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The prompt is : Is it harder to wait around for something you know might never happen; or harder to give up when you know its everything you want.? Share an experience with us and what made you choose the direction you did and why.

This was done for Reeling in your readers character

What are you waiting for and why do you have to wait? These two questions are more important than you may think. Another good question is What is it you want? I’ve read lots of detective novels. So I know based on news stories and imagination, there is a lot of bad imagination out there as well as good.

Another good question? Do you want to be a criminal? Or do you want to be a hero? Or do you want to be just an average person getting along the best you can? The criminal and the hero will have to work harder than the average guy. They might actually not reap as much as the average guy. Or the average person (guy or gal) might become a hero because of some unexpected event.

Share an experience with us and what made you choose the direction you did and why.

When I was 54 I was walking around the backyard contemplating life. All my children were grown up. I was alone on the farm a lot. My husband had lots of male friends and a family that he spent a lot of time with. I did not have a job. I sold all my live stock so I would not have such hard work.

My son told me to go to college. I had tried to go to college in the late “70’s” but it did not work out. Next thing I knew I was enrolling at Edinboro University. I had an excellent adviser who was actually interested in whether I succeeded or not.
I took a course of Veterinary Assistance through the mail in the “70’s.” My adviser was in favor of balanced learning. Because Edinboro University is a teachers college, students are required to take a certain amount of credits outside of their major. I took credits in health, science, history and of course journalism. If I had succeeded in going to college in the “70’s” my whole life would have been different. The lifestyle of my children would have been different. I’ve never regretted my experience in college even though it was too late to make the impact on my lifestyle that it should have.

Anyway the information age was just taking off. Attitudes in the country were changing. Every child should have that experience of college. Trade schools should be on a college campus so kids could dive into other subjects as well as the trade they intend to take. Of course, I see the benefits of online campus work and learning. I believe the USA will change. The powers will stop putting people deep into debt on purpose. The Universe is expanding. Humans will go into space.

If you have children you make decisions for them all the time. Parents need to make decisions for themselves as well. Time is always against an adult. You wake up some morning and wonder what is left to do in your lifetime. So, if it isn’t criminal maybe you try to do it.

Only one more thing to contemplate. Do you have a backup team? Going life alone can really be a bummer. When you make a life decision and change course you will be more comfortable with human input as you work out your lifestyle.

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