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This word search is to guide you through this educational search for the best things.
Very harmful diseases:
Ligma, a sad disease
Sugma, a less prevalent disease, but still a bad one
Bofa, an intoxicating disease
Less big ones, sometimes obscure diseases/viruses/others:
Eatma, the eating disorder
Fugma, the chaotic one
Kisma sadness man
Chokonma the addiction disease
Fondalma ;(
Stigma the weirdest one

These are the coolest languages:
Bofadese this language was invented by the same nation that discovered bofa
Dragondese this language is spoken by crocodiles, contrary to its name
Sugondese This language is mainly spoken in north-eastern Europe
Rubondese Crazy people speak this language

Notable people:
Wilma a famous scientest
Willis a great mathematician
Candice a notorious con-woman
Wendies the Muncher

CDs listening stuff, idk I'm on a computer right now, I think they played movies and stuff...
Marmalade yummy food

Updog a cool catchphrase
Shofdis stuff
Rydon not a 'mon but a cool transportation method
Parody Bootleg version of copy
Fitness a healthy form of exercise
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