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In & Out
In & Outs are an interactive means for lists or rolling stories and are available to every member of Writing.Com. A simplified version of the Message Forum, an In & Out requires little or no maintenance once you've set it up. Every time a new addition is made to the list, the last addition on the page is bumped off. One comes in as one goes out! You can have up to 100 additions in your In & Out, and the posts themselves require no immediate response by you.

The purpose of an In & Out is to allow new additions to replace old entries. This not only keeps your board fresh, but keeps your readers coming back for more! A few examples of In & Outs include "Writing Contests @ Writing.Com and "Please Review. Other ideas for an In & Out include member sign-in boards, contest and review submissions, recruiting for groups, and the ever popular ask and answer board.

Customize Your In & Out
The advantage of the In & Out is in how you set up your post requirements, which will determine how each post is automatically displayed. During the creation of your In & Out, its setup requires the standard title, brief description, and item body sections, as well as genres, keywords and more (see: "Invalid Entry). You then have the option to customize your In & Out which allows a member's post to include an item ID number, making the In & Out display either the item's title and brief description or just the title. The option to include a time stamp for each post allows you to easily see how long it has been there and you may also give the option for a member to leave a comment or description with his or her post. You are also given the option to have a board that will include 10, 25, or 50 posts listed at any one time, without switching pages to see all the entries. You may also set your preference as to whether new entries will be listed first or last. For complete information on various display type for your In & Out, see "Preset In & Out Display Formats and "Custom In & Out Display Formats.

In & Out Items are created just like any other item type on Writing.Com. There are two methods for creating and saving In & Outs. You can select the Writing link in the navigation under the Writing.Com logo, then scroll down and click on In & Out. Or, you can go to your Portfolio and select Create Item just below your Portfolio tab. Select In & Out from the links that drop down. In either case, follow the instructions in the Create an In & Out Item window. For a detailed explanation of creating an In & Out item, please see "Create/Edit an In & Out.1

Recommended Reading

1  Written by Jace and The StoryMistress

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