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March 3, 2015
5:37pm EST

Rated: E | Message Forum | Inspirational | #1230549
Honoring the WDC members who have passed away

This forum is to honor those that have passed on. Stomper was the original creator and now it will have a permanent home under the wings of "The WDC Angel Army.

I have met a few of the authors with a white case and others I only got to know through their writings. Now we can really get to know who these authors were by reading what they wrote.

I would certainly like to acknowledge The Wytch for the wonderful trophy she gave to this forum.

Also a quick note to anyone and everyone who is a member of WDC - if you have ANY suggestions or any particular items from these authors you would like highlighted, please let me know or post it in the forum and I will be more than happy to add them in.

Stomper was inspired to do this while visiting "THE DROP-OFF BOX . He saw In Memory of VerySara on the page.

On the 10th of January 2008 one of our WDC friends passed away.

*Vignette4* Emilbus™
John has left a message on his bio-block that he had been ill before he passed away and the note is just very thoughtful.
John Kelley has left some very memorable works for us to read and following is an item with a great collection of brilliant writing:
ID: 849569 (13+)
Welcome to my World (my poems) 
These were written here and are for all those here who have taken the time to help me!
by Emilbus™

*Vignette4* BlueThunder
Michelle is another author that left us with many writings to view. One of the items I found in Blue Thunder's port is
ID: 434994 (ASR)
The Most Embarassing Contest entry 
One of the most embarassing escapades of my life. Never trust a porcupine
by BlueThunder
and I have to put a link in to one of my favourite poems of hers as well
ID: 471854 (ASR)
Fifteen Horses 
A story poem telling a tale of protecting sacred hunting grounds
by BlueThunder
Though a lot of her writing is on the darker side, Michelle was actually a very funny and warm person. Everytime I got an email from her, I just knew I had to put an hour aside to read it. She was such a great lady and a great asset to the WDC community and I am sure that she has touched many members here.
For those who didn't have the chance to meet Michelle, you can see what she left for everyone through her writing.

*Vignette4* Bandit's Mama
Sandy was one of the many unfortunate victims of 9/11. To view an announcement of her passing go to "In Memory Of....
Bandit's Mama is another that I never had a chance to meet. She has written many poems and short stories for us that are still here to go and read. I found some websites with tributes to Sandy. There is one I like more than the others, It's located @ Please visit this site and leave your post if you want.
One item I noticed in particular in her port is
ID: 136591 (E)
A Father Gone to War 
Looking at a picture . . . and seeing the past . . .
by Bandit's Mama
I believe it will touch your heart deeply to read this poem.
Another awarded item of hers
ID: 114653 (ASR)
A story about the end of life and the beginning of something else
by Bandit's Mama
which is a great item to read as well.
There are many tributes set up to the victims of 9/11 and following are a few for Sandy:

*Vignette4* PETTIECOOL
PETTIECOOL is another author that we should honor. She has written many poems and one that I liked exceptionally well is
 ID: 434945 (E)
For You My Friend 
Words to help heal by
and another great one
 ID: 404554 (E)
Quiet Change 
taking notice of my thoughts.
Please read these poem and allow it to bless your soul.

*Vignette4* Ramblin Rose
Ramblin Rose is yet another that has left a legacy of writing here on WDC. She wrote some horror stories and I checked this one out.
 ID: 540148 (E)
The Leg 
there! Over there leaning up against the tree, wearing a shoe and sock "waiting"
by Ramblin Rose
and this one as well
 ID: 932755 (ASR)
Chocolate Sweet Treats 
Some facts about chocolate
by Ramblin Rose
I believe it would honor her memory to visit her port and read this.

*Vignette4* Silverindian
Silverindian wrote some fantasy and horror stories. He truly loved his family. You can read some of his works in his port. I checked out this one.
ID: 507028 (E)
The Lonely Purple Rose 
The story of a single purple rose among the others in a field.
by Silverindian

A letter he wrote for his sons
 ID: 1010559 (E)
How Special Is Your Love! 
Given to my sons in the West Ronnie and Lyle, you are so very special.
by Silverindian

*Vignette4* VerySara

 ID: 910795 (ASR)
Short and to the point.
by VerySara

*Vignette4* Spongebob Squarepants
You can view an anouncement concerning her and what happened to her at "In Memory Of... through a letter her mother sent along to the site.
Spongebob Squarepants had a zest for life that you can see when you read her bio.
She wrote a lot of stories that are listed as comedy and satirical. I read
 ID: 190324 (E)
After School 
Ever wonder what teachers REALLY do after school?
by Spongebob Squarepants
and got a really good laugh out of it. This is another good one as well
 ID: 191742 (E)
The Value of a Noun 
This is cute, about the way words are.
by Spongebob Squarepants
I truly enjoyed reading what she wrote.

