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by bas
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"Where are we going for dinner,why are you keeping it a mystery?" Nikita tugged at Rohan's arms as they walked out of the movie theater.
"Did you like the movie ?" Rohan hit the elevator button, acting as if he did not hear what Nikita was asking.
"I am not going to answer any of your questions until you tell me."
"You want to get angry on your birthday too ? " Rohan pulled her cheeks fondly loving the way curiosity was making her act.
Nikitha stared at him trying her best to act angry as the elevator's doors opened in the parking bay.
"OK OK, enough with that face" Rohan dragged her out of the elevator adding , "We are going to dine today at one of the best dining places in the city."
"Which one ? " Nikitha was elated to hear it. Rohan always made sure her birthdays as memorable as possible and she could not wait to hear which place had he chosen.
"The Caprese" Rohan unlocked and hopped into the car, hoping to hear a joyous response from Nikitha.
"Which place?" Nikitha had frozen with her hands still half open door, Rohan could not see how pale her face had turned.
"The Caprese," Rohan repeated "Its been rated as the best fine dining place this year."

Nikitha got into the car and managed a meek smile "Oh that is great." But her thoughts were already filled with the last time she had been at Caprese.

"Nikitha are you out of your mind ? " Saket had looked down on Nikita kneeling in front of him with the proposal ring in her hands.
"Will you marry me ? " Nikita's hand were already trembling with fear as she posed the question second time.
"Nikita stop this Nonsense." Saket had pulled her up, by her arms, and dragged her to a secluded room. "This is my workplace,don't ruin my image here."
"But Saket.."
"Shut up Nikita, let me make it very clear to you. I was just hanging out with you for fun and I don't to see you ever again."
"Saket what do you mean?"
"Get out of here."

"Nikitha are you OK ? " Rohan tapped on her shoulders gently.
"Can we , can we go somewhere else ?" Nikita struggled to hide her fear, fear of entering the place again, fear of facing Saket again.
"I have already done the reservations, anything wrong with the place ?" Rohan was wondering what had suddenly subdued Nikitha's excitement.

Nikitha had never revealed the truth of the night to anyone, not even Rohan
"No , nothing, its fine. Just feeling thirsty." Gulping down half a bottle of water, Nikitha clenched her hands as tightly as she could .
Nikitha had never felt this scared in her life, sweat was breaking out on her forehead as they closer to the place.
"I have to be strong" She kept repeating to herself to no avail.

"Nikitha, lets not go if you don't want to." Rohan parked the car and confirmed with her.
Nikitha shook her head gently, "No, let's go."

Mustering all her courage Nikitha walked holding Rohan's hand, praying that Saket would not be there, praying for courage to get into the place again.

A birthday which had been so beautiful all day, had suddenly turned into a nightmare. Every step closer the entrance made Nikitha drag her feet ever more forcibly. As they reached the entrance, Nikitha noticed that the entrance looked completely different.

"Welcome to The Caprese." They were greeted at the reception with a huge smile, and Nikitha realized that the whole place had changed. Nothing in the restaurant was same anymore,not even the staff,and she realized that The restaurant had moved on to become the best in the city in five years, there was no reason why was she should still be holding on to it.

"This will be the best dinner we will have together." She hugged Rohan with a huge smile with renewed joy ,as they walked into the renewed place.

Word count : 686

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