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Love poem for Galileo for August SLAM Round 1
My childhood was full of our romance,
exuberant, enchanted.
You made the night a party frock,
glittering and midnight blue,
the firmament a playground.
My fledgling passion sparked by your ingenuity,
I whispered my discoveries in your ear,
excited with the infinity of it all.
You kissed my hand and sent me for more,
knowing my rapture would mature,
as I would,
with the steady pendulum swing.

As I became a woman
you took me in your arms,
arms that somehow held the sky.
I needed you to consume me-
for your ways to become mine,
to think, not simply of you,
but like you
undaunted by sardonic inquisition.
We matched our love
to the wilderness we explored,
expansive, glorious.

Even still I exalt in your
universal wisdom.
I remain your satellite,
revolve around your timeless truths.
You caress me with your legacy-
         and leave me starry-eyed.

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