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<o}>~unity 00-11 <o}>~vigilance 12-24 <o}>~survival 25-30

"When the wounds bleed one color of red during the second phase of the third, Only then will the lions eyes be earned and cries be heard."

There is a cosmic order of all things, from the smallest microbe to the infinite vast of the cosmos. Everything that exists of any type of matter has a very important role in this order. Matter of all types from living to dead all serve a destined purpose that no other force or power can stop. Any force that attempts to change or alter this divine path of Constance, brings forth a greater response. If you think of each human as being born to die then that is a tiny sample of this order. Some were born just to full fill a place during a titanic moment to bring a greater change. Born to become an example to correct a perfect cycle of this cosmic order. A cycle that has been around with no end by any means. Just as the ideas passed down for millions of years, a force that should never be upset.

Divine figures such as gods and the use of religions engulfed the earth and in a way, served its main purpose. If all aspects of god and religion were all summed up into one pure and mighty entity, then it shall be these cycles that have occurred. Two cycles have ravaged this planet and others in the vastness of space. Earth has undergone some great rigorous change with each cycle. We owe such changes to one life form that has spent most of it's days consuming everything this world has left. Humans have forced such a paradox upon this earth for many years. An imbalance from this race of beings have forced a punishment that exceeds the most conditioned form of life. Still such lessons are slowly over many thousands of years forgotten. A third cycle has come to bring back man to grace. Defiance of this cosmic order has finally reached its limit. Even this long and patient set of laws which have been violated for over ten thousand years, has a limit. Mankind also has such a limit, one that will be tested. He shall have three defining moments, and see rivers of blood that could over flow all oceans on this planet....

"Be Advised the following content may contain disturbing ideas and facts that should be carefully read. I advise that viewers under the age of 18 go no further. What shall be seen from this point forward shall be deemed beyond classified, everything and everyone has a date of expiration. We all must accept this and I take no responsibility for any harm onto others as a result of being exposed to the following. I feel that death will become a ritual welcomed one day, with no need to fear it. I will agree that our days are running short, and my last purpose on this world is to bring forth awareness."

<o}>-~ S U R V I V A L ~-<{o>

Down fell the ignorance of man, down they fell with no mercy or care. Humanity has been fucked up beyond any other time since his first pathetic steps on this earth. An ending to the Pre-dawn era could be seen by beings beyond our sky of nine as a welcomed sight. Just as the great beasts that towered over all other life, vanished off the face of the earth, so shall the beasts of man. Years ago before the start of the new age (2000 A.D) it was announced on a global headline from some of the worlds top scientists and leaders of an asteroid the size of Mount Everest to make the closest pass by earth ever to be recorded. Day and night during this time calculations with some of the most brilliant minds and technology that was ahead of that time determined that this object had a very high probability of an impact on Earth. With vigilance amongst the vast team across the world analyzing this projected path to strike the earth in the year 2029, very dark matters were at hand to prepare for such a global cataclysmic event. There were diversions that were to go off like a timed explosion. Such events shook the earth in violent ways. Chosen leaders of this massive plan from hell created a chain reaction in the balance of life on earth. Just after the start of the new age (2000 A.D.) approximately 21 months later, begin the unification process. This process began with a city picked and a date that will be implanted in the minds of humans all over the world. It took seven of the most hated and evil men this world had. It started all on September 11th, 2001 to bring forth the holocaust. From this point on lies plagued the world and the minds of everyone. Hate consumed this earth during this time, rivers of blood shed drenched the most sacred grounds during the unification process. One nation held a final objective during this time, Iraq. Iraq was the nation that was stripped of all resources and totally over ran during the major rush to Mars. A unified Govt' will be all that stands during the civil holocaust that broke apart the entire United States, by the year 2012 both Russia and China launched a surprise nuclear attack against the United States. A swift nuclear exchange occurred leaving the whole Western region virtually destroyed. City sized infrastructures about a mile under ground was where this last unified Govt that was left fled. There was nothing left above the surface of the earth to go back too. During the turning point of 2012, a major solar event occurred, causing a global wave of disasters and calamities that stopped the very war that started. A nuclear war that seemed to enter its final limits was halted by the extreme events. The very map of the earth has changed in almost all regions, causing a slaughter of millions during this time. Some survived for they knew ahead of time, the coming calamities that were to take place...

"As the child listens to her mother and not a false tenth brother then many learn, If any accept this great lie soon in our sky then king of terror from cosmos has return."

>- to be continued... p2 coming
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