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Poems written for "The Daily Poem" Contest inspired by various prompts.
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The Throne
The Throne

I have many kinds of relatives
each with distinct appellatives:
recliner, bench or rocking chair,
simple or with savoir-faire.

I myself am quite unique;
you see me when you take a leak.
I have a purpose, clearly known.
Held in esteem, I’m called “The Throne.”

Welcoming, I “press the flesh”
and offer you time to refresh
though seemingly taken for granted
until your derriere is planted.

I’ve been known to make a splash
and at times I can be brash
like when you’re lying on the floor
telling me about the night before.

I have a sense of humor too
which you’ll discover when you pooh
should you forget to flip the light -
my seat will always be upright.

This is my lot. I am content
considering the time we’ve spent
deep in thought in near silence …
excluding all the flatulence.

So whether plain white crockery
or clad in Star Wars mockery,
I'm always there, supporting you
no matter what you do doo-doo!

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An entry for the October 16th round of "The Daily Poem
Poetry Form: Quatrain  
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Line Count: 28
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