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May 1, 2022
The friend soars you up to where spikenard soothes the senses and the sky is piercing blue.The storm is behind now or in the waves far below. 6 of wings--Pholarchos Tarot

Attended a class yesterday--The Jesus Codes--a modality for healing powered by intent and faith.

Learned that all is vibration/energy/frequency and that essential oils hold the highest frequency of living things. Rose oil has been considered the highest, though recently Idaho Blue Spruce is considered to be higher. I couldn't find a frequency listed for spikenard, but as it appeared in my card reading today I purchased some and will begin using.

Spikenard is mentioned in the Bible--Mark:14:3, Song of Solomon 14:13 and John 12:3. The reference in John is to Mary Magdalene anointing Jesus' feet with nard.

Spikenard means "light" in Hebrew and is believed to assist in positive, life-giving intent.

After Yesterday's class I have been a little "spacey" all day, but paradoxically feeling calm and grounded. I am a Reiki Master, and always sense energy in my hands, but the attunements of yesterday seem to have boosted this energy. Myself, my family, the world all need this extra healing energy.

May the blessings of this Sunday in May flow to you and yours.

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