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Jane Austen Comes To Dinner
Prompt: What if Jane Austen came to Christmas dinner? What would she think of America? What would she think of today's men? Would she like turkey or ham?

Jane would find the world a different place in America. She would be happy to use a computer and keyboard to do her writings. The violence would shock her. She would have knowledge of past wars in her time and before her time. She would probably be hurt about how England was bombed in the World Wars.

Our Presidents. She would probably be confused especially if she saw the last debate between Trump and Hillary. She was raised in a country ran by Kings and Queens and she would love Prince William and Kate. I think she would want to go back to her England and I wouldn't blame her.

How happy she would be to learn her books are still selling, they are being made into movies and plays and there is a Festival about her every year. She has Janeites for fans, there is a museum with some of her items and she is one of the most beloved authors ever! That would make her smile.

I would take her to the Kitchen Shop and buy her every tea they sell. I think she would like turkey and ham both for meals.

Men. I think she would find that are many Mr. Darcys and good men are hard to find but I think she would meet nice men and women and be able to write modern day romances and be happy she could use colorful language and freedom of speech. She would be the world's best Author! Jane Austen would be everyone's favorite. JUst find her a Mr. Darcy!

Modern picture of Jane Austen or one of her characters. Notice the cell phone and pool.

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