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My ghazals, new and old [ deleted as independent items]. A few are bilingual.
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HIT THE BALL--a ghazal

[An appeal to the reader to adopt a positive, bold, active approach to life]

Why avoid the test at all?
Why not respond to its call?

Better jump and break a bone,
Than be afraid of a fall.

Why escape the clutch of death?
It is sure to take its toll.

True love asks nothing in turn,
Like a girl who loves her doll.

Khalish you will lose the game
If you do not hit the ball.

• Written in 7-7 format as a ghazal without refrain. For a detailed note on ghazal, please see "WHAT IS A GHAZAL AND HOW TO WRITE IT?.

* The word Khalish included in the last couplet is the pen name of the poet. Such inclusion is a common practice in classical ghazal writing. Khalish is an Urdu word meaning ache or pain.

M C Gupta ‘Khalish’

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