiled at him and seemed to be trying enjoying herself despite the stares she still seem to be getting from everyone. The fifth song was a slow one and Kelly seemed to breathe a sigh as she walked up to him and looked him in the eyes, smiled and put her arms around his neck. Jason put both his hands on her hips and fought the urge to pull her closer to him. She rested her head on his shoulder and from the corner of his eye Jason could see she had closed her eyes. Jason did the same and they ignored the looks of everyone. Jason reveled in the feeling of holding this soft, warm, delicate thing for the three minutes and some odd seconds of the song, but much too soon it ended and he released her. Kelly lifted her head and looked him in the eyes and they stared at each other for a second before Jason leaned forward and kissed her. Her lips were puckered and hard and Jason broke the kiss after a few seconds.

         “How was that?” she asked expectantly.

         “Ahhh it was …. ah … good …” Jason said hesitantly.

         Her face fell. “It was bad, wasn’t it?”

         “No … “ Jason said quickly. “It was … all right … for a first time …”

         The music had started again and Jason stood waiting to see what Kelly wanted to do. She turned around slowly surveying the room and seemed to be looking for something. Suddenly she grabbed his arm and dragged him through the dance area until they were at the edge of the living room. They came to where all the furniture had been pushed against the wall to make room for people to dance. The couch was currently occupied by two guys and a girl talking. The three of them looked up as they approached and Jason could immediately see the envy in the guys eyes. The girl smiled although Jason don’t know if it was for himself or Kelly. In the corner, there was an empty side chair; Kelly looked at it for a second before walking over to it. She turned to Jason.

         “Sit!” she ordered.

         Jason did as he was told and then to his utter amazement and delight she sat on his lap with her back to the other three people. She shifted slightly and then leaned closer to him and whispered “Okay, teach me.”

         “What?” Jason asked shocked.

         “Shhhh” Kelly hissed. “Teach me how to kiss” she whispered softly.

         Jason looked at her to see if she was serious and he saw the determination in her eyes. His mind was torn in two. One side wanted just to kiss this girl, but the other side wanted to risk losing that chance to teach this girl maybe a bigger lesson. Jason saw her waiting for a decision and said. “I can’t”

         Her face turned to puzzlement. “Why?”

         “I mean … I can teach you the mechanics, but it wont be ‘right’ cause it won’t have any feeling.”

         “Why not?” she asked innocently.

         “Well … you have to be comfortable with someone before you start … I mean … you have to at least like the other person before you … you know…”

         “You don’t like me?” she asked slowly.

         “No!” Jason whispered firmly. “I mean yes, I like you … but … you’re easy to like … I mean … I don’t know how you feel about me?” There, he'd got it out and now he had to sit and wait for the answer. This had to be the longest thirty seconds of his life. His whole body was tensed waiting for the first movement that would tell him that she was going to get up off his lap and realized what a idiot he was. She shifted slightly and Jason thought that was it, but she only continued to look at the wall for a few seconds longer and then looked at him.

         “I like you, I think … I mean I've only known you for … “ she glanced at her watch. “… an hour … but … you’ve been nice and friendly and … well I don’t know … I've never gone out with a boy before so … I'm not sure what to expect.”

         “You’ve never had a boyfriend?” Jason whispered in amazement.

         Kelly shook her head.

         “But … but you’re gorgeous.” Jason sputtered. “Why not?”

         Kelly smiled in embarrassment as she shrugged her shoulders. “My parents wouldn’t let me. In fact … they think I'm at my friend Denise’s house studying.

         “Oh … so why did you come here?” Jason asked.

         “Well … actually … I was looking to meet some new friends” she said in a matter of fact voice.

         “Meaning ... you’re looking for a boyfriend?” Jason said egging her on. Kelly immediately looked away at the dance floor and Jason knew that he'd hit the nail on the head. He decided to let her off easy. “Why?”

         Kelly looked back at him. “Why what?”

         “Why are you looking for a boyfriend?”

         Again Kelly’s eyes darted everywhere except at him and she just whispered. “Because … Shannon, and Tara and the rest all … have … them.” She said slowly again glancing at the dancers.

         “They do?” Jason said amazed.

