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Pictures make me feel all warm inside
I love thy radiators as they keep me warm in the harsh winter months. however looking at a picture can bring up the same feelings within me!
Hark! Oh thy divine and beautiful , from whence i loooking uponm you with my steel like eyes, the cold metal within them stirred almost erotical feelings within me. It was almost magnetic and i could feel my eyes straining to get closer to this divine object of myt attractions.
The most fantastic day was spent looking at Stubbs and Van Gogh. oh how divine art (haha) those paintings! I start to feel weak at the knees as my feelings give way to the beauty of this picture, my heart starts to thump, I start to feel this magnetic force prising my orgasm from within me.
To look upon both these objects is rather orgasmic. That, my friends is the connection between these two beautiful objects!
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