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Round 2 prompt for August 2005 SLAM- quiet/secret accomplishment
I was ready for my moment.
Had put in years to seize a second-
Trained, rehearsed, visualized, obsessed.
Imagined how strong and splendid success
would feel, heard the fanfare in my mind,
knowing it would be thunderous.

I pictured it would arrive with flare,
stampede over normal "now",
crush it like minute grapes
so I could drink decelerated time
and remember the significance
of every magnificent instant with a
heady, brilliant glow.

I would be a brand new woman
radiantly white
from starting over.

And come it did-
drifting on the breeze
of casual conversation,
any hint of change and clamour
hidden by your laugh.
I would have missed it
but for the fact
my instinct heard your heart.

Without any of my
deep drilled discipline
I said the words
I had feared.
"I trust you"
I heard my triumph
as a sigh, felt its
peaceful, subtle rumble,
knew I had reached the goal.

I remained an unfinished woman
fully colorful
and continuing.
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