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Just Jul Lee is just me. I write my thoughts and observations.
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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire plus Long-Haired Guys in Santa Fe
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire plus Long-Haired Guys in Santa Fe
DATE: April 7, 2005

Okay, one of my many, albeit unnoticable, flaws is lying. I am trying to overcome this flaw, trying to be a 'good Christian' and not fib any longer.

God revealed to me how easily I lie. Someone can ask me something simple, something that has no repercussions at all in my answer, something of general curiosity, and a lie escapes my lips so simply that I am quite awed by my talent to do this.

"Do you have any money?"

"No." Yes I do!

"Did you just call me?"

"No." Yes I did!


Okay, so now I understand how lying begets lying, how one lie can multiply faster than rabbits, how lies build upon each other and muddle the facts until even the liar doesn't remember the lie. Therefore, with God's help and mercy, I have decided to stop lying.

Therefore, it annoys me to no end to wonder if YOU'RE lying.

I can't really trust the words escaping from fellow beings mouths, my own fault for lying as I did, and therefore, whenever legitimate excuses arise, I doubt. Can it be that difficult to tell the truth?

Now, most people lie for a 'good cause'. Not wanting to hurt one's feelings, for example, or not knowing what the truth will reveal to the asker. Good reasons...right?

Others, like me, lie because they had started out with good intentions (see above) and ended up face down in the mud every other sentence with "LIAR" branded upon their inner-forehead (only we and God know we are lying). In fact, my lying became a talent I bragged upon to friends. "I can lie so well I can fool just about anyone." Definately something to be proud of.

Then there are the liars for attention. Their lives, in their opinion at least, are so boring that they just have to 'expound' upon the details to liven things up. Surely, this can't be all bad, right? A little adding here, taking away there, sugar coating the truth a touch, fine...right?

Lastly, and I apologize if I missed liar brands, are the liars for lying. They lie just to do it, just to deceive and get away with it. These liars put great thought into their lies, have some handy-dandy ones lying around for quick fixes and enjoy the twist they bring to people's everyday realities. These folks don't have very many friends, to speak of, or they do and they are the same type of liars and therefore are not truly friends. I mean, you have to be open and honest in relationships, right, in order to get to know one another you have to be truthful. If your relationship and friendship is based on lies, well, I think you get the point.

Okay, so this rant on lying was for nothing other than my own thought process. I wonder if Judy lied about the rental cars being booked up, if she lied about her daughter having to work, just because her husband doesn't like me or my mom. Does her husband NOT like my mom? I mean, I yelled at him in front of a lot of people so I know he doesn't like me. Or is is all in our heads?

This is why everyone must be brutally or nicely honest. No more sugar coating, no more lying to spare feelings. I'd rather know that you think I smell like rotten jellybeans that wonder if you were asking about my purfume because you liked it or it should be discontinued and destroyed. I'd rather know your husband doesn't like or trust me and my mom than have to wonder if you're lying about cars and work and lack of ability to go when we go. I'd rather know that I'm annoying yet you still like me than wonder if I should stay or go.

So, stop lying...if you're lying at all...therein lies the death of lies in Julie.

Okay, I thought of this a few moments ago and had to come in here and add it to my blog for the day. I didn't feel like creating a new blog.

So, there's the awesome, long haired guy in my dream.

The, oh so cute, long haired guy (ballet dancer!) at Hastings.

There is also a very cute employee at Wal-Mart with long hair who flashed me his best smile one night. Melt!

And these three have the dark brown/black hair that just suits long haired, good-looking guys.

Yesterday, there was a guy visiting my next door neighbor while I was on my way to church. I was in the car and I looked over as he walked up the drive. Long, blond hair and I saw the flash of a dimple in his left cheek!

What is happening here? It's driving me crazy. I'm okay...I'm okay...

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