         The tone of his voice made Kelly look at him. “They all said they did, all they ever do is talk about them.”

         Jason sat thinking for a moment and tried to remember any time he had seen a ‘popular’ with a boy and he couldn’t. “Do you know their names?”

         Now it was Kelly’s turn to think for a moment. “Shannon’s guys name is Garry, I think, Tara’s is named George or Jordan or something like that … I can’t remember Lisa’s but …they all go to a different school so …”

         Ahh convenient Jason thought, have a boyfriend to talk about but never actually have to been seen with him, so if he doesn’t exist? “So … you want to get a boyfriend so you can be the same as them?” Jason said sarcastically.

         Kelly didn’t seem to understand sarcasm as she just said “Yeah.”

         Jason laughed slightly and Kelly looked at him “What’s so funny?” she wasn’t smiling.

         “You … you just can’t go out to a party and expect to pick up a boyfriend … it’s like you expect to find them all lined up like popsicles and you’ll just pick the flavor you like.”

         Kelly stared at him blankly.

         “I mean … usually it takes a little while. Ah … maybe you see them at school, occasionally you say ‘Hi’ or … you happen to have a locker near them … or you get a friend to pass them a note … or … I don’t know” Jason finally said in exasperation. “But I do know that to come to a party, one where you don’t know anyone, and expect to leave with a boyfriend it’s … a bit of a stretch.”

         Kelly’s face went from puzzlement to sadness. “Oh… I see” she said quietly. “So … you’re … saying … you’re … not interested … right?”

         “Me?” Jason exclaimed a bit too loud and he quickly looked around to see a few faces looking at them. He quickly lowered his voice. “You’re kidding right?”

         Kelly shrugged her shoulders slightly. “Why not? You’re not bad looking, you’ve been nice to me so far, I know you don’t have a girlfriend, you dance okay, I mean we’re only thirteen Jason, were not talking marriage here or anything.”

         “How do you know I don’t have a girlfriend?” Jason asked quickly.

         Kelly smiled. “You would have brought her here, besides I asked someone.”

         “Who?” Jason said curiously.

         Kelly smiled. “Never mind, I might need to use them again.”. Kelly paused and looked him in the eyes as she said “So … now … can you teach me how to kiss or not?”

         Jason sat and thought for a second and then decided. What the hell, it probably won’t last anyway so he might as well enjoy it while he could . “Okay … ummm … to start with, don’t pucker your lips … just keep them together, relaxed, okay?”

         Kelly nodded her head.

         Jason tilted his head slightly, leaned forward, and gently pressed his lips against hers. Jason kept his eyes open to see her reaction and saw her eyes were closed. Jason pulled away after a couple of seconds.

         Kelly slowly opened her eyes. “That was nice, better than mine,” she giggled. “Can we do it again?”

         Jason leaned forward again and their lips met again. Jason kept the pressure on for a little longer and moved his lips slightly. Kelly seemed to get the idea and responded. When the kiss broke, Kelly looked him deep in the eyes and smiled. “That was really nice.”

         Jason smiled back.

         “But … what if the kiss lasts longer than you can hold your breath?” she asked innocently.

         Jason laughed and Kelly looked at him in surprise. “I’m sorry … I didn’t mean to laugh … really.” Jason apologized. “Ahhhh … you’re not suppose to hold your breath … try breathing through your nose.”

         Kelly seemed to think about that and said “But … what if you have a cold and you can’t breathe through your nose?”

         “You have a cold?” Jason asked in surprise.

         “No” Kelly said. “But what if you do?”

         “Well if you have a cold … you really shouldn’t be kissing anyone, now should you?” Jason chastised her.

         Kelly giggled and it sounded like heaven. “Okay, okay, you’re right, … so … can we try it again.”

         “You’re really liking this aren’t you?” Jason asked smiling.

         Kelly got this mischievous glint in her eye and leaned closer to him and whispered “Shut up and kiss me.” She laughed. “I’ve always wanted to say that.”