*Vignette4* D. Palmer
She was a friend, sister and mentor to so many around the site and her loss is one that will be felt for a long time to come as she was young and had so much to offer. Dawn was an amazing writer. She was very cheerful, and very heart warming. She was a very devoted mother of two and a devoted wife. She worked hard at keeping all in line inside the chat room here at, and many looked forward to seeing her each passing day. Her jokes were the funniest and her pleasant attitude will always be remembered.

Dawn was in the process of finishing a novel which you can find below:
ID: 1382456 (XGC)
my novel 'Manic'
by D. Palmer

Here are a few other works of note:
ID: 1337300 (XGC)
My Poetry, all put together for an anthology
by D. Palmer

Please stop by the forum below to leave well wishes for her family:
 ID: 1450597 (E)
Dawn Palmer 
A forum of love for a friend whom passed away
by You may call me Queen Nita

A group has been set up by Anastasia V. Pergakis and * §apph * to help raise funds to keep Dawn's portfolio active. Please stop by and donate a little if you can. Thanks!
ID: 1494866 (E)
Dawn Palmer Port Renewel Fund 
Peition started to save the work of jadedusk - our dear friend.
by Anastasia V. Pergakis

*Vignette4* Lawrence
Passed away 23rd November, 2009
ID: 1609231 (E)
Untouched whispers 
amid the freezing breezes
by Lawrence

         "Years ago, I met a dear man here who became my friend.....a brother I had never known. He encouraged me in ways I could never have repaid, but somehow, he seemed to think I had. I was blessed that he loved my words........and even moreso, that he loved me. When I was down, he would arrive with a 'big ole bear hug' as he was fond of referring to a line from the movie "Coal Miner's Daughter'......and it became a joke for us. When I formed the Circle of Sisters, Larry wanted to do something similar for men, and he started a men's group -- I believe it was called "Where's the Remote"..... What he didn't quite anticipate was that men needed more of challenge than merely to love! Although his group consisted of many of my dear friends - John emilbus, Scott anghusrns , and others, it soon fizzled out. I believe he would have paid dearly with giftpoints for just one day in the kitchen!!! He is one of only a few I would have considered it for!
         When I took a sabatical from this site, Larry waited anxiously for my return and wrote of the indian maiden returning to her village...."and from the banks, they watched for her' -- and I cried. When he needed to go, I knew the reasons were ones I had to honor....but we remained in touch through email and facebook. When he returned here, I was filled with joy but worried that once again, he would become overwhelmed with all his heart hoped to accomplish. What I know now is that the seeds he planted will bloom long beyond the thirteenth moon.
         There are few men that I know well enough to say they belong at the side of God....but Larry is one. When our friend John passed almost two years ago, we were both heart-broken (as were many others). Now, I imagine Larry and John sitting along the ridge........and I know the buffalo are beautiful.
         I will always miss my ways I have no words to say....but know that one day, I will join him and it will be a grand reunion."

                                        - Tornado Day
 ID: 1192227
Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
by Not Available.

*Vignette4* JudyB
Passed away: January 31st, 2010
ID: 1467972 (E)
My Saga with Leukemia 
My experiences of diagnosis/treatment of cancer
by JudyB

         Sometimes words seem inadequate, and simply not enough to express sorrow, and even as I type this I have to wonder if she's chiding me again for overthinking things.
         She was always like that - more than just another writer on this site - but a mentor and friend who was always ready to listen and help me out when I needed her the most. She was my cheerleader even though she went through difficult times herself. She would open up her heart to me, knowing I couldn't do much more than 'listen' to her complaints and offer the best help I could. She would always say that was more than enough for her; and she relished in looking at the bright side of things instead of focusing on the bleak.
         If there is one thing I can say about Judy - it's that she was a fighter. She never gave up until the end choosing to return time and time again to a site she considered a second home. You will be sorely missed, Judy, more than words can ever express. Your zest for life was contagious and an example of how we ought to live when faced with obstacles that seem impossible to overcome.
         Thank you for everything, my friend, and may you find peace and solace with the angels above.
                                                  - iKïyå§ama - Quill Winner!

