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Don't Fear the Reaper
I was jamming the other day to my ITunes playlist in the car and this song came on:

I've always loved this song. Not sure why. It's about the Reaper coming for ppl. Go figure, right? I try to be a good vibe person.

Maybe it's because I discovered the song shortly after Romeo and Juliet in 9th grade. Of course the lyrics refer to that ill fated couple, but if you personalize the lyrics to you, it might mean more. They might give you comfort. They might only tell Juliet's story. They might foreshadow something bad in your life.

Anyone else listen to Blue Oyster Cult? Share your favorite song.


Still writing my story, "Christmas in Bayeux." I have two more scenes to finish. Can't wait. hehe. But I got some great feedback from my Beta reader and I switched some stuff around, so I'm writing and editing. Hope to finish up the writing by the end of the week. Hopefully I can have it up in 2-4 weeks.

I tweaked my blurb a bit:

After a rough year in a war zone and losing his parents, Aiden travels to Bayeux, France. There he meets up with Noelle Rousseau, who was an exchange student previously with his family. Noelle is happy to see him again, but faces her own challenges, trying to make ends meet at her estate, Mont Saint Theresé. Can a little Christmas spirt heal their wounded hearts or will family demands keep them apart again?

Spring cleaning anyone? See my notebook...

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