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by anu
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Are you feeling a lot of burden in your life? If yes then come into the world of music.

Are you feeling a lot of burden? Are you sick with the state of tussle that is constantly prevailing? Are you becoming more and more lethargic, timid and tame and living your life grimly and despairingly?

Then leave your tensions behind, and make your entry in the soothing world of music. While listening to music you will feel like a flying bird basking in the vastness of the sky, you will feel like a fish rejoicing the depth of an ocean and possibly, you can even feel like a butterfly relishing the flavor of a garden.

Music is food for the soul, which makes you free from all anxieties and jitters. Let yourself flow around its passion, which is as soothing as the rhythmic sequence of the chirping of birds, as calm as the flowing water in a stream and as rocking as the waves of ocean.

It will take you in to a state of euphoria, where you will feel ecstatic and forget every problem of yours. Slowly, you will become addicted to it. It is not that only a particular type of music is delectable, but every type of music is euphonic which can be enjoyed by anyone.

Music can be a panacea in dilemma. Listen to music for a minute and you will feel like a person savoring the scene of a cascading waterfall. While listening to music, you will become one with it, your lips moving with the rhythm, fingers jingling and feet tapping. You feel that you are on a flashing flight toward elation. The satisfaction that you will get in it cannot be described.

Listen to music when you feel melancholy. Soon you will find it a best source to remove your unwanted strain. Music is always considered to be a protean art but in every form, it has been credited with the capacity to reflect and influence human emotion.

The importance of music is apparent from the fact that all ancient civilizations entered historical times with a flourishing musical culture. However, today, in this twenty first century, it is losing its pristine value and flavor. Today other things like Television and Internet are replacing it. We should not lose such a valuable art in the wind of modernity. This is a gift of God and tradition of our ancestors. We should preserve it as a cultural inheritance.


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