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August 12, 2019

Corvids are intelligent birds. My Pachamama was wiser than most ravens. She wasn't a pet, nor quite my familiar. She was simply, Pachamama, the Incan world mother, and my friend. She was a wild bird but would visit daily when I set out sunflower seed and cracked corn. She gifted me with street treasures: bits of glass, a lost bead, colored paper clips. I was creating a mandala of the bits and baubles she
offered on my front stoop. It was January and the dry season in Florida and the design had remained intact for weeks. This afternoon I was placing a rare spotted owl feather on the flowers and stones already in position. I heard thunder and noted growing puffy moisture laden rain clouds. Pachamama landed for a daily visit a slip of paper in her beak that she carefully placed at the center of the mandala. It was a fortune cookie strip and read: All is impermanent. Just then the skies opened with a pounding downpour. Indeed, Pachamama, indeed.

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The Herbcrafter's Tarot--21. The World----Pachamama--weave a rainbow that makes the world whole


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