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"Putting on the Game Face"
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The Ultimate Triumph of Good
I'm sure there are many who are following the confirmation hearing on Judge Caveneaugh. Lindsey Graham, a Republican Senator has summed the whole thing up with far more eloquence than I could ever muster. In summary the purpose of the hearing is not to get to the truth of what happened to Mrs. Ford but rather to delay and obstruct, in the hopes of pushing an appointment beyond the Midterms and then, (If they win the Senate), prevent the appointment of a conservative jurist, altogether.

The Democrats are being disingenuous, clutching their hearts and pretending they really care about women. They are taking a politically expedient argument to conceal... a deep-seated fear that a conservative judge will upset the balance of power on the Supreme Court and lead to an overturning of Rowe Vs Wade.

After they ran out of civil arguments to prevent the confirmation they resorted, as in the past, to play the Sex Card. It used to be they snapped the Race Card, but they played that one so often it lost its effectiveness. The same thing is happening with the Sex Card. Accusing a man of Sexual Misconduct is still an issue packed with enough emotion to stick and when reason and common decency fail the Democrats put out an appeal to Females across the land to step up and level this allegation at their political enemies. It is a horrific accusation. I'm sure that many Democrats cringe inwardly at recourse to such a vile and disgusting tactic, but I suppose they they feel, that on this issue, the ends justify the means. They're prepared to destroy a decent man in any way possible to cling to a lever of power.

It's my contention that whenever someone resorts to tactics based on the idea that the ends justify the means, they are mortgaging their souls. It might appear to be a legitimate last ditch recourse to protect a dearly held core value, however there are consequences. It is an EVIL concept and while it might appear to work in the short term, those who stoop to it eventfully pay a terrible price. The Democrats should have won the last election easily, but the misdeeds of Hillary Clinton came back with a vengeance in totally unexpected ways. In the shadows of the electorate's mind is a quest for human decency. Many dismiss it but it it moves like a cloud, seemingly unnoticed, an amorphous spiritual presence, which ultimately finds traction in the greater scheme of things. It is the playing out of an equilibrium in the minds of men and women. It is the unending struggle between good and evil that has been going on as long as humanity has existed. It's the stuff of religion and just because it can't be seen doesn't mean it isn't there.

As I said, Hillary should have won the last presidential election but to the dismay of everyone she lost. Trumps victory has been described as "Cosmic." The reason it came to pass was because injustice and evil must eventually give way to those nobler sentiments that are eventually allowed to have their day in the sun. It is almost a foregone conclusion that the midterms favor a political party that has fallen from power, however, the Democrats, rather than learning the lessons of the Obama Administration have doubled down on the dark side of politics and continue on a path that leads only to unintended consequences.

The certainty that they will reap a political windfall in the midterms has been mortgaged and if there is any justice in this world they will be handed a defeat for they same reasons they failed in the last election. For those who flirt with evil a harsh reckoning awaits.

As with Obamacare Democrats have invested all their political capital on something the American people did not want forced upon them, at least not in the form it was crammed down their throats. It was never a policy of universal health care that people found so egregious but rather the means the Democrats pursued it. The ENDS do not justify the MEANS. This might seem to be the case at the time but in the final reckoning, the MEANS are as important and those who deceive themselves will in the end always reap the unfairness and anguish they have sown.

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