         Judy was a wonderful woman and although I never had the chance to meet her in real life, she was like a second mother to me. She helped me through two rough break-ups, through the storms of major depression and yet we had many laughs together through many good times. I'm going to miss not being able to write her and sending her pictures of my parties, from holidays with the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus (Emma, her granddaughter, loved the Easter Bunny pictures) and of course my poetry for her to critique. I am also going to miss the e-mails of encouragement, because that is what Judy was best at. Despite the rough patches, she'd encourage everyone to get back up, brush yourself off, and try again. Failure wasn't in her lingo and that's what I admired most about her.
         Though I will not have the chance to write her again or get comments from her via Facebook about notes of my writings that got published or were going to get published (and needed feedback) and pictures, she is still with me in spirit and in my heart. Though her presence is no longer on Earth, her presence is in spirit. I am blessed that I had Judy as a friend and her kindness will always be apart of me, as well as a lot of people of the community.
         We will miss you, Judy. Rest in peace.
                                                  - Jessica [feeling catty]

*Vignette4* Obleo
Passed away: March 13, 2010

         I first met Ray when he participated in my Inspirations contest in late Spring of 08, shortly after he joined the site. We became friends and I later sponsored him as a Rising Star. In recent months he had become very active on the site, getting more into reviewing, writing for different contests and trying different styles. He was thrilled in February to be recognized as a preferred author here.
         Over the past year and a half we were very close. From the time I first met him he would say "I'm long on opinion, and short on answers." He was rarely at a loss for words. I came to know him as an endless source of support, encouragement, and love for those he was close to; as a rare combination of strength and tenderness; as a brilliant man with a tireless mind; as both wise, savvy and innocent; as honest and forthright as he stood up for things he believed in and wasn't afraid to speak his mind; as an advocate for integrity and "living your truth"; as spiritual, insightful, and understanding; as a "hopeless romantic"; and as the funniest person I've ever known. He was one of a kind. He will be greatly missed.
                                                  - destinydances ~ mail 200% full

*Vignette4* Jaye P. Marshall
Passed away: May 20th, 2010
ID: 1462651 (13+)
Reminiscence of an earlier time and a simpler life
by Jaye P. Marshall

To those who did not know Jaye, I would like to tell you about her. Jaye was a beautiful woman who belonged to many Writing.Com groups. Her reviews were always honest, yet kind, and she was compassionate and loved by numerous people on the site. Jaye was not just a dear friend of mine, but one of my cherished WDC sisters. She was a talented writer, excellent moderator, and published author. My heart felt as if it had been extracted when she passed away. I knew she had been ill because she sent me an email apologizing that she had not been on the site much, but never did I expect that we would be losing her. My consolation is knowing that she is now sleeping with the angels and in His gentle, loving arms. I will miss Jaye terribly, but always hold the memories of her in my heart. God bless you, my darling sister and friend.You will live in my thoughts and prayers eternally.
                                                  - KEEP PRAYING4 SHERRI GIBSON
ID: 1681921 (E)
For An Angel 
Dedicated to Jaye P. Marshall with love

*Vignette4* Carolina Blue
Passed away: December 20th, 2009
ID: 1591880 (E)
The Sweetest Gift 
There is no greater offering
by Carolina Blue

This poem is written and dedicated to a special friend and mentor, Carolina Blue ... I did not know him but a few years, but that didn't stop him from teaching me many valuable lessons. He taught me how to have faith – both in myself and something greater. He taught me the value in caring about politics – having an opinion and sharing it. He taught me how it feels to write a poem without restriction instead of conforming to highly-structured forms.
I could go on and on, but what it comes down to is this: The world may go on with one less snowflake to fall, but to those who were touched by the beauty and soul of that one snowflake that left us, we know we were special in having been there to see it, no matter how briefly it was here.
Rest in peace, Ken.
                                                 Krysha is writing, studying
ID: 1629034 (E)
It was a perfect snowflake... 
Written for a friend who left too soon...
by Krysha is writing, studying

*Vignette4* The Critic
Passed away: May 19th, 2010
 ID: 1000289 (ASR)
Tears And Rain 
My son is a soldier, therefore my tears too often fall like rain.
by The Critic

 ID: 1062373 (18+)
NO more humor... just more tragic, sad, sick, twisted goings ons - Sorry
by The Critic