         Jason chuckled slightly as he leaned forward again. This time the kiss lasted even longer and Jason could feel her breath on his upper cheek. He broke the kiss not because he wanted to, but because leaning forward in the chair was starting to become a strain on his back. As he attempted to pull away, Kelly tried to keep their lips together and she ended up having to grab the back of the chair to stop herself from falling into him. “Sorry” she said as licked her lips and sat back up.

         “It was my fault” Jason said regretfully. “I couldn’t keep my body in that position as my back was starting to hurt.”

          “Oh I'm sorry,” she said and Jason could hear the concern in her voice. “It would be better if we had the couch,” she said as she looked over at the three people who were trying not look like they were staring. Kelly turned back to Jason and whispered, “Why are they staring at us?”

         Jason craned his neck around her to look at the group. He smiled at them and then stuck out his tongue and they turned away embarrassed. “They’re not anymore,” he said as he looked back at Kelly. “I have an idea, why don’t you face me, and place your knees on either side of my legs; it might be more comfortable for you too?”

         Kelly did as he asked and soon they were facing each other, their heads nearly touching. Jason was about to lean in for another lesson when from the corner of his eye he saw someone walk behind Kelly.

         ”Okay, what is she doing here?” a girls voice asked, dripping with sarcasm.

         Kelly turned her head at the sound of the voice behind her and Jason moved his head slightly to look around her at the person who was talking.

         Standing before them was Jennifer, the undisputed queen of the bitch girl group. She was a constant presence at all the parties that Jason had been to. To make it worse, she was Jason’s ex-girlfriend.

         ”I … I “ Kelly started to speak, but Jason overrode her.

         ”I brought her” he said quickly, hoping to God that Kelly would understand what he was trying to do. He counted the seconds, waiting for the denial to erupt from Kelly’s mouth, but nothing was said.

         Jennifer looked past Kelly at Jason. “You brought her?” Jennifer said slowly, punctuating each word as to accentuate the fact that it didn’t seem possible.

          “Of course,” Kelly said calmly, before Jason could answer. “Why wouldn’t he bring his girlfriend to a party?” Kelly slowly returned to her original position, sitting sideways on Jason’s lap, looking at Jennifer.

         ”You two are dating?” Jennifer exclaimed, the shock in her voice was clearly identifiable. “Since when?”

          Kelly shrugged her shoulders and quickly glanced at Jason before answering. “I don’t know, about two weeks I guess. About right?” She asked him.

         ”Yeah, two weeks sounds about right.” Jason confirmed now understanding the game she was playing

         ”And where did you meet?” Jennifer asked skeptically.

         ”What do you mean meet?” Jason asked. “We go to the same school; we even have English together with Mr. Brown.

         ”Yeah, but you two didn’t decide to start dating in English.” Jennifer exclaimed. “So where did you two hook up?”

         ”Where else?” Kelly said emphatically. ”At a party, just like this one.”

         ”So, let me get this straight” Jennifer said firmly. “You met him at a party, he swept you off your feet and he asked you to be his girlfriend?” Her voice convey the fact that this just wasn’t possible. Jason was about to tell her that she was right when Kelly spoke up.

         ”No” she said firmly and Jason quickly glared at her.

         ”Thought so” Jennifer said in triumph, not seeing the look Jason flashed Kelly.

         There was a few seconds pause before Kelly said proudly. ”I asked him.”

         ”What?” Jennifer looked at Kelly, stunned.

         ”I said - ” Kelly explained slowly, as if explaining to a small child. “ - I asked him to be my boyfriend, I mean I am a ‘popular’. I don’t think he would have asked me otherwise.” She glared at Jennifer, for second daring the girl to try and challenge her. Jennifer’s eyes broke contact first and Kelly smiled. “Now, if you don’t mind, we were engaged in a very important, philosophical discussion before you interrupted us.” With that statement, Kelly once again returned to her position facing Jason. “Now, where were we?” She asks mischievously, happy at being in charge again.

          “Shut up and kiss me.” Jason said softly as they both lean forward and their lips meet once again. Neither one of them noticed Jennifer leaving, or anyone else in the room for that matter.

          He was now walking her home, and though it was only four long blocks to her house, both of them seemed to be walking as slow as they could, unconsciously trying to prolong the time that they would be together. They had walked in silence for the first block, both lost in the feeling of the last summer breeze that blew, and gently wafted Kelly’s hair. The warm air wasn’t the only thing surrounding them, but Jason was still having difficulty getting a handle around that part.

