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This is a short article about current situation of middle east, south asia and china
You may find this annoying but this is my point of view, you are welcome for critics and arguments.
Currently world is on the edge of any global incident like ww2 and ww3 had happened in the history, the coming up situation may give an other experience to humanity, have never gone through. This might be more devastating than ww1 and ww2 or more cruel than mangol's expansions.
Now situation is bit different, stage of that play will be asia specially middle east, china and south asia, lets check the situation on these grounds,
In the middle east Saoodi and Iranian war proxies are at high, arabs are building relationships with Israel against the narrative they have sold for last more than 50 years. Yemen is under humanitarian crises, on other hand Turky is trying to build their role in Syria and Lebanon.
On other hand Indo-China relationships are seems not good. China had signed some agreements with Iran, Iran was former friend of India now it is in the block of china while Pakistan and India had fought wars for Kashmir currently that beautiful valley is locked downed completely from last 12 months, that might create a ground for another war between India and Pakistan.

It seems there could be a one block China, Pak, Turky, Iran and Talban against Saudi, USA, Isreal and others
A little spark may trigger a devastating war, World is on the edge of a new war
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/wordsearches/item_id/2230378-Is-ww3-coming