*Vignette4* wordsy
Passed away: March, 2010
He always entertained us with his writings in "Writing.Com General Discussion. Looking forward to his daily nuggets of wonderful poetry always made it worthwhile, and he will sorely be missed. His very last entry can be found here: "A mornings word"  
Please visit his portfolio for more thought-provoking and poignant poetry:
 ID: 849017 (E)
wordsy's words 
wordsy's words
by wordsy

*Vignette4* Rixfarmgirl
Passed away: September 11th, 2011
 ID: 1508897 (13+)
Scribbles by ME 
Blogging/Journaling/Complaining on an entirely inconsistent basis.
by Rixfarmgirl

After teaching such courses as "The Grammar Garden" and "Punctuation Station" and assisting in the "Sunrise" course; Rixy joined the administration of New Horizons Academy in February 2011. Her experience and wisdom were invaluable, and her wonderful sense of humor helped during times of trial and stress. Always teaching, here are two item she sent originally as just e-mails: "Paraprosdokian and "The English Language is Insane!
One of Rixy's articles of which she was most proud was
ID: 983100 (E)
The Ouija Said....... 
Incident from my life as a Buffalo Bills' wife
by Rixfarmgirl

It was recently featured in Smith Magazine (

*Vignette4* Sticktalker
Passed away peacefully on December 30th, 2011, surrounded by his wonderful family.
Anderson Valley Post Announcement  

ID: 1836734 (13+)
In Fond Remembrance of Our Friend, Lyle 
I miss you every single day!
by PDG Rocks! ♫

As you can see in "In Fond Remembrance of Our Friend, Lyle, Lyle was, and is, loved by so many WDC members. He was an avid writer, and you can check out all of his items in this handy "Lyle's Directory , He was especially proud of being the Editor for "Shadows Express Home Page . Lyle was working on a novel, which his family hopes to have published, posthumously. Maybe you'll see it in a bookstore near you, soon: "West World Rising."

If you were blessed to have met him, then you know he was a kind and generous person, willing to help anyone with anything. Perhaps the most endearing thing about him was his ability to make others laugh. Lyle was a great leader, mentor, and most of all, a friend. Until we meet again, Sticky, sending you love from The Paper Doll Gang, all of your Chat buddies, and all of your WDC groups & friends. *Heart**Angel*

                                                 - PDG Rocks! ♫

Please Sign Online Memorial Book  

*Vignette4* E E Coder
Passed away: August 9, 2013
Ernie E. Coder passed away in the hospital in Calgary, Alberta
 ID: 1090995 (18+)
Life's Little Dramas 
life's little dramas
by E E Coder

I knew Ernie through the website for a number of years. He was always ready with words of encouragement, a joke to share or a funny story to read. He was one of the few people I would class as an online friend. I never had the pleasure of meeting or speaking to him in "real life", but through his words on here, I could tell he was a great guy with a wonderful sense of humour and a love of life.

I'd like to think Ernie was proud of the little gang of missfits he put together in The Pub. He gave us somewhere to come on the site to improve and share. It was never too serious, but it was focused.

The place just won't be the same without Ernie.
                                                 - Chester Chumley

I will miss Ernie (E E Coder). Ernie was one of the first authors I met when I found WDC seven years ago this month. We quickly discovered we shared some of the same interests beyond writing. We both enjoyed reading anything and everything about history. Ernie was 'the boss' in our writing group and was always there when anyone needed inspiration. and all his writing friends lost someone special.

"Good-bye, ole friend."
                                                 - Coffeebean

*Vignette4* hbar
Passed away: December 13, 2013

ID: 1966953 (E)
Remembering John 
Please join us as we celebrate the life of John (hbar), who passed away 12/13/13
by Kasia

I first met hbar through "Showering Acts of Joy Group , where I am a member and leader. He was one of the very first members to join, and his reviews were steady and growing in fame. He was close to SAJ's founder, warriormom, and her praise of this extraordinary man was not exaggerated, I was to discover upon meeting him. He never lacked a joke, a thank you or a teasing comment, and we exchanged a lot of crazy emails. Bigsmile I always get a smile looking back through them. I wish I could have met him in real life.
The news of his death really hit me hard, harder than I could have imagined...
John, your emails always gave me a laugh, and your reviews were so encouraging and helpful. I loved your honesty and humour, and working alongside you was always lots of fun.
I was especially touched by your courage during your struggles. You hardly ever mentioned it, as if unwilling to let your friends suffer what you felt. We all carry burdens of our own, now, dealing with your loss.
I will miss you so much. *Heart* Rest in peace, old friend. I know that heaven is a brighter place with you around.
                                                  - Kasia

