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My blog--I pull a card--if it doesn't speak to me...perhaps it is for you?
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May 16, 2022
I wanted to stay awake for the lunar eclipse last night but failed.

I felt the full moon Scorpio energies all day, though.

Yesterday, in the parking lot of the grocery store I heard the loveliest music. Music that made me weep. There was a young, pregnant woman busking, playing electric violin. She had a sign that read, Pregnant, Diabetic, No money. I don't know if it was a scam or not, I gave her money just for the music.

In the grocery store I noticed a woman in the produce section. She was frail, emaciated, literally skin and bones. I continued weeping.

I am weeping for the people of Buffalo and all the others affected by this random hate and violence. I have no answers.

I pulled the Hermit card today. Pholarchos Tarot--The further you would travel out, the farther you must travel in. Discover what is needed and what is possible. Anchor well and let nothing stop you.

We need to travel beyond words, beyond concepts. How do we change the world?

May we all find answers.

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