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Explanations and instructions of all things Writing.Com.
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Advertising Published Works
If you've achieved your dream and managed to get published, you now need to focus on marketing your published work. Writing.Com offers several ways to accomplish this goal, most of which are free!

BioBlock and Biography Advertising
You can add a link to the published work to the BioBlock area of your Portfolio tab and to your Biography tab header.

Your BioBlock is located on the main tab of your portfolio and is the first thing your readers will see when they visit your portfolio. Instructions for editing your BioBlock are given in "Portfolio" Tab.

Your Biography tab is also located in your portfolio. Instructions for editing the tab header are given in Biography Tab.

Links can be added using the WritingML link tag. For more information on linking, see WritingML: Docs & Help under Writing.Com Tools in the left-hand navigation menu, or click here: WritingML Help for link.

Notebook and Newsfeed Advertising
You can post a note in your Notebook tab about your published work. When you post in your Notebook tab, the note also appears in the Community Newsfeed, and in the Personal Newsfeed of any member who has you on their list of Fans or Favorites. Post responsibly and avoid spamming; note that other members have the ability to hide your content from their newsfeeds. For more information, see Notebook Tab and Newsfeed.

Sample Chapter or Preview
You can also create an item in your portfolio to give a sample chapter or a preview and a link to your book. Create an item by clicking on Create New Item in the left-hand navigation menu and select Static Item. A Sample subtype option is available. In the body text box, give an overview of the work or add the first chapter of your novel to draw the reader into the tale.

If the book is listed on Amazon.Com, the item body can include a direct link using the ISBN number. For information on linking to an Amazon.Com product, see WritingML Help for amazon. For example, {amazon:0380002930} will show as:

ASIN: 0380002930
Product Type: Book
Amazon's Price: $ 7.49

After you create the sample chapter or preview item, you can then promote the item on the site. Such items may not be posted on "Please Review, and may only be posted on the appropriate "The Shameless "Plug" Page if they meet the content rating rules for that plug page and do not include information about other sites in the Intro section of the item. Such items can be sponsored with the Writing.Com BidClick system. This does require you to spend gift points, but it's well worth the minimal cost. For more information, see "BidClick System: Sponsored Items, Links & Genres.

Product Review
If you have the ISBN number of the book, you can do a product review for the book. Product reviews are not items and do not use your portfolio space. To create a product review, click Create New Item in the left-hand navigation menu and select Product Review. Product reviews are listed under Product Reviews in the Browse By Type submenu of the left-hand navigation menu, and can be viewed by all members. All of your own product reviews are listed on My Account/(My Activity) Product Reviews in the left-hand navigation menu, and the page is also linked on your Community tab in your portfolio.

Authors In Print
Icon: Upgraded Membership (Small) Members with an Upgraded and above paid membership can promote up to six of their published works on the Authors In Print listing under Shop in the left-hand navigation menu. Your own In Print listing is linked under My Account/My In Print, which has a link to your In Print manage page in the header. Directions for using this feature are on the manage page.1

Recommended Reading

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