*Vignette4* Dave
Passed away: January 19th, 2014

 ID: 485425 (E)
Going Home 
A journey home
by Dave

Dave was one of Writing.Com's longest time members, having joined back in 2002. His support and encouragement of Writing.Com, our members and of me personally was especially important in the early days of our community. Dave served as a Moderator for nearly a decade and though he was not as active here the past few years, he still reached out to let me know how he appreciated the site's continuing presence and ongoing improvements.
He will be very missed.
I've linked Dave's obituary below. There is a condolences book linked from it and I'm sure his family would sincerely appreciate any words our members have to share.
                                                  - The StoryMaster

*Vignette4* Coffeebean
Passed away: April 2nd, 2014

 ID: 1160375 (13+)
Quotes by Coffeebean 
Quotes written when I was a teenager ... over 50 years ago.
by Coffeebean

A member for almost 8 years, many of us knew Bob and will miss him. His wife shared with me that he loved WDC and its members, saying in part...
He met a lot of neat folks here. Thank you for all you have meant to him and all the hours he shared with his "writing friends". I just wanted to share with you that he is in a much better place now and I am sure he is still writing in heaven.
Indeed. Write on, Bob!
                                                  - The StoryMaster

I first met Bob, a number of years ago through the Writing Fiction group. Bob shared so many interesting facts on history and writing. He was always ready with an encouraging word , a joke or a helpful review.
His stories were entertaining and diverse - I will sorely miss his presence.
Rest in peace, Bob, and may you be sharing your stories and tales with the Angels.
I will never forget you.
                                                  - dejavu_BIG computerprobs

*Vignette4* Itchy Water~fictionandverse
Passed away: September 8, 2014
Memorial Guestbook  

ID: 1778756 (E)
Keep Your Head Up 
We miss so much because we forget to look up.
by Itchy Water~fictionandverse

ID: 1813702 (E)
A non-rhyming free verse poem. Editor's Pick
by Itchy Water~fictionandverse

This is sad and shocking news. To see a white case next to Deanna's name seems unreal. I got to know ItchyWater when she took my comma class a few years ago where she shared her delightful personality and sense of humor with us. She will be missed here, but I'm sure she is enjoying the next great adventure.
Write On, Deanna! *Angel*
                                                  - Winnie

I have been wondering about Deanna, and I even asked a few members about seeing here here in the past few months and none of them knew. I missed her really. She was a great friend and a great person, a person I won't ever forget. She was an angel and her generosity and kindness really touched me. She helped me on at so many occasions and not only in writing but as a good friend to friend situations too. She mentioned slightly about her health too if I am not mistaken, and I have been praying for her.

May God be with her family and rest Deanna in peace *Heart* we will miss her.
                                                  - ~ Aqua ~ 4 Years on WDC!

*Vignette4* LittleGirl
Passed Away: September 26, 2014

 ID: 1929978 (E)
The Farm 
This essay describe my life on a small farm.
by LittleGirl

 ID: 1927824 (------)
The Woman I Never Met 
This is a poem about my deceased mother.
by LittleGirl

*Vignette4* Dottie
Passed Away: December 22, 2014

To everyone, Dottie was known as a a kind, caring and thoughtful lady. To me, she was a mentor, adviser, and beloved aunt. Dottie will forever be in the hearts of many.
She was adored by members on WDC since 2002. The admiration they felt for her could be seen in their words on this greeting card forum, along with her photo:
ID: 2019269 (E)
Get Well Dottie 
Please sign this 'greeting card' for Dottie
by Dottie

Dottie was an amazing cook. She was also easy-going with a lovely sense of humor, as you could see in this recipe gone wrong:
 ID: 1559288 (E)
White Lava 
I should have been upset from the experience, but laughed instead.
by Dottie

                                                  - Maryann

If you knew any of these authors, or you have anything you would like to add please post in the forum so we can honour their memory.

*Flower4*                     *Flower4*                     *Flower4*

*Vignette4* Phyllis

*Note*Yet To Be Confirmed

*Star* teihzbael
*Star* SUGAR, bad girl
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