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Rated: ASR · Word Search · Action/Adventure · #2195943
Don't you hate it when you forget to charge your phone and can't even tell what time it is
Several people, looking high class and important and stuff, lounged on the seventh story of some hotel. There was art placed all over. The walls were just windows so a ninja renting an apartment opposite them could observe.

One of the security guards on the watch for snipers noticed her looking, so before she could put her fingers to her earphone piece of clockwork had flown her way and hit her. She stood motionless in a not too conspicuous pose.

The ninja had a minute and thirty seven seconds before the routine checkup where the guards that spotted her wouldn't answer.

She had to swap the painting quick.

She disassembled a clock in half a second. The hands of the clock spun furiously creating an insanely powerful wind that would have blown everything away were there anything in its path. There was not. Both her window and the room of the hotel was gone, those spaces reverted to a time with no skyscrapers.

She stamped the face of the clock on her wrist allowing her to interact with the now shadowy spaces that had disappeared.

A tree painting. This was why she was picked for the mission. She had a tendency to make those. The mission involved swapping an artist's unseen before painting, "The tree of life", with hers. He was now at home too unconscious to attend and recognize the switch.

She jumped the gap between the buildings, choosing not to interact with the walls but to interact with the floor as she landed.

The batteries of her clock ran out. She forgot to change them. In the middle of a crowd wearing a black ninja suit. People gawked at her. A smoke bomb flew from her hand and hit the floor. Hoping for the best, she proceeded.
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/wordsearches/item_id/2195943-Time-Ninja