         Finally, Kelly asked the unspoken question that was on both of their minds. “Why did you tell Jennifer that you brought me to the party?”

         Jason smiled. “For the same reason you probably told her you were my girlfriend?”

         “Did you see the look on her face?” Kelly giggled. “I thought she was going to lose it right there.”

         When they finally arrived at the front gate of Kelly house, Kelly gave a small gasp. Jason followed her gaze and saw a woman sitting on the porch of the house. Kelly tried to look at her watch, but it was too dim to see.

         “Oh shit!” she exclaimed softly. “What time is it?”

         Jason looked at the illuminated dial of his watch. “It’s about 12:10, are you late?”

         “You’re kidding, oh God, I’m in so much trouble. You’d better go, I’ll see you in school.”

         Jason was about to give her a quick kiss, but instead just squeezed her hand and started to walk down the street.

         Kelly watched him leave for a few seconds before turning her back on him, swinging open the white picket gate, she walked up to the house.

         “Mom … “: she started to say but that was all she got out.

         “Where have you been?” Although the voice was firm, Kelly knew the anger behind it was being controlled only with a great amount of will.

         “I went to a party,” she quickly adds “ it wasn’t too far away … and … and … I’m sorry. I mean …” Her stuttered explanation was interrupted by a voice from behind her.

         “She went with me Mrs. Wilcox.”

         Kelly turned and saw Jason standing there. The pleading in her eyes was unmistakable. Jason ignored her and continued to speaking directly to her mother. “I met her while she was walking to Denise’s and I … sort of convinced her to come to the party with me.

         Mrs. Wilcox voice was cold as she asked “and you are?”

         My name is Jason Calder, we moved here last summer. I live about …”

         “I know where you live” she says interrupting him. “I know your family, at least your mother …”

          The words hit Jason hard, and Kelly saw it, but didn't understand.

         Jason swallowed hard and continued. “Anyway, we went to this party at Kevin Harvey’s house, It was just a party, Kelly had a couple of glasses of coke and a glass of orange juice. We danced a little and then we sat and talked in the back yard. We sort of lost track of time, and I didn’t know what time she had to be home … My curfew is twelve thirty and I guess I thought –“

         “It wasn’t your responsibility to know her curfew young man, it was hers,” she stated while giving her daughter a baleful glare. Kelly looked down at her shoes. “Yes Mother.”

         “You, go to your room, I’ll be in to talk to you shortly.”

         Kelly nodded her head sadly as she shuffled her feet, She managed to give a quick glance at Jason. That glance filled him with hope and understanding as she smiled at him before turning and walking past her mother and into the house. Jason watched until the door closed behind her before he himself turned to leave.

         “Not so fast young man,” he heard from behind him and all the happiness quickly drained from his body as he turned back towards the house.

         “Where did you meet her?”

         “Excuse me?” Jason asked, not understanding.

         “You said you met her on her way to Denise’s, so … where did you meet her?”

         “Oh” Jason answered nervously, quickly trying to remember the street names, any street names in the town. “Umm I guess near Fifth and Fir, near that corner.”

         Even with her face in shadow, Jason can see the smile that was crossing her face, and he knew he’d screwed up. He waited in anticipation of the lashing he is going to get; along with the final ‘If you happen to ever come near my daughter again ... I will kill you response’.

         “Are you usually in the habit of rescuing damsels?” she asked innocently.

         Jason’s mind could not shift gears fast enough for that comment. “Excuse me?”

         “Never mind, goodnight Mr. Calder,” she said in a voice that conveys the finality of the conversation.

         “Good night Mrs. Wilcox,” he managed to squeak out, before turning and walking back up the sidewalk. He’d almost made to the gate before he heard her voice again.

         “Oh, and Mr. Calder?”

         Jason turned around to see her walking towards him. She stopped a few feet away.

         She looked at him sternly as she said “If … you … happen to be near here at about seven tomorrow night, Kelly is babysitting the Levi twins about three blocks from here, I think she would like someone to walk with.”
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