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Pub Quiz. The social event of the week.
Its about 8:30 in the evening, the sun is gradually descending beyond the horizon.
Its that time of week again, where my army of ten-strong commune in our humble local, to put our minds together for a good, old-fashioned pub quiz.
Betty, the barmaid greets us as we enter, our large size means she's in the business! Our opponents cower in the shadow of our intellectual might and we finally seat ourselves around a large table in the corner. Except Maxwell and his wife, Yvonne, because they don't come until the bartender has finished collecting participation fees.
"Mine's a diet coke" i say, as Alistair gets a round in, "and make it a pint". I drink too fast, you see, and standard glasses wouldn't quench the thirst of a dehydrated gerbil.
Four rounds in tonights pub quiz, specialist subjects being; Food and Drink, Music, Sport, tv series.
From past experience, i understand the music questions are only pre-twentieth century music, which fits in with most of the old goats that attend.
By tv series, i understand they will only concern such favourites as "yes, minister" and "Dad's Army" or any such programme that has been dead for last couple of decades.
Food and drink, well, i'm useless at that, but we have gourmands in our merry troupe, and, frankly, i couldn't give a toss about sport.
So my use mainly lies in the general knowledge area.
Roger takes the wheel, he holds the pen. For he is the self proclaimed team captain. "Steady, steady, concentrate, dear friends, and just because i will certainly disregard your feeble attempts, does not mean i am not interested in recieving your answers" he says. In his head. (I didn't tell you i can read minds)
"Oh wow, we came fourth!" i cry. That means we get one free beer voucher. And in the true spirit of democracy, we each get a tenth of a pint!
So, i'm happily sipping on my pathetic share of the winnings, but now its time to go. I've had such a wonderful time, i wish it was pub quiz EVERY night!
See you later everybody, see you next week. I do so look forward to it.
And maybe i'll get an answer right for a change. And if i'm really lucky, roger will have an accident, break both his hands (ambidexterous git) and i will get to write the answers.
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