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this is is a story that I have been working for some time.
Life is what we had but life is what we lost to our stupidity. We thought we had all the answers…we were wrong. We welcomed the first ones into our midst… we welcomed our doom. He warned us but we did not listen…in the end he was right. He disappeared shortly after that. We did not question until the others started disappearing. The end is almost here anyone that finds this journal run.
They started getting impatient… they made deaths appear as accidents. We should have seen the signs.
They are at the door now my life is forfeit but maybe your lives will be saved maybe not.
End journal

New entry: Y/N?
The fools never listen to wisdom. They never listened to me the eldest one of them all. Even though I only look 25. Ha now I must do the one thing that I wish I never had to do kill all of them. Why must it be this way why is my life always a struggle to be heard the truth always evading them. Oh well the fault was their own I Did all that I could.
Now The Payback Begins…
End entry

New Entry: Y/N?
Life and death. What an interesting cycle so perfect so complete. Yet we sought to break it. We should have known better. Our intelligence led us to play God. We never should have tried to reach the heights of the forbidden tree of knowledge. The first major breakthrough was what we thought the end to all of our troubles. To some it was, to others it was just the beginning of the end.
End Entry

New Entry: Y/N?
Well now it is almost time for the lovely holiday known as Christmas. I think that I what the few American scientists called it, but now I do not know what to call this day except the day hell came to earth. It was one of those hallowed days that the first signs something going wrong with some of the subjects reactions to the melding and gene splicing that we had done to them, as well as in some of the scientists who had volunteered to undergo the treatment. I was making my rounds of the test subjects when I noticed something strange going on in one of the most promising subjects. She seemed to be glowing. <odd I thought but not as odd as to the fact that she had been getting more beautiful as the weeks and months had passed. Me myself I had been getting stronger and less susceptible to the mirad of temperature changes and tests that they had put them through. <I had thought that I was not infected well I guess I was wrong. Now let me explain that a few years back we had found this area in a cave <once again the cliché/ shut up/no not gonna> with a door at the back of it. This door was made of a material that we could not scratch.<again with the cliché/ that’s it no more comments from the peanut gallery/why?/because I know you do it just to torment me/oh really? I do ?/ yes/well has it ever occurred to you that I am you and am simply trying to help you write this book…

OK so we are in a cave at door made of some strange material…. Look for a way to open it. How do we manage that? I dunno a lever a passcode genetics or something just find it and quickly. Why? Just do it. You see that symbol <on the door is the templaric cross with an archangel holding what looks the sword of fire talked about in the Genesis> Or something along those lines. See if there is anything about it that is special.
I don’t see anything.
Well look harder.
Why is this so important?

Because I have to get in there. Now is not the important thing I just have to.

Damn it Wolf what are you not telling us.
Everything and nothing all at the same time. If I told you what the reason was you would call me crazy.
We already do that…
Fine you want to know why. Because the armor that was given to me by a very dear friend came from here and he said that he saw a plaque with my name on it right next to a set of very large lockers. He says that the armor came from a locker similar to one of these.
Oh so you are thinking that this set of lockers has armor and stuff in it.
Yes I do.

As they said this the woman that simply called herself Vixen was wandering around looking at the design on the door when she noticed something that looked like a gene scanner. She spoke and her voice was like honey to the men’s ears.
"Hey guys you might want to take a look at this."
We all scurried over that is when the image spoke. “only one who has been here before may enter.” we of course had never been there before.
What does it mean been here before? Man this is stupid you just stand back and watch a pro at this scoffed Dirk.
He stepped and up placed his hand on the scanner and immediately exploded. Showering all nearby in bone fragments, viscera and blood.
"Well he was certainly some pro." Vixen muttered sarcastically.

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